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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Once Rejected A 10 Million Commercial Offer For Lucas

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Cecilia Cheung brought Lucas back to Hong Kong from the "CJ7 Loves the Earth" press conference two nights ago. Many reporters were waiting for them and that scared Cecilia. She said she felt wrong in the phone interview. From the interview, Cecilia disclosed she is preparing for filming again in the future.

Not even 3 years old, Lucas is become a star already. It's said he worth up to 8 millon HKD, even a double to his dad Nicholas Tse's 4 million. Cecilia disclosed on the phone "not only 8 million." She expressed earlier when Lucas turned 1, a brand invited him to film a commercial for 10 million, but she and Nicholas rejected them because they believe kids should focus in their studies. However, media's attention is always at Lucas and he even became the cover story. She thinks she shouldn't hide his talent, so she finally allowed him to sing theme song of animated "CJ7."

Cecilia said Lucas likes to dance more than singing. Lately he got better in talking, so she started to teach him to sing. Asked whether Nicholas was worried about Lucas' performance at the press? Cecilia said: "Nicholas was a little worried, but I'm taking care of Lucas, he is satisfied with that." Cecilia will sing theme song with Lucas together, asked whether she planned to make her comeback, she said: "I didn't say I retired, I admit I want to act, very itchy about it. The thing I like the most is films. In the future I would film films, but not filming day and night like when I was 18, I hope to film one to two films every year." She expressed Nicholas is busy working, they don't have much time to see each other, so she would fight for any chance to meet him.

As for Lucas' singing, everyone has to wait until the premier of "CJ7 Loves the Earth." But like Cecilia said, Lucas was good at dancing. Yesterday a clip of Lucas dancing alone has been circulating on the internet. In the 5-minute clip, Lucas was dancing along with Michael Jackson's "Beat It," he even mimicked MJ's dance At the end of the clip, Lucas performed martial arts moves like his dad Nicholas. Lucas' performance is greatly praised by netizens.

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Actor Liu Ye Admits Fighting With Westerner: Got Injured But No Death

Source: The Sun and Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Yesterday Mainland producer Ronald Wong Ban exposed on Weibo, saying a Westerner fought over a taxi with a Mainland well-known young actor. The Westerner even humiliated that actor using "F*ck You." At the end it turned into a fight and police had to get involved. This incident is pointing to Liu Ye and it's even rumored he was arrested.

Liu Ye wrote on his blog immediately yesterday: "In order to prevent random guesses and associative connection, now I would explain this little fight, which ended blissfully." He admitted having conflicts with a Westerner: "Around 11PM, a taxi parked outside a hotel, I got onto the car from the South, he got off from the North. Because a language barrier, misunderstanding arose. To know the meaning of 'F*ck You' and who actually said that, a dispute started. It was short, we got injured but no death. We shook hands and made peace at the end. He said Friends, I said brothers, just like our Chinese saying, exchange of blows may lead to friendship."

After the incident exposed, Liu Ye's manager still support him: "He is a chivalrous guy, I never heard he take the initiative to beat someone, but it's normal to fight back when you're bullied." She added the incident happened on the 12th, during the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival. She said Liu Ye fought back because the other person said foul words and attacked first. She stressed the arrest rumor is fake: "No such thing, Liu Ye filed to Beijing the next day." As for Ronald Wong, who exposed the incident, he said he was present where the incident took place, and commented: "I feel delighted." He expressed if the same thing happened to him, he would fight back, too.

Ah Gill Supports William isn't Unfaithful

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
"Ex" has a box office of over million in three days. Three leads Gillian Chung (Ah Gill), William Chan, and Michelle Wai attended to a thanking meeting last night. But Ah Gill didn't show up until hours later, she expressed she was delayed because of filming a commercial. She kept apologizing to reporters when she arrived.

As for there's an annoymas letter pointing out Ah and William once dated, but because Ah Gill doesn't want to be the third wheel between William and Angelababy, she broke up after a month-ish. Besides Ah Gill, William also pursued Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and G.E.M. As for that, Ah Gill asked back: "When did we date? Filming was about 10-ish days, not a month." She expressed it's impossible for them to reconcile and joked she is William's senior, he isn't dared enough to pursue her. She also joked William is said to be unfaithful because he offended people, but she doesn't believe he's unfaithful.

William expressed females mentioned in the news are those who he once worked together in films. In the beginning he wasn't happy about it, but now he sees it as nothing. He stressed he never pursue Ah Sa and the report about him working with Ah Sa unconditionally and SMS pursue are all fake. It's said he is already unfaithful when dating Angelababy? He said they don't have evidence. Manager Mani Fox once expressed if "Ex" exceeds box office of 5 million, William has to celebrate it by taking off his pants. William said he is pretty worried, and might have to perform an extreme fast way of taking off pants.

G.E.M. Picks Trash In America

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
G.E.M. Tang went to America to record for upcoming new album which is releasing in September. Lately she attended to a swimming contest in Long Beach, California as ambassador of Project Kaisei. She was also performing and presenter guest.

G.E.M. performed publicly the first time in America and she attracted many swimmers to support. After the event, G.E.M. saw many plastic bottles were left behind on the beach and no one was there to clean them up. She decided to pick up the bottles herself to prevent them getting into the sea.

Nicholas Tse is Happy That Lucas is An Upstart in the Film Industry

Nicholas Tse attended to the promotion of film "New Shaolin Temple" <<新少林寺>> in Shanghai. Jacky Chan, who guest-appeared in the film, also came specially to support. During interviewing in the promotion event yesterday, Nicholas can't avoid talking about the limelight in his family--Lucas. It's known when Cecilia Cheung finished work two days ago, she returned to hotel with son immediately to meet Nicholas, who just arrived Shanghai. The three of them didn't leave the hotel that night.

Nicholas was seen smoking on the balcony, it's believed that he considers health of his son, so he kept a distance from Lucas when he smoked. Yesterday Nicholas told reporters that Cecilia and Lucas went back home already.

Talked about Lucas still all the limelight in animated "CJ7" press event, even Stephen Chow and mom Cecilia had to step aside. It's rumored Lucas receives higher pay than his dad? Nicholas said he doesn't know. As a dad, he would give personal space to children, if his son has higher pay than his dad, how come the dad not be happy?

As for Cecilia came to visit him in a tiring trip, Nicholas said he's worried, but his wife persisted, so he had to respect her decision. Cecilia said she's a little woman, would definitely listen to her husband? Nicholas couldn't help and laughed.

Jacky Chan specially came to Shanghai to promote. He said he has to apologize to boss, because originally he agreed to perform in "New Shaolin Temple," but in the end because he's too busy, he switched from being the lead to guest-appear. He said this time it's happy to work with Nicholas and Andy Lau. Asked whether he would invite Lucas to star in "Rob-B-Hood 2"? He joked they can throw Lucas up high and hit him, Nicholas laughed when he heard that. Reporters asked Jacky whether he would celebrate Father's Day with Jaycee? He took this opportunity and criticized Jaycee is a lazy kid. He expressed as a father, he demands 120 points when doing everything, but Jaycee only worth 20 points.

Earlier it was rumored Andy argued with Nicholas for characters in the film. Yesterday Andy missed the promotion, and chose to attend to the promotion event in Hong Kong. Director Benny Chan expressed the two's character were decided in advanced, argument is just a rumor. He also praised Andy was daring during filming that he would continue to film even when the wire broke.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

TVB Ratings Report (06/7-06/13/2010)

OL Supreme 女王辦公室 (Episode 74-78) - 25 pts

Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (Episode 1-5) - 28 pts

Mysteries of Love 談情說案 (Episode 10-14) - 30 pts

Variety Show
Jade Solid Gold 勁歌金曲 - 13 pts

Fun With Liza and Gods 荃加福祿壽 - 24 pts

Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 - 27 pts

The Voice 2 超級巨聲2 - 20 pts


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