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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ratings of Kimura Takuya's 'Moon Lovers' Drops


Japanese drama king Kimura Takuya's new drama "Moon Lovers" (月の恋人) aired its second episode yesterday in Fuji TV. Although the new episode featured hot kissing scenes between Kimura and Taiwanese top model Chiling Lin, but ratings didn't raise but dropped instead. It dropped from 22.4% (first episode) to 19.2%.

After five years, Kimura finally gave his on-screen kiss again. But viewers didn't seem to buy it and some netizens dislikes Kimura has aged and isn't suitable of playing a prince anymore. In general, viewers praised foreigner Chiling has a good performance and pretty face: "Still this pretty at 35!" Seems like team of this drama really need to do more promotion work to bring ratings up.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Ah Sa Talks About Picking Spouse: I Love Big Belly

New film "Triple Tap" (鎗王之王) starring Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, and Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) held a press event yesterday in Beijing. Director Derek Tung and actors Chapman To, Lam Shuet, and Lin Hoi etc all attended.

In the event, the film's Mainland Sina official website was launched and its Mainland trailer was released. Ah Sa and Louis play a couple. They've played couple many times in the past, but this time is a little different. In the past it was mostly comedy, but this time it's a very serious film. As for that, Louis praised Ah Sa matured a lot: "In this film, I saw a different side of Ah Sa. I felt she grew up a lot compared to the past, more matured." After hearing that, Ah Sa said because director has high standards, so the filming environment was always serious. It's different than comedies in the past and she's quite stressed. During filming, when they saw director's serious face, everyone won't dare to speak.

In addition, reporters at the event asked Ah Sa's spouse requirements, she pointed at Lam Shuet next to her: "I like Lam Shuet's big belly the most!" Later she said she actually doesn't have any standard, depends on fate.

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Moses Chan Won't Pick Bernice or Charmaine, Picks His Mom

Moses Chan, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, and Linda Cheung attended to the costume fitting for TVB new series "How Can Ah Sir Is Ah Sir?" / "Yes Sir, No Sir" (點解阿SIR係阿SIR). The four is arranged to develop a 4-triangle romance relationship. Asked Moses, who plays an undercover, if he has to pick from Tavia and Linda, who would he pick? He immediately expressed that he would pick both. Asked does his decision reflects to reality? (Bernice Liu and Charmaine Sheh) He said embarrassingly: "It's not like that. In reality, I would pick my mom."

Tavia expressed her mother is the happiest knowing she can film this series because her mother always hope she can become a teacher or police. Now being able to play a teacher, that counts as fulfilling her mother's wish. She joked: "In the series, I will show up in a 18-year-old student look, it's a pretty cute look."

Ron expressed earlier he went abroad for jobs, earning extra cash. He said it's quick and good earning, he's willing to go to Mainland for it: "But because of this series, I rejected several Mainland series, although I lost 7-digit pa, but it's okay, I think it's a happy thing to film TVB series."

 Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Carina Lau Considers Herself Happy, Cherishes The Present

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Carina Lau attended to Chaumet 230 anniversary celebration dinner in a Lanvin blue dress and 4-inch tall heels. She met Mainland actress Chen Chong, who showed up in a black Escada dress. The two held hands immediately for pictures. Talked about having babies, Carina said: "I think we're very happy already. We need to cherish what we have right now. Tony and I have consensus, let it be."

In addition, yesterday Carina went shopping in Central alone. She shopped a designer store Max Mara. Carina, who was being followed by reporters, seemed annoyed and counterasked: "What's there to take pictures of?" During the period, several girls with a donation box in their hands came to her and asked her to donate some money. But she said: "No thanks" and left immediately.

Cecilia Cheung Leaves The Hospital Secretly

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
After giving birth to second son Quintus last Wednesday, it's known that Cecilia Cheung and her newborn left the hospital secretly yesterday, successfully avoided all media. Last night around 8PM, security guard in the hospital saw reporters had been waiting and waiting, so he told them that Cecilia already left. But when reporters contacted Deborah (mother-in-law of Cecilia), she still said: "Not yet, we are still in there." However, Cecilia's manager admitted they left already. Yesterday afternoon around 3PM, Cecilia's brother appeared in the hospital to visit his sister. He greeted reporters when he left. Asked is Cecilia still in the hospital? He nodded. In addition, Nicholas Tse continued to work, filming commercials. His assistant posted Nicholas' photos on Sina Mini Blog and expressed: "He is still in break, but some jobs cannot be put off."


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