Thursday, February 4, 2010


 About This Site/Blog
KAY'S ENTERTAINMENT is a place where you'll find translated hot Chinese/Asian entertainment news. The focus would be mainly Hong Kong entertainment along with e-news from Taiwan, Mainland, other Asian cultures, and lastly Hollywood/Western gossip. They can be accessed through the orange navigation bar under the banner. Under 'Special Feature' on the navigation bar, you would read articles about current trends in the industry, interviews, artiste features, and more.

*Articles are translated from Chinese entertainment newspapers. Content are copyrighted by original newspaper company. This bog is intend to provide general HK/TW entertainment news and is established because of personal interest--originally as Kay's favorite gossip news (LOL).

Who the heck is KAY?

I always like Asian entertainment since I was little. When I knew how to read newspaper guess the first section I would flip to-----ENTERTAINMENT!! I found interest in translating e-news in late 2008. It wasn't a big thing I was doing until recently that I've decided to have a place to store all my 'work.' I really hope you enjoy what's in here and I'm very thankful for your visit! (I really do!!!!!!)

The Name...
I was thinking about a more official feeling type of name, don't want to make it personal (as I remember it from my publicity workshop teacher...) But I still couldn't come up with one, so I ended up using KAY'S ENTERTAINMENT o.O.....Kay's favorite entertainment news...?

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Site Renewal Periods
Feb.04.2010: Blog opened! Adapted the old blogger green template.
Feb.??.2010: First version layout was in used! T___T
Aug.04.2010: Second version layout in used! Half year anniversary!

Hope you enjoy your visit! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!



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