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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Selina Ren Looks At the Mirror, Face Now Unbandaged

It is the 24th day since S.H.E  member Selina was injured from an explosive accident. The singer is on a good track of recovering. Besides some of her fingers can be exposed, bandages on her face are gradually being removed. Yesterday Selina's dad Ren Ba wrote on Weibo happily that even his daughter's face is now unbandaged.

Selina asked for a mirror after changing medicines yesterday. The nurse looked at Ren Ba nervously, wondering what she should do. But in fact Selina has been examining herself by self-snapping photos on the bed. It seems she is facing her injured face calmly. Looking at her face after it was unbandaged, Selina teased herself as a red Guan Gong (Guan Gong is known for having a red face).

Although her road of recovery is extremely long, but Selina is getting better everyday. Good sister Hebe Tien quoted Selina's words: "I was once pretty. If I end up having scars in the future, they would be my marks of life." Her bravery and toughness impressed everyone, even her colleagues expressed she is not the Selina they once know.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Alex Fong & Stephy Tang Hint Their Romantic Relationship, Travel to Maldives Together

On-screen couple Alex Fong and Stephy Tang have been secretly dating the past years. It is until in recent years that they plan to make their relationship public. Earlier it was even rumored the couple to get married in October, but the two denied.

However, a netizen exposed on Weibo saying she saw the couple checking out in W hotel in Maldives. Is it possibly that the two was on their honeymoon?

Reporters contacted the couple and they admitted going to Maldives together for travel; however, they denied getting married and having their honeymoon there.

The couple showed up at a public event together yesterday and they were prepared to be questioned. Alex explained the trip: "It's not honeymoon. We didn't get married. I'm still single..." Then he suddenly corrected himself: "No no no, anyways, we are not married." As for Stephy, she expressed they cannot hide marriage from media and she does not have the motivation to get married since she is not at the suitable age.

They refused to disclose whether it was their first trip abroad together and whether they sleep in the same room or not: "We agreed not to talk too much in detail. We admit that we went to travel together." Stephy stressed: "We have a normal life. Whatever you see, it's what it is. Not going to talk about personal matters, it's been that many years."

Stephy confirmed it was only the two of them during the rumored honeymoon and already know they might meet Hong Kong travelers in Maldives. They just want to relax after filming and planned this trip in a rush. Asked Alex why he does not admit he is dating, he said: "You don't need to make this thing too public. I'm not lying, I'm just not talking about it."

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jordan Chan & Cherrie Ying's Wedding in Disneyland

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying got married in Las Vegas this February and held a wedding dinner in Jordan's hometown earlier. Yesterday they held another wedding in Hong Kong Disneyland and held a 52 tables dinner party. The 43-year-old groom was being shy while the 27-year-old bride appeared to be very outgoing that she kept kissing her Mr. Right.

Jordan and his "Young and Dangerous" best men arrived at the garden where the wedding was being held. Nearly 200 guests were there and the MC was Louis Yuen. Jordan took out his iPad to read the oath nervously but his wife Cherrie finished hers at ease. The two exchanged wedding rings after signing on marriage certificate. To remember this special day, Jordan specially went to buy a new pair of wedding rings (they exchanged silver rings in Las Vegas, while exchanged gold rings yesterday).

The singer lifted the bride's veil and kissed her lightly, but reporters requested him to kiss again. They kissed 9 times eventually, meaning "long and forever" (9 means "long" as in time). Cherrie even kissed Jordan again twice when they were being interviewed. Reporters spotted the bride was wearing sneakers under her gown, and she explained because Jordan does not want her to appear too tall.

Cherrie said they held their wedding in Hong Kong because of Jordan's father---he relies on wheel chair due to his old age and impaired mobility. They were asked whether they would start making babies during their honeymoon, and Cherry said no. In order to show the power as a husband, Jordan asked back "why not?." The couple expressed some of their friends could not attend, like their idol Andy Lau; however, Andy did congratulate them on the phone.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Congratulations to the couple!!

TVB Ariste Elton Loo, 51, Passes Away

TVB artiste Elton Loo Kwan Chor (羅君左) was sent to the hospital yesterday due to a sudden heart attack. He passed away at 6:38PM after hours of treatment.

The 51-year-old felt discomfort in early morning and was hospitalized immediately. His condition worsened later the day and was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is known he had a renal failure, heart problems, and other health issues because of diabetes.

Loo's good friend Shiu Kin Heng announced Loo's death to the media, saying Loo was thankful to see visits from many of his good friends before he left this world; he passed away peacefully without leaving any last word.

The actor has been in the showbiz for 30 years and is well known of playing a character called "Ben Jai" in "Hong Kong 81" and impersonating Lydia Shum in variety show "Enjoy Yourself Tonight." He has been suffering from type 1 diabetes and his health condition got worse every year. He underwent 2 amputation surgeries last year due to bacterial infections on his right leg. However, he still faced the world optimistically as he extended his contract with TVB and continued to get involve in stage plays.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

RIP...life is not fair

Joe Cheng Sleeps With 3 Women in 'Channel X'

TTV/SETTV's new idol drama "Channel X' (國民英雄) is currently filming and leads Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo appeared for the drama the first time yesterday. It is known since the drama started filming in September, Joe already slept with Amber, Tracy Chou, and Michelle Chen!

The actor plays BIGTV news anchor and Amber plays a reporter. The two developed good feelings while competing with each other. Unfortunately, they cannot avoid bed scenes, and Joe even slept with 3 women already---Amber, Tracy, and Carol. He frankly admitted liking to film bed scenes because it is more relaxing than action scenes.

A magazine reported Joe and Amber had a cold interaction with each other during filming. The two immediately cleared up the rumor, saying they interact with each other often in private. Amber also disclosed now everyone requires them to hold hands tightly on set even when they are not filming.

The drama to premier on December 15 at 10PM (Taiwan time).

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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