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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pierre Ngo Gets Hit on Eyebrow Bone By Colleague

Pierre Ngo's character in TVB's anniversary series is a skinny and weak police called  "pork rib boy" who is always hit by other people. Ironically, the same thing happened to him in real life last night.

The 34-year-old attended to an end-of-filming party at a KTV with cast from "The Colorful World of Sister Fa," including leads Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam. It's known he was hit on the left eye area with a glass by TVB colleague, also actor in the series, Xian Hao Ying. Xian wanted to attack Pierre more but was stopped by behind-the-scene staff.

Pierre originally just want to handle the accident in private, so he reported it to  TVB executive Virgina Lok first, then went to a private hospital with good friend Toby Leung, who was also at the KTV. But the hospital suspected it's not a normal injury and refused to take care of it. Pierre then went to a public hospital and the police at the hospital also suspected the same thing, and needed Pierre to told them the whole incident. He has injuries on his left eyebrow bone and feels pain when looking at things.

It's known the incident originated from personal matters. Pierre often consult Da Sheng Pi Gua kung-fu from Xian, who is an experienced kung-fu master, specializing in Da Sheng Pi Gua kung-fu. Then Pierre officially became the apprentice of another Da Sheng Pi Gua master Chan Tai Kuen, which upset and dissatisfied Xian a lot.

After a night of rest, Pierre accepted a radio interview early morning today and disclosed the incident. He said: "When I walked out from the restroom, I was suddenly hit by a glass. I didn't know who, there were many people at that place, very messy. (Why do you suspect it's Xian?) Because I saw him holding his fist in front of me. He knows kung fu."

Pierre then went to TV city and reporters asked whether there are other injuries. He didn't reply to it and only expressed the police is handling the case. Xian, who is now alleged of hurting his colleague, denied hitting Pierre. "Did you guys make a mistake? No such thing!," he said. He declined to comment until now.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Da S to Announce Engagement Soon

Recently it's said Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to the son of South Beauty Group CEO Wang Xiao Fei (汪小菲) after knowing each other for just twenty days. The actress expressed that she will announce the news soon. "Besides my hand is injured these twenty days, I'm happy with everything else. I will return to Taiwan in a few days, and will announce at the right time," she said in an interview.

The 34-year-old has been single for more than two years. Once dated Blue Lan and idol Nick Chou, this time she actually decided to get engaged in less than a month. It's known she met her 29-year-old fiance at Ady An's birthday party in Beijing on September 30. The two fell in love at one sight that night. Wang didn't use Weibo much, but after he met Da S, he started to write on microblog a lot and Da S is often the one to replied first.

In fact, Da S had hinted the rumored engagement already on Weibo. "Some people you know for years but may still feel like strangers. Some people you only met for a short period, but already feel like you know them for many years. This is fate."

It's known Da S and her family gathered in Shanghai for engagement dinner. Last night reporters were waiting for them outside the flagship store of South Beauty. When Da S and her mom appeared, they were surrounded by reporters and were asked "really getting married?" The two only smiled.

Wang is currently the executive director of South Beauty. He has dated Mainland actress Kitty Zhang Yu Qi since late 2009. Yesterday he explained his relationship with Zhang on Weibo. "Yu Qi and I broke up for a while now due to personality difference, but we are still good friends. She is a good girl. Although we can't be together as a couple, but I still hope everything goes fine with her career and love life," he wrote. Then Da S' sister Xiao S immediately re-posted Wang's entry, and wrote, "bless you and bless her!" It seems the engagement news is not new to Da S' family and good friends.

Source: NowNews, UDN, Sohu / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mandy Cho Holds Wedding Dinner

Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho secretly registered marriage in New York last month and last night she held a wedding dinner party. Selena Li and Pricilla Chik were her bridesmaids. Wai Yin Association members Angie Chiu, Monica Chan, etc attended to congratulate the couple. Wearing a white strapless gown, Mandy and husband Jacky Cheung kissed 5, 6 times on the request of reporters.

Mandy said the wedding is very simple and she wasn't too nervous. Because husband must go back to his company, so she was in charge of the wedding planning. She expressed the gown is designed by an Italian designer and is worth about 5 digit; they spent about 6-7 digit on the wedding dinner. Because everything is meant to simple, they didn't create games for the groom. As for where to honeymoon, Mandy said: "Husband wants to keep it as a secret. But I'm smart enough to guess Australia!" Asked whether they're in a rush of having babies, she said: "Let it be, he didn't rush me."

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Anniversary Series 'Gun Metal Grey' to Premier in November

Another anticipating TVB anniversary series "Gun Metal Grey" is to premier next week. The cast includes two of TVB's former "five tiger generals" Michael Miu and Felix Wong. The two have not collaborated for 24 years since "The Yang's Saga" This year is also their 30th year in the showbiz, so this series is quite memorable for the two.

"Gun Metal Grey" is different than regular police series. It tells how a justified police becomes a dangerous character who commits crime and challenges the law. Felix plays a legend icon in the police field Stone Sir. He was sentenced to jail 15 years ago and regained his position as a police later on. He would torture criminals in private and sees himself as the justified judge. Michael plays Felix's good friend who tries to stop Felix from becoming too extreme. He vows to stop Felix and maintain the current law enforcement system. Cases in the series take examples from Hong Kong's top ten criminal cases, and add in new elements and character relationships. The series re-created these cases and made the plot more intense.

Besides crime solving cases, the series also adds in a love triangle between Felix, Michael, and Jessica Hsuan. Playing a tough and strong magazine editor, Jessica admires Felix and sparks up with Michael. Jessica expresses she feels happy that she is able to work with Felix and Michael, leaving a perfect memory in her showbiz career.

Other actors included Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Grace Wong, and Oscar Leung, etc. The series to premier on November 1.

Source: DLWB / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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