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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hins Cheung apologizes to TVB

Hins Cheung prepared a feast to celebrate his new manager company. He invited many prominent people and TVB executives, including Virginia Lok and Steven Chan. He accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese, the first among the singers of HKRIA to do so. He realized his mistake and apologized on his blog, "I was notified I can answer in Cantonese to certain media, I'm following my company's policy, but shouldn't be tonight...only to blame myself that I'm not capable in handling problems properly and maturely, thus causing such awkward situation." In the end, Hins apologized to Steven Chan and Virginia Lok.

As for HKRIA's singers accepting interviews with Cable TV in Cantonese and Hins' apology, Virginia Lok said, "I don't want to reply, this is a problem between companies, I don't want to make things difficult for singers."

Kay Tse also accepted an interview with Cable TV in Cantonese yesterday, she said, "It's convenient, because I'm not good with Mandarin Chinese." (Aren't you afraid that you might anger TVB?) "I didn't think about it."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang denies bullying Theresa Fu

Stephy Tang accepted an interview with ontv's "Entertainment on Show" lately and disclosed she only sees Theresa as an old colleague, not a friend.

It's said Stephy and Theresa don't get along with each other ever since Cookies separated. Stephy cleared up in the interview, saying she only cares about her job and won't care what others say. She said she never bully Theresa, "I don't know how to bully people. This is how the public thinks of me, I can't do anything, it's hard to switch back from a 'evil character', but I will face it optimistically." Stephy expressed she was good friends with Theresa, but they separated due to personality differences. Asked how would she call Theresa now, she expressed "old colleague" only. It seems the two will never be friends again, but Stephy said she won't mind taking pictures with Theresa in events.

[The Sun]

Stephy Tang turns focus to hosting, no fate to exchange awards

Stephy Tang will host in TVB's new show, "敦煌". She went to the movie worship ceremony with Bowie Lam and Joyce Cheng. As for the rumor that singers exchange awards when they work for TVB, Stephy expressed, "No way, I don't have any song out this year, how do I get an award? I agree to host because I want to get more experience." (Preparing for a back-up for your future just in case?) "I didn't think about it at all, it won't be that simple, it would be great if it is."

Talked about the chances of winning will increase when singers from HKRIA are out of the competition, isn't it bad that Stephy lost this advantage? Stephy joked, "It's better instead, I'm not involve in the awards exchange dispute." Stephy said she doesn't have many experience in hosting, but her memory is pretty good, she rarely forgets her script when filming. She hopes to try different things, even hosting for children's show is okay.

Stephy attended to a computer event with Siu Fay yesterday. She expressed her computer will begin to have problems after a while, but she doesn't know how to handle the old one after she bought a new computer. She won't throw away nor sell her old cell phones, so she has many old phones in her house; her friends can borrow phones from her if they lost theirs.

[Oriental Daily]


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