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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ratings "Born Rich" lost to "Beyond"s; Anita Yuen will be careful in picking screenplays

Ratings of "Born Rich" didn't match up with "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"s. Anita Yuen, who attended to a football/soccer event yesterday, expressed she only happened to know it recently. Asked whether she is upset, she said no, and still doesn't understand whether the problem is due to the type of drama or the screenplay. She said she is not trying to be better than others, and will be careful in picking screenplay in the future.

Asked she might pick ancient series like "Beyond", she said, "No, I can't take filming ancient series. The last time was a movie called 'State of Divinity', where the costumes are a blend of ancient and modern." Asked who is her personal favorite for TV Queen, she said, "Sheren of course! Who else? Not me!" Anita won't attend to TVB's anniversary event due to work.

Sansan Lee, who was also present at the event expressed she's happy to know some football/soccer friends when she attended to football/soccer related events. Asked whether she's happier in meeting rumored boyfriend Ruud Gullit, she seemed embarrassed and said she still keeps in touch with him.

Source: Takungpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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