Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amigo Chui Self-Reflects, Volunteers in Haiti

Friday, February 5, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY@PA

Since he was suspected of beating ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong, Amigo Chui has been hiding himself due to emotional stress. He dined out with Stephen Chan recently, making a rare appearance. Amigo Chui will go to Haiti to volunteer, hoping to rebuild confidence by helping victims of the earthquake. After he self-reflected himself, he will return to the showbiz.

Amigo Chui stopped working after his incident. He couldn't talk to anyone and he felt very depressed, even needed to go to see a psychiatrist. Family and friends were worried when his weight was dropping and he kept hiding himself. Amigo finally made his first public appearance last week when he went to the police station, but he wouldn't answer any question from the media.

Dines With Stephen Chan

Two nights ago at around 8pm, reporters discovered Amigo and TVB GM, Stephen Chan, were having dinner at a hotel. Amigo seemed depressed. Stephen was the one who spoke the most and Amigo listened. The two stayed there for hours and left from a side door. Wearing a cap, Amigo was stunned to see the presence of reporters, and didn't know what to do. Stephen hinted that he should let reporters take pictures of him.

Reporters asked Amigo how does he feel, Stephen replied for him, "He's feeling OK. (Talking about his comeback in tonight's dinner?) No, just having a normal dinner. (Elizabete said she regrets being in a relationship with you!) Don't talk about this kind of thing." Amigo, standing next to Stephen, didn't say a word. After Stephen finished, the two left through a secret path in a nearby hotel.

It's said Amigo's emotion was getting better, but it got worse again with the negative news lately, causing him to be depressed again. Stephen was there to comfort him during the dinner. Reporters called Stephen and he admitted Amigo is depressed again, he said, "He's very sensitive to all negative reports, like the recent credit card debt one, asking why people have to write about him in that way. He feels very unhappy, so I invited him for a dinner to comfort him."

No Financial Problem

Asked again whether Amigo will travel to relax himself, Stephen said, "Yes, he will go somewhere soon, maybe will volunteer in Haiti. In fact, before this incident, I heard that he will go to volunteer in Africa or India. Haiti needs help after the earthquake, so he's been contacting people, wants to see what he can do to help. I encourage him to go, hoping he will understand while helping the victims, rebuilding his confidence, will talk about the comeback later. (Does he have financial problems after he stopped working?) He should be fine. He worked non-stop before. He didn't brought up that he has any financial problem, so the report of him owing credit card debt is ridiculous."


I'm surprised to read that he's sensitive about everything now. I thought he's a tough man and understands the rule of the showbiz. He seems like a baby, even that Elizabete knows how to gain popularity at times like this. He's a man, he should definitely rebuild his confidence soon, he has potential to be the next great TVB host.









He is a chicken...
A real man would never hit a woman

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