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Friday, October 29, 2010

Da S Admits Getting Engaged After Meeting Fiance 4 Times

She finally admits the engagement!

Two days ago the rumor of Barbie Hsu (Da S) engaging to Mainland rich guy Wang Xiao Fei broke out. The couple didn't want to keep it as a secret anymore and confirmed it on Weibo. Wang Xiao Fei was the first to confirm the news, stating they want a comfortable and happy life and hope everyone can give some room to them. In respond to her fiance's message, Da S expressed she knew Wang is her Mr. Right the first time they met [at Ady An's birthday party] and got engaged after meeting 4 times. The couple was spotted at Shanghai airport with their hands held tightly together. It's known they flew back to Wang's home in Beijing.

Full message on Weibo (translation by CpopAccess)

From Wang:
Everyone, don’t guess anymore, we are engaged. (The decision was made) very calmly and not sudden. (I) just happened to have met the right person at the appropriate time. We only want a happy and comfortable life, continuing with my work and career, while she can also quietly return to a family life. There is no right or wrong in a relationship, only whether it is suitable or not. Give some room and your best wishes to the two young people please?

From Da S:
(I’m) actually not that young…The point is, I’m very blessed, very certain, very happy! Moreover, our happiness will continue on! I knew it was him from the first time I met Xiao Fei, (we) got engaged after only meeting four times, (I) must say, (it’s a) match made in heaven. Thank you for everyone’s concern! We will take in all the well wishes~

It's known the couple secretly got engaged on October 18 at a church in Beijing. Wang just prepared a normal wedding ring for the proposal. Da S' good sisters weren't even there for her.

Before the couple confirmed their engagement, Da S' sister Xiao S carefully answered reporters' questions regarding to Da S. She expressed she only know how Wang looks like through the media and joked "looks like my husband, but different levels of handsomeness."

Then when the couple finally the engagement online, Xiao S was relieved and admitted meeting Wang before. She said: "I see Da S' happiness more important than mine. She is now full of happiness and a man can take care of him, no regrets in her life anymore!"

As for date of the wedding, Da S' father disclosed the couple plan to tie the knot in February, but no date has been confirmed. 

Source: NowNews, Weibo / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jolin Tsai Feels Embarrassed Exposing Too Much Skin

Jolin Tsai released another version of her album "Myself." She went to Shanghai recently to shoot MV of her 7th single from the album "Black-Hair Beautiful Girl." She appeared in three sets of outfits, one of them is a sexy punk look. The pop queen only wore a sexy pair of suspender pantyhose under a punk-style jacket.

Because there were many people watching her during the shooting, Jolin joked: "It's my first time feeling I exposed too much skin, really embarrassed! It made me started to get nervous!"

Jolin went to a near by office to use restroom and when she just entered the place, she heard staff from the building on the phone, telling their friends: "Jolin Tsai came to use our restroom!" As for this "live broadcast," she said: "I heard everything they said. It made me very stressful!"

As for Barbie Hsu is engaged, the single star blessed the bride-to-be: "Wa~Really have to congratulate this match made in heaven!"

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Edison Chen Doesn't Plan to Get Married

Edison Chen attended to a fashion event in Beijing lat night and was followed by fans when he showed up. He accepted an interview by Sina and was asked about the rumor that he and girlfriend Vinci are already married. He laughed and said: "We are not ready. There are still many things us to do now. Frankly, until today, I didn't think of getting married. Marriage is a label to me. We can be together everyday, and it's enough that we are very happy."

He was promoting for his new album and the first person he wants to thank is Jay Chou. He really likes the song "I Can Fly" that Jay wrote for him. He disclosed not only he and Jay collaborate for music, they will film "Initial D2" soon, which is plan to start filming next year. He will start touring in the beginning of next year.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Kelly Chen: One More Kid & I'm Done!

Pop star Kelly Chen attended to a DHL event yesterday and performed two songs at the vent. She expressed her son Lau Sing started to learn walking lately, so places with sharp corners in the house are stick with protector tapes. Asked whether she has any good news on pregnancy to share, she said she is still waiting but won't rush. Asked whether she envies those who give birth to three kids all at once? She said: "It's tough! Three kids will explode the stomach. If I have three kids, then I really need to quit showbiz to take care of them. Two is fine. My husband takes care of one and I take care of the other. (Whether you would stop having kids after you have a daughter?) Yes, if I'm lucky. But I'm done with just two."

In addition, Kelly disclosed she is discussing about new films. She expressed she can't disclose who is she partnering with right now, but now she can only accept filming three days in the row; she has to say no to weeks filming. However, if she could film in Hong Kong, then she would consider even if it were to film for a year.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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