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Friday, June 11, 2010

Elanne Kong Can't Stand Boyfriend Has Better Skin Than Her

Source: Mingpao, The Sun (picture)
Translated by: KAY
Elanne Kong and Marie Zhuge attended to a World Cup event in a football apparel yesterday. Elanne said she doesn't care about football skills when watching football, only looking at handsome guys, she likes Brazil's Kaka the most: "I'm very shallow when watching football, only look at the head, not only he's handsome, Kaka is a good guy, too." Lately she has rumors with Sammul Chan. Someone exposed they share the same shirt to wear. Elanne said the person who exposed the rumor can be a screen writer: "This news is boring, how can a guy wear a girl's shirt?" She said they're just good friends and would talk about personal things with each other. Whether Sammul is the type of guys she would like? She said: "He's very handsome, but handsome guys don't give a sense of security, also I can't accept my boyfriend has better skin than me, he [Sammul] has very good skin!"

Marie expressed because boyfriend is away for work, so they enjoy the World Cup matches seperately: "I like Spain's Fernando Torres the most, he's stylish and muscular, also good at football!" Talked about she is signing a music contract with Japanese Universal, she said she is still waiting for the company to arrange the date of signing the contract: "Now I want to find a teacher who can teach me Japanese all day long, I'm OK with normal conversation right now." She expressed she hopes to go for a cute and sexy route for her album, but thinks her body isn't good enough, so she rejects bikini.

Tavia Yeung Holds Umbrella For Her Assistant

Source: Sudden Weekly
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Tavia Yeung is in many happy occasions lately. Earlier her older sister Griselda Yeung opened a fashion store in Tsim Sha Tsui. Her series "Mysteries of Love" is having good ratings, with a highest peak at 36 points. As Charmaine Sheh filming less TV series, causing her popularity to decline, Tavia absolutely has a chance to replace Charmaine as TVB's number 1 fa-dan. Recently, Tavia was filming for new series "不速之約" in North Point. Weather that night was getting cold suddenly. Tavia, who was shivering because she didn't wear enough clothes, had a restroom urgency. She and her assistant walked 5 minutes to a nearby gas station to use the restroom. During the walk, she held the umbrella the whole time and also let her assistant to go use the restroom first. It's rare to see a star who doesn't have any arrogance.

Bosco Wong Supports North Korea

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Matthew Ko etc attended to a World Cup event in a mall last night. Kenneth, who is known for being skilled in football, expressed would support England. He said he has a special bond to the team, but he thinks Spain is more skilled and has a champion look. Matthew expressed he would support Holland. As for Bosco, he actually has a distinct choice: "I look for color, I support pastel colored apparel, in fact this year North Korea has pastel colored apparel, so would support North Korea."

Sharon Chan Broke Her Collarbone During Filming

Yesterday Sharon Chan was filming a scene where she has to chase a thief in nude for upcoming series "怒火街頭." She accidentally fell and was injured. She was sent to the hospital and it's confirmed that her left collarbone is broken. After she's bind up, she left the hospital immediately the same day.

Her manager disclosed that when Sharon was filming that scene, because the roads were slippery, she fell accidentally. After having a x-ray examination in the hospital, they found out her left collarbone is broken. Doctor expressed there is no need for surgery, but because she can't have a cast, so she must wear an orthopedic shirt to immobilize her wound and let the fracture heal by itself. Manager said: "Sharon needs to rest for two to three weeks temporarily. If there are no big movements in scenes she has to be in, she would continue to work as usual."

During Sharon's stay at the hospital, the crew continued filming. Sharon's part was replaced by a stunt double and she wore a big bath robe to chase the thief.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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