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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natalie Tong Ready To Get Married At Anytime

 Natalie Tong had many sad scenes in "A Fistful of Stances." Her acting received good response and she said happily: "When I'm out on the streets, many people called me 'Ah Aun' (her name in the series). I usually play sassy girls, didn't know viewers like tragic characters as well. It gave me a new direction in acting." Officially stepped in the showbiz in 2000 with "Youth@Y2k," this year it's her 10th year working on-screen. She said: "From being a model in the beginning to now filming dramas, it's quite a big change. Every step to where I'm now is memorable. I got to know many things and many new friends." She tried hosting and acting, now mainly acting, she's satisfied with her current stage: "I'm quite satisfied with my career, been in the showbiz for 10 years, I'm still spirited even today!"

Natalie has a youth appearance and it's okay to say she's in her early 20s, but in fact she's reaching a new age era [Natalie is 29 this year], however she isn't afraid: "Age is just a number, it's more important to keep your mood and emotions youthful. I think girls are better with an older age, they know how to understand and take care of others, that's attractive!" Although she filmed many TV series, but her romance rumors are more concerned by others, and that kind of frustrated her: "When you have rumors, they won't look at your work, of course won't be happy! But can't do a thing, I can only keep my private life in low-profile, won't announce anything when I start to date again." It's rumored earlier that she's going out with Wong Ka Lok, she laughed and said :"No need to ask, of course it's fake!" Currently single, she said at this stage she only wants to date with work: "Now I gained more opposite sex friends, but I'm concentrating in work, can't see who's around me. (Anyone pursuing you?) I would say no, want to take a break. Too many rumors in the past, don't come again!"

Although she decided not to announce her relationship in the future, but she said she would announce her marriage, and didn't rule out lightning marriage: "If I'm at the stage of marriage, then I would announce it. I'm the type of person who do things based on emotions, I would do things if I want to, maybe even lightning marriage!" Her relationship with Amigo Chui became past tense, asked is she willing to develop another relationship with a showbiz star, she expressed: "Actually it's hard to avoid, if you like someone, then you are. Most importantly, he has to be patient and maturer than I'm, can take care of me."

"AFOS" costar Kevin Cheng expressed: "Natalie has a big improvement in acting this year. Her character in 'AFOS' suits her, she did a good job. (Look upon her?) Of course I hope she will win 'Most Improved Female Artiste,' it's an encouragement to win an award."

Good friend Angela Tong said: "Natalie is well-behaved and very hardworking. Either I'm working with her or watching her perform, I feel she improved a lot. She's true to you in private life, her personality is like a little girl!"

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Feature] Hong Kong Version of Bijin Tokei Starring 'Lang-Mo'

HK lang-mos are making their comeback already, first wave is bijin tokei.

What is bijin tokei? Basically it's a "hot girl clock gadget," you would see flashing images of pretty girls holding a time board, as every minute pass...

These are just teasers out of 1400+ images.

(left to right: DaDa, Bella, Bambi, Liza, Ayu, Asa, Lillian, Ice, Kaylie)

Johnny Depp's Star Power Stops Mugger

Johnny Depp: Just as swoon-worthy in real life as he is in the movies, at least according to the British tabloids. As the actor was leaving an LA recording studio with a friend, said friend got approached by a man brandishing a broken bottle. Hero-of-the-day Johnny looked the mugger “straight in the eyes and told him to back off,” a source tells the Sun. The would-be criminal recognized Depp and backed off.

“He looked at Johnny and said, 'I ain't stealing from Captain Jack' and put the bottle down,” the source says. “Johnny gave him a few bucks and told him to straighten up his life.”

Lindsay Lohan to Play Porn Star Linda Lovelace

LOS ANGELES — Lindsay Lohan has reportedly signed on to play Linda Lovelace in an upcoming indie flick.

Eonline.com reports that Lohan will star in “Inferno” and portray the late porn star most famous for her 1972 hardcore movie “Deep Throat.”

Lohan’s photographer Tyler Shields was apparently approached by the movie’s director, Matthew Wilder asking him to shoot promos for the movie.

"[Wilder] contacted me and asked me if I would do the promos for the movie," Shields told the website, adding that the official announcement of the film and its star would be made at the Cannes film festival later this month.


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