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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stephy Doesn't Want Gold Typhoon to Be in Trouble

Stephy Tang is always in trouble. Since sworn enemy Theresa Fu left Gold Typhoon, her opponent changed from Theresa to rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong. Lately, a magazine pointed out Stephy's relationship with Alex faded out already when Alex was after "lang mo", Rainbow Woo, last year. Knowing her rumor with Alex became useless, Stephy requested to go on separate ways. Alex then complained about Stephy to Ronald Cheng, who is the prince of Gold Typhoon. He also boycott girlfriend along with others like Edmond Leung and Kary Ng, making Stephy a new target.

Stephy attended to a charity press conference yesterday and this rumor was brought up. Stephy said she didn't feel anything, "I don't want to explain too much. Rumors like these have been going on for years! I think someone just want Golden Typhoon to stay in trouble! It was a mess earlier, said I didn't get along with Theresa, now it's Alex. I've been working with him perfectly, now they said we are enemies!" Stephy agreed with what Mark Lui said in Chik Chak's award ceremony: many things happened with Gold Typhoon, but the company is in good condition. She stressed, "Absolutely no such thing, hope everyone don't aim at my company!"

As for the split, Stephy explained, "We worked together so many times, so I want to separate. I think we [she and Alex] got bored already even if you guys didn't!" Talked about the night of the charity show, Stephy said she will make 10 types of dessert at once to raise money. She said her best desserts are serradura, cake, and fruit jelly, etc.; she learned them from cookbooks. Asked have friends tried her cooking before, she said, "Many, friends, colleagues, Alex, and directors. Did Alex praise or criticize? He won't criticize. I put in so many effort, I'll yell at him if he really criticizes."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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