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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stephy Tang, zero song made into the chart; Theresa Fu: The truth has come out!

CRHK held a press conference for "Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2009" yesterday. Singers who attended to the event included Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Khalil Fong, Theresa Fu, and more, except Stephy Tang, who was rumored earlier that she won't attend to the event because of Theresa Fu.

It was said in order to avoid sworn enemy Theresa, Stephy refused to appear on the same stage with her. Indeed, Stephy didn't appeared in the press conference yesterday; making this rumor seemed true.

As for Stephy's absence to the event, CRHK explained the radio station will only invite singers whose songs have been on the "Ultimate Popular Song Chart". Since Stephy is excluded from the list, so she wasn't invited. In other words, none of Stephy's song this year (2009) made into CRHK's music chart. Looking at the records, Stephy didn't release an album this year and her single "Walk With Me", which is given along with her typo fiction, didn't do well.

Theresa expressed she knows nothing about Stephy's absence for the event. She didn't reply when asked about her thoughts. She was then asked is she upset that she couldn't be on the same stage with Stephy, "I was told my songs made into the chart. I'm happy to be here. I won't be able to attend to the show due to work." But then she couldn't help but added, "That's good, the truth has come out, it's not because of me!"

[Mingpao, K]

Netizens praise "Lai Fei" (Tavia Yeung)'s evil performance

Villains in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" are widely praised by many. First it was "The Empress Dowager" aka "Kuo Tai Haw" (Susan Tse), now it is Tavia Yeung's "Lai Fei".

On TVB's discussion forum, many netizens praised Tavia for her performance so far; also praised she still looks beautiful even when she is being evil. Tavia was criticized for being not evil enough in the beginning. Some fans fought back that because "Kam Ling" (Tavia's character) was a good person in the earlier period. Others also pitied "Kam Ling" is bullied so it's reasonable for her to become evil.

Facebook users also created groups for characters from "BTROC". In addition, they created groups to grieve dead characters from the series, including "Kow Tai Haw" and "Tsui Ma Ma". However, Moses' pet turtle "Tong Lin Zi" is the most popular; more than 1700 people joined the group.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Joe Ma tries hard to promote "Born Rich"

Joe Ma accepted an interview from Metro Radio. When talked about "Born Rich"'s rating is not as high as "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", Joe felt the audience for both series is different, so it's hard to compare. But he said he's confident because the best part will air soon. He will participate more in promotions to promote his series. It's a pity that most important characters are currently not in Hong Kong, so he will have to try harder to promote.

In addition, he will collaborate with Maggie Cheung, who he hasn't work with for more than 10 years. Asked he heard about Maggie's relationship rumors, he said he doesn't gossip privacy of his friends.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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