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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jay Chou Doesn't Wear Underwear In 'Kangxi,' Xiao S Checks It Herself

Jay Chou went to "Kangxi Lai Le" to promote his new album and concert in Taipei arena yesterday. He expressed he doesn't like to wear underwear and that shocked host Xiao S. She stood up immediately and walked to Jay to check. Jay said: "Really don't have it on!" After Xiao S checked, she said: "Really doesn't have it on!" Cai Kang Yong then asked: "You never wear it once every time you come to Kangxi?" Jay said: "No! Don't wear it really!" Jeff Huang next to him also joined the conversation: "I also don't wear it!" Xiao S ignored him: "Forget it!" Then she walked back to her seat.

Jay is cross-ridden with "Wu Kong Mei" Honey Chen Yi Ting lately. Kang Yong asked Jay: "Do you think our show troubled you?" Jeff replied immediately: "You're always the troubling unit." Kang Yong said: "But we didn't ask them to say anything, they said they want to say it." After Kang Yong kept asking, Jay expressed generously that friends often see what people said on Kangxi, but let the past go.

Besides accompanied musically for Xiao S in the show, he also performed magic to her. But after the performance, Xiao S walked back to her seat after she discovered she was tricked. Jay said: "You're supposed to be happy performing magic! It's not relevant to the tricks." Jay expressed again: "I learned some lessons lately, won't dare to randomly perform magic again, must confirm the identity of that person, because I performed to many people earlier! I really don't remember who did I perform to."

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Bernice Liu Creates Kungfu Dance, Gets An Award In Canada

Bernice Liu and To Yu Hang collaborated in new film "Ip Man Prequel." The fight scenes in the film are enough for these two, who loves kungfu, to fill their kungfu cravings. Although once learned tae kwon do for 6 years, but it's different from wing chun, so Bernice took wing chun classes before filming. She got addicted and specially went to a wing chun master to learn wing chun. She said: "Actually about kungfu, I learned about it when I watch Bruce Lee's films in Canada. I used a song in his film to dance with, and added some kungfu elements to compete. I was 12 and in the end I got a specialty award."

Asked whether she wants to be one of the fight girls like Michelle Yeoh, Bernice said she has no plans yet: "Indeed, there are more fighting films these two years. Guess I would see whether I have a chance or not. Actually I want to expand my movie and television career equally. I will start to film a series next month!"

Yu Hang, who plays Ip Man in the film, was asked whether he watched Donnie Yen's "Ip Man" series to take reference, he said: "Donnie's great in 'Ip Man.' But my Ip Man this time is from 12 to 28 years old. I think my personality is similar to Ip Man's, I'm a quiet person, learned kungfu when I was little, just in a different generation."

Talked about debuting as a newcomer, Yu Hang said he felt pressured. Besides being a lead in film, he also worked with many senior actors. He said: "I remember when I have scenes with Sammo Hung in 'Ip Man 2,' I was very nervous. He, Donnie, and Louis Fan Siu Wong all have more than 10 years of acting experience. Although I just had to say several lines, but it felt like participating in a big competition."

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Half-nude Sonia Sui Hugs A Japanese Spitz

Sonia Sui gained popularity after filming "Black and White," and she has been filming many dramas like "P.S. Man" and receiving job offers. Lately she became the spokesperson of a beauty company LeRivoli and showed off her good body in a set of advertising photos.

In these photos, she was required to be topless and shoot pictures with a Japanese spitz. She said when she was doing jobs as a model, she often wear sexy clothes so she got used to it already. This time she has to be topless for the advertisement, as long as it produces a good effect, it doesn't matter and no need to fuss about it.

The company picked Sonia as their spokesperson because she's sexy and elegant at the same time. Her confidence and charming are the biggest selling point. It's known she would receive a 7-digit pay. She said happily that it's a secret and only disclosed it's an ideal amount.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

Kelly Chen's Son Learns How To Say 'BA' and 'MA'

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Kelly Chen posted photos of her 10-months-old son "Har Gau Jai" Chace yesterday on her blog. She titled her post "A Day with Chace." Ten-months-old and weights 26lbs, Chace is chubby and cute. His eye brows and mouth are just like his mom. He seems to inherit good genes from his parents, who are both tall, that he is as big as a 24-months-old baby.

Kelly expressed Chace is lively and active. He likes to crawl around in the house and needs Kelly and family members to pay close attention. Chace grew 7 little teeth and started to babble. Kelly said excitedly: "Yesterday was his first time saying 'BA' and 'MA,' then he babbled many more things, like giving a speech! Don't know what was he trying to say, but I'm very happy, so want to share with you all here! Hope baby and you guys are in good health!"

She also expressed she would cut hair for Chace and cook nutritional meals when she's free: "I make nutritional foods for him, like egg and fish. Chace likes to eat fruits very much, especially kiwi, banana, and orange!"

Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng Don't Plan To Have Children

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Yoyo Mung attended to a furniture company anniversary event yesterday. She expressed lately she developed interest in art of tea. Asked whether she wants to make tea to future mother-in-law? She said: "I need to learn more about it, this is something at least a year later." Ekin Cheng talked about marriage plans earlier in interviews, Yoyo replied: "No such thing as marriage." It's said the two has different sayings, Yoyo said: "After we accepted interviews, let it go, won't tell our other half about it. We really don't have marriage plans, would talk about it at least a year later."

Yoyo expressed she've talked about having children with Ekin. They agreed they won't have children. Yoyo said: "Unless the system in Hong Kong is simpler, otherwise we won't have children. I see children nowadays have to go to school and after-school classes, it's like you need to be good at everything, it's hard." She disclosed when she returned to Hong Kong from Mainland, Ekin came to pick her up at the airport. Did he prepared flowers and a ring? Yoyo joked: "If he did something like that, then he's not Ekin!"

50 Cent Drops 54 Pounds For Upcoming Movie!

From UsWeekly
Lean times!

Inspired by a pal who died of cancer, 50 Cent penned and stars in Things Fall Apart, a flick about a football player stricken with the disease.

“I lost 54 pounds for it,” the 6-foot rapper, 34 --- who dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks -- tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now). "I was starving."

Now he’s back on tour and says, "I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!"


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