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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kate Tsui shows off body in new movie

In the movie, "Blades" (錦衣衛), Kate Tsui won't just let Wu Zun and Donnie Yen to show off their waist (in an assistant costume) and chest muscle. She shows off body wearing her low cut costume. One of her looks in the movie is similar to a veiled Arabian woman. Wearing low-cut clothing and taking off her coat standing straight, she seemed confident in her body.

(a pic of Wu Zun's "pirate look")

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Alex Fong makes a fool of himself speaking English

As one of the hosts for the "Miss Macau Pageant", Alex Fong made a fool of himself in the swimwear Q&A session. Initially wanted to make fun of Amigo Chui, saying he is a "salty worm" (咸蟲). Unfortunately, the pronunciation is inaccurate, "worm" was pronounced as "warm", no wonder he had to repeat five times. Second runner-up Sarah Leyshan and the other two hosts, Skye Chan and Amigo Tsui were all loss, only giggled on the stage. Many netizens yesterday questioned since Alex Fong is a graduate from the University of Hong Kong, how can his English be bad.

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]

Linda Chung thinks highly of Tavia Yeung to win "TV Queen"

Linda Chung expressed because the dramas she is in didn't get to release this year so no chance to compete any TVB Anniversary awards. But she already filmed four unreleased dramas, hoping will have a chance to be nominated again next year. She expressed will attend to "TVB Singers Celebrate The Anniversary" and is arrange to duet with rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam.

Linda frankly said she thinks highly of Tavia to be the "TV Queen", because Tavia's villain role is a big break-through. Asked whether she also wants to act in a villain role, she said, "Actually I really want to, because I think playing a good person is hard to improve. In addition, I'm always bullied by others when I act as a good person, also have cry all the time. Been bullied by others a lot, also want to try to bully others."

She expressed just released a sticker photo album; it can be exchanged for her new Cantonese album in November. Asked is there any of her sexy looks in it? she said, "Not very sexy, but have a very youth, energetic, and valentine feeling. I want to break through every year, but don't want to be sexy."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

G.E.M recognizes bald Justin Lo by voice

G.E.M, who will be releasing her new album next week, will hold a concert soon. Yesterday she attended to a function for Metro Radio and expressed that she invited Justin as guest singer, also greatly praised his bald look to be very cute, "I didn't recognize him in the beginning until he sings." Asked whether G.E.M will invite rumored boyfriend William Chan as guest singer, she praised at this good advice, "I really want to. He is very good at dancing. I know how to dance, too, but I'm still a beginner. I worry if I dance with him, others will compare."

[on.cc/translated by K@PA]


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