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Friday, December 31, 2010

Donnie Yen is the 2010 Box Office King

Donnie Yen proves he is the "strongest in the universe" this year.

The Hong Kong actor has three films out this year---"Ip Man 2," "Legend of the Fist the Return of Chen Zhen," and "14 Blades"---and they rocked the box office in Chinese-speaking areas. All three films hit more than 100 million at the box office in Mainland. The "Ip Man" sequel is even the box office winner in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

With a combined box office of nearly 485 million, Donnie is very satisfied and he hopes Chinese films will continue to do well in all areas.

"Everyone's acknowledgment encouraged me to do better. I'll not disappoint you guys," says the actor.

Not only his films are popular in Asia, American viewers also paid attention to Donnie's films. In an IMDB poll "Top 25 User-Rated Movies of 2010," his "Ip Man 2" beat popular action movie "Iron 2" and took 12th place as one of the top user-rated movies of 2010.

"You will be blown away by the fights," a user writes, "carefully thought out, excuted, and filmed as a true form of art."

Source: Singtao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ron Ng Can't Show Up to Receive TV King Award

Seems Ron Ng does not have to prepare a thank-you speech.

Cable TV in Hong Kong is holding a television awards ceremony "Cable TV 2010 Best Dramas" in January. Winners are viewers voted and TVB actor Ron Ng, who is nominated with Mainland drama "Pretty Maid" (大丫鬟), is in the top 5 of the race for "Best Actor," receiving 47% votes so far.

Voting is closing this coming Thursday (January 6) and it seems Ron is a sure win. However, because he is from TVB, he might not attend to Cable TV's awards ceremony.

Currently filming TVB's upcoming drama <抉宅男女>, Ron is happy to hear that he is nominated but is not sure whether he would attend to the show that night: "You guys don't have to make it complicated. I filmed 'Pretty Maid' in Mainland and it was sold to Cable TV. I'll let my company arrange everything for me."

TVB high executive Virginia Lok expressed they would consider the type of the event then decide whether would arrange Ron to appear.

Even if Ron is not showing up, Cable TV already announced that it would place the award on an empty chair, representing Ron, to present the award to him.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thursday, December 30, 2010

JJ Lin & BY2 Return Taiwan After 80-hours of Misery

After stranded in New York's JFK Airport for nearly 80 hours, JJ Lin and his juniors BY2 is finally back home.

The three held a concert in New York a few days ago and had to stay in the airport when a big snow storm hit the city on Monday. They and their crews were forced to spend their days in the VIP room at the airport. They could not shower, wash hair, and change their clothes (luggage were already checked). Because there are no bathrooms, everyone had to line out outside the restrooms to wash their hair using the sink. They need to dry their hair by pressing it with napkins. Besides sharing 1 toothbrush with 5 people, JJ even had to alternate the same underwear these 3 days. BY2 also faced a similar problem that member Miko wore the same sock the day they arrived at the airport.

Their misery is finally over when they got on the evening flight to Taiwan. Fans and colleagues went to the airport to greet the group. JJ got emotional and hugged everyone. Their first thought after getting off the plane? Go home immediately to take a shower!

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Niki Chow Out From New Drama Due to Royalty Fee Dispute

Not only it is affecting the Hong Kong music industry, the on-going royalty fee dispute is now affecting TV dramas.

Already confirmed as the female lead of producer Lee Tim Sing's new drama <我的如意狼君>, Niki Chow could be out from the drama due to the royalty fee dispute between HKRIA and TVB. It is known TVB high executive Stephen Chan, who resumed his title as General Manager recently, ordered to remove the BMA singer from the cast list.

Although he does not want this to happen, but producer of this drama Lee is prepared for cast changes: "I'm worried that it might affect my new drama. I've asked the Artiste Department and they told me will officially notify me if there's any changes. I'm quite helpless and I can't change their policy. They will give me an answer within these two days, but I'm prepared for it to happen."

Assistant director from the Artiste Management Department in BMA said they heard of the rumor but has yet received a reply from TVB.

The royalty fee dispute has been preventing HKRIA singers to appear in any TVB music programs and to be interviewed by TVB hosts. Although there was a turning point earlier, but now it is officially back to where it stands before. The dispute continues as TVB released a statement yesterday, saying they will not broadcast "Ultimate Song Chart Awards 2010" and "RTHK Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Awards 2010."

Source: Singtao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ah Sa & William Chan Keep a Distance From Each Other

Although Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan both attended to the "Metro Hit Music Awards" last night, and William even publicly said "I love you" to Ah Sa, but the couple actually kept a distance from each other at the celebration dinner; Ah Sa stayed with good siter Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) the whole time and avoided taking pictures with boyfriend.

William said he was scared after he said "I love you" but fortunately the audience did not mind. Knowing Ah Sa went embarrassed and laughed, he said: "She just couldn't handle it, because I don't say that often. Next time making proposal public? Not need to do that on purpose, say it when I feel like it. I don't dare to say such sweet things, enough!"

Ah Sa was asked about the incident and she said sweetly: "Everyone sees me blush every time! He was just playing with me, I'll deal with him later in private." As for William said he does not regret expressing his love to her in public, Ah Sa said: "Thank you. I was a little surprised when I heard it. It was his first time saying this in front of this many people."

Ah Gill praised William was being very sweet and feels she would encountered the same thing in the future. Talked about a strange man went into Joey Yung's hotel room earlier, Ah Sa was mad and said it was ridiculous. If she encounters the same thing, would she call boyfriend for help immediately? She said: "Yeah!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raymond Lam Might Replace Ron Ng in New Drama

Ron Ng, Steven Ma, and Fala Chen are originally the main leads of upcoming TVB series "Return to Three Kingdoms" (回到三國) as it was seen in the 2010 TVB Sales Presentation. However, now it is said Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung would be the leads, making the series appeared to be Season 2 of "Mysteries of Love." It is said TVB hopes to push Raymond and Tavia to be TV King and Queen of next year with this series. A bunch of netizens have been discussing this incident already and many object Raymond replacing Ron, saying it is unfair to Ron.

Reporters contacted Ron yesterday and he frankly said he has heard of the dispute. As for it is possible that Raymond would take his role, he said: "Actually everyone knows the leads in the sales presentation promotion clips won't necessary be arranged to shoot the drama. Not only this one, but it happens to other dramas as well. Although I think it's an interesting drama when I was reading the script, but I won't mind. Plus, I heard this drama to start shooting in March. I need to shoot "Forensic Heroes 3" by then, so there's a schedule conflict, can't shoot this drama at all." In addition, asked whether he afraid to have rumors again with Charmaine Sheh during shooting "Forensic Heroes 3," he said: "No, we're only working."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Yoga Lin Denies Roughing Reporters Up

Maybe the report is too exaggerated.

Although they did not directly admit their relationship, but G.E.M. and Yoga Lin are already seen as a couple. Earlier Yoga even came to Hong Kong secretly to have a date with G.E.M. but was caught by reporters. The magazine pointed out the Taiwanese singer was roughing reporters up when he found out he was being followed.

The 23 year old denied such accuse and replied on Weibo (Sina Microblog): "I'm a decent woman and won't rely on violence. I'm not a little giant either. I came here to make music, not to play games with you." He stressed he was startled and felt offended when 4 men suddenly jumped out from the dark. His action, which was seen as roughing people up, was his natural instincts when he feels threatened.

His girlfriend G.E.M. explained the incident in a radio interview, saying Yoga was only pulling the camera strap on reporters, not like how the heading writes "goes rage and hit people." The 19 year old expressed her boyfriend is not used to Hong Kong paparazzi and she hopes everyone can give artistes some personal space.

Yoga's record company released a statement yesterday and noted the singer's action were self-defense. The report is totally inaccurate and they reserve the right to pursue all legal actions.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Carrie Lam Teases Wong He is Short

Carrie Lam and Wong He attended to an opening ceremony of a Japanese restaurant yesterday. The tall model made herself taller by wearing 3-inches heels, making Wong He appeared a lot shorter. When the two stood together for photos, Wong He did not dare to look at Carrie's "career line" (chest) and was standing on tiptoe, hoping to match his height with Carrie's.

The 2005 Miss Hong Kong teased Wong He is short when being interviewed: "I knew he will be here, so I didn't wear very high heels. But he didn't know I will be here, so he didn't prepare shoe lift inserts!" She said she got As for math but feels embarrassed when talking about numbers when doing business; that is why she focuses in being an artiste. She is very satisfied with her pay for this event and praised the company was very generous.

Wong He disclosed he just started to learn how to do business and invested in a friend's restaurant. It is reported that he refused to renew his contract with TVB and decides to retire from showbiz. Wong He said: "No such thing. No one approaches me yet to talk about contracts, so how do you renew? I don't know whether other people would give up using me, so I'll be prepared." He feels he has reached a dead end for his career and plans to level up to become a feng shui master: "I'm interested in feng shui. I'll learn and get a license. I'll only charge 1 dollar per 1 visit he first year after I get my license."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Metro Hit Music Awards 2010 Result

Metro's Hit Female Singer: Charlene Choi / Denise Ho / Janice Vidal / Jade Kwan
Metro's Hit Male Singer: Hins Cheung / Leo Ku / Raymond Lam / Justin Lo
Metro's Hit Band: Mr. / Rubberband
Metro's Hit Group: Swing
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Newcomer: AK
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Singer Award: Charlene Choi, Zhou Bi Chang / Khalil Fong
Metro's Fans Voted Hit Group: Twins / Lollipop
Metro's Hit Asian Singer Award: Hacken Lee / Kay Tse / Andy Hui
Metro's Hit Asian Creative Singer Award: Justin Lo
Metro's Hit Asian Dance Group Award: Lollipop
Metro's Global Hit Stage Award: Eason Chan / Joey Yung
Metro's Global Hit Singer: Eason Chan / Joey Yung / Miriam Yeung
Metro's Global Hit Song: 《一絲不掛》 Eason Chan
Metro's Global Hit Most Popular Supreme Singer Award: Andy Lau
Metro's Hit 15-years Anniversary Miriam Award: Miriam Yeung
Metro's Hit Encore 25-years Anniversary Award: Andy Hui
Metro's Hit Song: 《一絲不掛》 Eason Chan / 《Deadline》 Hins Cheung / 《黑色狂迷》 Mr. / 《無如果》Swing / 《如果生命還有歌》 Eric Suen / 《一年》 Kelvin Kwan / 《破相》 Joey Yung / 《簡簡單單》 Charlene Choi / 《童話國》 Sherman Chung / 《無緣罪》 Vincy Chan / 《愛的習慣》 Justin Lo / 《SimpleLoveSong》 RubberBand / 《心甜》 Stephy Tang / 《別怕失去》 Jason Chan / 《開籠雀》 Ivana Wong / 《斗零踭》 Miriam Yeung / 《愛在天地動搖時》 Janice Vidal / 《Good To Be Bad》 G.E.M / 《以身試愛》 Jade Kwan /《K歌之后》 Stephanie Cheng / 《珊瑚島》 Ella Koon
Metro's Hit Playlist Award: 《時代》 Leo Ku (song) / Hins Cheung (singer)
Metro's Hit Song of the Year: 《男人信什麼》 JW & Janice Vidal
Metro's Hit New Female Singer: Shiga Lin / Jinny Ng / June Tang
Metro's Hit New Male Singer: Gary Cheng / Jason Chung / Kay Ho
Metro's Hit New Group: Charcoal / 4anda
Metro's Hit New Band: N'GINE
Metro's Hit New Singer From Abroad: Yen-J / Fainche Che
Metro's Hit Newcomer: JW / Phil Lam / Sugar Club / Erika / Benji & Lesley
Metro's Hit Newcomer From Abroad: Khloe Chu
Metro's Hit Adapted Song: 《罪人》 Hacken  Lee
Metro's Hit Karaoke Song: 《你好嗎》 Ken Hung / 《無緣罪》 Vincy Chan / 《我為你唱歌》 Barry Ip / 《美麗二線》 Eunix Lee / 《一片痴》 Aarif Lee
Metro's Hit Duet: 《講男講女》 Eason Chan & Rowena Cortes / 《Go》 Alan Tam & Mr. / 《當我愛上了你之後》 Khole Chu & William So / 《辣著生命》 Barry Ip & Tat Dik & Zac Ko / 《愚不可及》 Renee Dai & Ricky Fan / 《男人信什麼》 JW & Janice Vidal
Metro's Hit Dance Song: 《桃色冒險》 Joey Yung / 《心多》 Gillian Chung featuring MC Jin / 《Do You Wanna Dance》 William Chan / 《No One Knows》 Stephy Tang / 《乾物女皇》 Cilla Lok Tung featuring 6 Wing@FAMA
Metro's Hit Dance Singer: William Chan / Stephy Tang / Tat Dik
Metro's Hit Dance Group: HotCha
Metro's Hit Original Song: 《差利》 Alex Hung / 《亂世佳人》 Louis Cheung / 《破鏡》 Takki Wong / 《忘了 忘不了》 Andy Hui / 《我不要被你記住》 Pakho Chau / 《可惜所需不是我》 Hinson Chou / 《有時》 Endy Chow / 《彳亍》 Juno Mak / 《斷橋》 Denis Ng /
Metro's Hit Creative Singer: Eric Suen / Ivana Wong / G.E.M / Johnathan Wong / Enrico Kwong
Metro's Hit Hip Hop Singer: Hanjin Tan / MC Jin
Metro's Hit Pop Jazz Singer: Bianca Wu
Metro's Hit Rock Singer: Endy Chow
Metro's Hit Compose Award: 《脆弱》/《灰伯爵的忌廉遐想》 Khalil Fong
Metro's Hit Lyrics Award: 《陀飛輪》 Wyman Wong
Metro's Hit Producer Award: 《一絲不掛》 Alvin Leong
Metro's Hit Supreme Singer: David Fong
Metro's Hit Album: 《O'FAMA》 FAMA / 《My Story Your Stories》 Enrico Kwong / 《jazz them up》 Bianca Wu /《無名.詩》Denise Ho /《相反的我》 Zhang Yun Jing
Metro's Hit Album of the Year: 《Connected》 RubberBand
Metro's Hit Mandarin Song: 《脆弱》 Kay Tse / 《魚罐頭》 Zhou Bi Chang / 《詩與胡說》 Denise Ho / 《歲月輕狂》 Aarif Lee / 《玩樂》 Khalil Fong
Metro's Hit Mandarin Singer Award: Zhou Bi Chang / Zhang Yun Jing
Metro's Hit Popular Singer: Sherman Chung / Pakho Chau
Metro's Hit Singer Breakthrough Award: Jason Chan / Ella Koon
Metro's Hit Performance Award: Kay Tse / G.E.M / Jade Kwan
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Female Singer: Miriam Yeung
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Male Singer: Eason Chan
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Band: Mr.
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Group: FAMA
Metro's Hit My Most Admired Song: 《破相》 Joey Yung

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'Show Me the Happy' Rating Drops Again

Is Christmas weekend the one to blame for bad ratings?

Rating of TVB sitcom "Show Me the Happy" dropped again compared to the previous 23 points, receiving only 21 points last week. The series debuts with an average 24 points rating in the first week and once peak 25 points in the second week. However, perhaps due to the holiday season, ratings have be declining.

It is rumored ratings dropped because Bernice Liu, who is one of the leads in the sitcom, has many negative news recently. Male lead of the sitcom Roger Kwok supports the actress, saying both things are not related.

"There are many things that affect ratings, like exams and long vacations," says the actor.

In addition, TVB series "Twilight Investigation" ended last Friday and its finale received an average rating of 27 points. Five comments are received regarding to the series, praising leads Wong He and Linda Chung is a fresh new pair and the plot has new ideas. But the Broadcast Authority received 1 complaint, saying the human vs. ghost battle is bad for children to watch.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edison Chen Hopes Everyone Can Forget the Past

Once said he will retire from showbiz indefinitely, Edison Chen has made his comeback this year. The singer continues his fashion business and is releasing a new album soon. He expresses he first need to forgive himself, then seeks forgiveness from the society, lastly from Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung.

Thanks to his girlfriend Vincy's support, Edison is able to be himself again. He said: "She's a superwoman. We've been together for more than 4 years. Although she's younger than I'm, but she has mature thoughts. I learned a lot from her. Need to thank her for many things. (Plans to get married?) I thought of it. If it was 4 years ago, I would have this impulse to do so. But now I have so many things to do. It's more important to be happy everyday."

Edison spent 8 months to gather himself back: "I need to forgive myself first. If I don't do it, others won't forgive me. (What would you do if you meet Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung?) I'm prepared for it, definitely would have a chance to meet up, but will react naturally, will also talk to them, won't avoid them."

As for former girlfriend Gillian Chung still sees him as a friend, Edison said: "The incident is years ago, we've grown up. Hope everyone can forget the past!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunny Chan's Son Doesn't Talk

Sunny Chan brought wife and his 3-year-old son to enjoy "Walking With Dinosaurs" last night. His son was kinda scared when he saw the dinosaur. Sunny said: "I brought him out on purpose, so he would be more lively. He doesn't talk much at home, only listen to teachers, eat breakfast, and sing. He talks often before, but not recently. Maybe because I talk too much that he doesn't have a chance to talk." Whether he would allow his son to enter the showbiz, he said he won't think about it on purpose. The actor likes kids a lot and he plans to go for another kid within the next year or two.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wilber Pan Risks Hair Loss For New Look

Wilber Pan puts on a new futuristic look for his new album "808." Not afraid of hair loss, he allows white sprays on his hair and the whole process takes 2 hours. Then wearing a black fashionable goggle makes him cooler more mysterious and . Besides that, the singer is hang on wire for 4 hours to pose for promotion photos. He even has to do different poses in such difficult position.

The name of Wilber's new album "808" contains different meaning. Not only it represents 80s hip hop style, the singer was also born on August, 1980 (1980.8). Matching the 8 pattern, his record company will also arranged to play a 15-second commercial on 8 different channels starting 8:08PM on December 28. The album to be released in January 2011.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Patty Hou Confirms Wedding in April

Patty Hou finally confirms she's getting married in April, 2011.

The anchor-turned-actress got engaged earlier this year and plan to tie the knot in September. But it was postponed due to her grandma's illness. Now April of 2011 is the solid date for her big day. Exact location and date isn't confirmed; the actress/host only says the location would be outside of Taiwan and it would be a small wedding.

The 33-year-old expresses she's not in rush to have babies and will think about it 2 years later.

Being the former girlfriend of singer Jay Chou, Patty faces Jay-related questions often from reporters. She generously praised Jay's ex Jolin Tsai's concert was amazing but she couldn't attend. She would give her blessing to Jay if he dates again.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Natalie Portman Engaged & Pregnant

Natalie Portman and choreographer Benjamin Millepied are engaged and expecting their first child.

The couple met during the production of Black Swan. Portman's performance in the film has earned her nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

"I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience," the Black Swan actress told Entertainment Weekly in a statement Monday.

Portman, 29, and choreographer Benjamin Millepied are engaged and expecting their first child in 2011.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hong Kong Showbiz in 2010

2010 is coming to an end and many big things have happened in the Hong Kong showbiz. Happy, sad, etc, here is a list of some of the big events of 2010:


Awards might be just a show to people, but still generated big news, like the recent TVB Anniversary Awards, everyone's about TV King and Queen.

The 29th HK Film Awards || Mr. Hong Kong 2010 || Miss Hong Kong 2010 || TVB Anniversary Awards 2010


Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng's Divorce - Still remember this BIG thing happened back in March-ish? It's stunning enough to hear them split and then DIVORCE---WOW! They hid their 4-year marriage like that!

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan Split - Although they never directly admit their 6-year relationship, but most of us already see them as the perfect couple. What a surprise


Most weddings are held towards the end of the year, congratulations to all couples!

Angelica Lee's Wedding || Daniel Wu's Wedding || Heidi Chu's Wedding || Kiki Sheung's Wedding || Mandy Cho's Wedding || Leila Tong's Wedding || Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying's Wedding || Skye Chan's Wedding || Jo Koo's Wedding || Miriam Yeung's Wedding ||

Newborn Babies

While these people gave birth to precious children this year, more others are expecting! Like Ada Choi, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Roger Kwok :D

Christy Chung Gives Birth to Daughter || Suki Tsui Gives Birth to Daughter || Hacken Lee Welcomes 2nd Son || Cecilia Cheung Gives Birth to 2nd Son Quintus || Gigi Lai Gives Birth to Twin Girls || Karena Lam Gets Married and Gives Birth 


Very sorry to hear these people passing away, life is actually short if you don't cherish it well, cherish when you can. RIP

Michelle Yim's BF Wan Chi Keung || Author/Actress Tina Ti Na || TVB Artiste Elton Loo || Director Wong Tin Lam

Stephen Chan Arrest For Bribery - this TVB executive's golden words 真的假不了,假的真不了 (rough translation: "Can't fake the truth. Can't make the fake true") become a slogan.

ATV Gives Up Paying Ratings Report

Hong Kong's ATV is not letting you to see their bad ratings again.

Once received 0 point rating, ATV has decided to stop paying ratings report starting January 1, 2011. Not only the report reflects program ratings, it is also used as a guide for advertising companies to sell their commercials. Ratings report fee is shared along with TVB, ATV, and other advertising companies. TVB pays the most and ATV pays 3 million every year.

As for this decision, ATV's high executive explains: "Now many people switched to LED, Plasma TV. You can't place the receiver into new TV models, so ratings are not accurately recorded, that's why we are not paying ratings report again."

Now ATV is not paying its part, it is known TVB has to cover ATV's fee from now on, which TVB is very dissatisfied.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai Flirts With Vivan Dawson At Concert

Jolin Tsai's "2010 myself Concert" at Taipei Arena held its last show and new beau Vivian Dawson finally appeared to support girlfriend. But to avoid excessive attention, he did not entered the venue at the VIP entry and watched the show in low profile.

Knowing new beau is here, Jolin sent a sweet message to him when singing "Real Man." She did not say anything when singing "Real Man" in the first two shows but last night she added: "Where's my real man?" It seems the dancing queen was openly flirting with her new boyfriend at her concert.

Last night was the final show and everyone was emotional. When singing "Rewind" written by ex Jay Chou, Jolin even had a emotional break down. She told fans after singing "What Kind of Love" that her nickname is "Tsai Shi Fei" (Disputes Tsai) because she has encountered many challenges over these years. She then said: "Already about 11 or 12 years now. Doesn't matter when did you start to support me, I'm very happy that I'm able to keep performing on the stage."

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joyce Cheng Clarifies Her Mom Didn't Use Drugs

Earlier Joyce Cheng exposed her mom Lydian Shum, who passed away two years ago, once used drugs in the past. But when she attended to an event yesterday, she cleared up that it was a misunderstanding and her mom does not have this habit. She said: "It's good everyone is asking me again, I also want to talk about it. I'm really shock to see headlines on the newspaper saying 'Joyce Cheng Exposes Lydian Shum Used Drugs.' I really need to clear this up, she does not have this habit and it never happened. It's a language misunderstanding. I'm very upset by this. (Your originally meaning was?) Don't want to talk about it more because I don't want to create more misunderstanding. I'll try harder to learn Chinese to prevent more misunderstanding. If I hurt anyone, I'm really sorry. Plus I don't want to hurt my mom."

Joyce said she talked to her dad Adam Cheng but did not specially talked about this incident, only asked his hand injury. She said: "He also asks me about my new album. Originally he couldn't come to my press release, but he said he can come now."

As for how she spent Christmas, Joyce said she ate turkey with a bunch of friends and received a calendar with designer shoes on every page. Asked whether boyfriend gave her anything, she said: "I received a handbag earlier, something expensive that I wouldn't want to waste money on, worth about 5-digit."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Mike He's Birthday Wish is to Have a Girlfriend

Mike He is celebrating his 27th birthday on December 28 and his fans held an early celebration party for him on the 25th. His good friend Dylan Kuo made a special appearance and brought a bottle of aged wine for him, signifying their friendship is long-lasting ["jiu" is the homophones of alcohol and long].

Been single for 4-5 years, the Taiwanese idol's birthday wish is to have a girlfriend. He dated a gril several years before but their relationship ended after he went to film in Mainland. As for his requirements for girlfriend, he hopes she can understand him and it is okay if she works in the showbiz: "I'll admit it if I got photographed, but must be agreed by her."

The "Calling For Love" star is currently shooting 2 idol dramas: <幸福最晴天> (Sunny Happiness) with Janine Chang and <美樂,加油!> with Cyndi Wang. Although he has intimate kiss scenes with the two actress, but the actor actually complains he is hurt by these girls. First, he gets hit by Janine during filming; then Cyndi once kicked on his important private part. Cyndi even said she did not feel it at all, making Mike lose face.

Source: China Times & UDN / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vanness Wu Back With Ex Arissa?

Guess you can't forget your old love that easily.

Vanness Wu dated Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo in 2006 but the two broke up after a year. Then the "Autumn Concerto" star openly announced getting back with his ex this April. However, the 'AV' (Arissa-Vanness)-love ended again and Vanness wasn't willing to confirm the reason for the split.

Although Vanness told the media that he only wants to focus at his career at the moment, but yesterday he was spotted at an airport in Taiwan with Arissa. The couple arrived Taiwan from Hong Kong and walked out from the gate together. They kept a distance from each other to avoid attention. But fans still recognized the actor and he stopped to chat and take pictures with them.

Then Vanness got on the car Arissa was in and they drove to his house in Keelung, Taiwan. Arissa was still keeping a distance from her boyfriend after she got off the car. The couple then went into the house together.

The singer's manager Katie didn't confirm whether the he's back with his ex again, only saying they're still good friends. Perhaps to avoid media attention, this time Vanness decides not to make his relationship public to protect his privacy.

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ah Sa Already Meets William Chan's Parents

William Chan and Vincy Chan attended to a Christmas event yesterday. William said earlier he held a 60-people Christmas party. Besides family and friends, girlfriend Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) also attended. Asked whether he took this opportunity to bring girlfriend to see his parents, he said Ah Sa already met his parents earlier. He expressed Ah Sa even helped out that night to clean the floor when a guest made the floor dirty. Asked whether he feels Ah Sa is a good woman to marry, he said: "Won't count until she's willing to marry me. Girls decide these things."

William expressed he draw out condoms given by band Mr. at another Christmas event. Vincy said: "I saw William went 'WOW' when he saw the gift. I draw a regular gift, it's a bag."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kay Wishes You a Merry X'Mas :)

Hello! ^.^ :D

It's the first Christmas Kay's Entertainment is spending with you guys XD 聖誕節快樂!! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday with you love ones, family and friends. Hope you get some great gifts :P Eat well (yummy Christmas dinner) and sleep well (be in bed as long as you want! break!)!

Even if you are spending the holiday alone (unfortunately), we're here for you~ Don't get frustrated like the pic on the right (LOL). Even if you're frustrated, I hope everything will be better soon for you. We all have hard times that others might not understand (or you shout "You just don't understand!"), but hope you understand getting upset at your frustration won't make anything better. Life is short if you don't cherish it well. Be happy and smile and laugh when you can. Live your life with no regrets.

What are your plans while off from school/work? Travel?? Visit family? Or just chill? Mine...not much -.- But I'm happy I can watch dramas without worry it would affect my studies XD

Really appreciate you coming here. Make your vacation awesome and enjoy it! Share with me if you want!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Miriam Yeung & Real Ding's 2nd Wedding Banquet

Miriam Yeung and Real Ding just held a 48-tables wedding banquet recently and they held another one on Christmas Eve to welcome guests and friends who were not able to come that day. Those who attended to the second banquet including Shu Qi, Cecilia Yip and her husband, Pakho Chau, and Miki Yeung etc. But Miriam's old boss Leon Lai, who is rumored of not getting along with Miriam, was still absent. As for this, Miriam said: "I sent out invitations of both wedding banquets. They will show up if they can. But Mr. Lai did joined other colleagues to give us a gift."

While Miriam was well-dressed in a silver deep-v dress at the banquet, her husband Real wore a casual tee with black suit. Miriam said: "Of course you're more well-dressed to attend to weddings than to awards ceremony, but my husband's is more like casual attire."

The two kept on kissing on the request from reporters. As for having kids, Real said: "No need to rush, it only happen when my body is at the best shape." Miriam joked: "Yeah! He gets up at 6AM everyday to run!"

As for there are reports saying the couple earns from the wedding, Miriam said: "How do you earn by holding wedding? I received a lot, but not money, they are 70 photo frames, 20 crystals, and china, they're valuable, kindness from our friends" Real added: "Plus 100 pregnancy tests, and many toilet products, right products for us."

Source: Mingpao & Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edison Chen Sings New Songs, Audience Reacts Coldy

Is the photo scandal still affecting the singer?

Edison Chen is officially back to the showbiz and his new album "CONFUSION" is releasing in December 30. Yesterday the singer attended to an opening ceremony event as guest and promoted his new album.  He rapped 2 songs but the audience was not too ethusiastic; only Edison's good friends cheered for him.

There are 15 songs in the singer's new album and they are about his experiences from the past 2 years. The only Cantonese song "Reboot" talks about starting over again and "Salute" is inspired by the aftermath of his explicit photos scandal. He said he wants to salute to people who support and did not support him over these 2 years because they gave him strength to do well.

Edison admits he is nervous about his official comeback: "I'm afraid I can't rap anymore. I'm not that worried facing several thousands people in Shanghai. But it's Hong Kong here, but after today I have nothing to worry about."

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai's Back to the Taipei Arena

Jolin Tsai is back on the stage of Taipei Arena after 4 years!

The singer's 3-shows "2010 myself Concert" at Taipei Arena kicks off last night. The dancing queen began the show with "Butterfly" and she performed in a very sexy corset mini dress. Not only she performed her latest voguing dance with famous dancer Benny Ninja, she also performed a special dance with male and female dancers for her homosexual fans.

Jolin sang nearly 30 fast tracks and already changed into 5 different outfits for the first 5 songs, changing 11 outfits in total. It is known the singer practiced changing clothes in 20 seconds for her concert.

The "Honey Trap" singer did not speak until the 10th song. She said she wants to talk less like singer Faye Wong: "But producer of my concert didn't like it. After all Faye's a music queen." Her fans' reply "you're too!" made the singer laughed happily.

Many of Jolin's friends sent flower baskets to wish Jolin a good show, including her ex Jay Chou. Jay even writes on a card: "Still a good show without Double J. Zero empty seat, zero awkward moment." But good friend Wilber Pan purposely teased her. His message on the card "you sure it's only gonna be yourself?" [the name of Jolin's concert is 'myself'] teases Jolin's rumored relationship with model Vivian Dawson.

Source: Liberty Times, UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bernice Liu Leaves With A Black Face

Bernice Liu and actors from TVB sitcom "Show Me the Happy" attended to a Dongzhi meal party yesterday. Currently "trouble" with lots of negative rumors, Bernice told reporters when she saw them that she already account everything in the radio interview and will not reply to romance-related topics. Asked whether she will eat Dongzhi dinner with her new man Alastair Lam, she said: "Need to film until tomorrow morning." Talked about Moses Chan is filming in nearby studio, she said: "I don't know! (Can't even meet each other in the same dressing room?) I went to the studio after I shoot outdoor scenes. (Avoid meeting each other?) No! We're colleagues, still keep in touch." Talked about why she did not deny Moses is the one who release information to reporters, Bernice turned black-faced [unhappy, not a good mood] and left immediately.

Bernice's costar Roger Kwok expressed he has not contact Moses recently. Asked whether he would introduce non-materialistic women to the dumped actor, he said: "How do you know he doesn't have money? No need to introduce in this generation." Roger said he has not seen any man driving Bernice to work and home. The dad-to-be also disclosed he and wife Cindy Au went to a check-up yesterday and the baby is doing well; but cannot figure out the gender yet. Cindy is expected to give birth in July and he might put his jobs on hold to welcome the baby.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Selina Ren's Current Condition (12/22/2010)

Selina Ren's fiance Richard Chang (Ah Chong) updated Selina's current condition today in a long letter on HIM.COM. The following are the main points of the letter:

"Make This Challenge More Meaningful!"
  • 54% burnt surface means only 1/2 of her back, 3/4 of her shoulders and front stomach, less than 1/2 of her arms, palms of both hands, toes, and bottom of her foot are not injured.
  • New-grown skin are thin, dry, and easy to break, but they are growing out quickly.
  • Rehabilitation is very tough for her because she has to bear great pain. Depressed, cried, tired, still need to do it again afterward.
  • Third degree burn means she's going to face a long term of sequelae after she recovered. It's impossible for her appearance to be like before.
  • Muscle atrophy changed her body. Both of her legs are like a beehive. Injuries on her arms are like fresh raw beef. Other parts of the body look like they are taped with irregular shapes of pink bandaids.
  • She doesn't want to believe it but it's not a dream...She's completely hopeless but dreams of hope. She wants to return to the past but can only welcome the future. She is afraid but still need to prepare herself and comfort everyone with her smiles.
  • This challenge would be more meaningful if proper investigation is encouraged, if director and staff don't try to avoid the incident, if the media just want to get exclusive photos of the injured Selina, if they tell what they should've told, face what they should've faced, be responsible for things they should be responsible for, and improve anything necessary.
  • No matter how long she has to endure pain, she's still waiting for the day that she will pass this challenge. I'm still waiting for S.H.E's next album. Maybe her body and looks are unable to recover completely, but she will be back, and will be soon...In the future, I believe, this society won't just be curious about her change in looks, there are more meaningful and significant concerns waiting for her.
Selina's good sister Ella Chen also replied to this letter. She questions and asks explanation and apology from related organization and staff. The singer exposes there wasn't even a wet towel available at the set for the explosive scene.

Source: Ah Chong's letter / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Barbie Hsu Passes Out Wedding Cakes

After she announced her engagement and marriage in recent months, Barbie Hsu is now passing out wedding cakes to people (it's a Chinese wedding tradition to pass out wedding cakes/pastries to relatives and friends). The wedding cakes box is specially created on the request from the actress that it's currently not available to others. Considering husband Wang Xiao Fei has studied in France before, the box contains French dessert such as all kinds of chocolate and soft fruit candies.

A round card with a photo of the couple's back is placed outside the box, it writes: "We are very happy." The card is created from the phone and Barbie says she just want to deliver this happy feeling to everyone.

Source: Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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