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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gillian Chung's never give up spirit is praised

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) attended to the awards ceremony of "TOUGH Jeansmith 15周年紀念─15強人" and received an award for her toughness and her spirit of not giving up in tough situations. The 15 award recipients are from different industries such as music, sports, and politics.

Ah Gill said she experienced many things these 9 years in the showbiz business; different things happened everyday with lots of pressure. The photo scandal last year is the most significant and sensational incident. Asked whether this incident has completely become the past, she said 'No', but she won't think about it on purpose because she won't give up for just one thing. She has to move on so she must face everything with bravery.

[on.cc, K]

Ah Sa avoids Ronald Cheng smartly

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) attended to the press conference for "The 32rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award" and her relationship with Ronald Cheng was teased again. When she appeared, the character "中" ("Chung", the middle character of Ronald's name, 鄭中基) showed up on the screen immediately. Ah Sa said smartly, "It's Gillian Chung ("鍾" is the homophone of "中"/"Chung"). 2010 will be TWINS' ten year anniversary and we will unite again." She is very confident in her song, "二缺一", because the lyrics talk about her feelings these two years.

The "Female Singer Award" is very competitive. Ah Sa she supports Joey Yung and praised Joey is very hardworking. As for the rumor TVB's Mona Fong won't let Joey to break Anita Mui's record of winning the "Favorite Female Singer" award 5 times in a row. Ah Sa pointed out Joey is the best HK singer in her heart and she believes many things are fated. She is also confident in her future and thanked for EGG's support. "Although one of my songs this year isn't liked by the company, but they still let me try."

In addition, Khalil Fong didn't notice the competition between singers and he will support Eason Chan, since he knows his chance of winning is low.

[Singtao, K]

Kay Tse refuses to be photographed with Ella Koon and blames at reporters

Kay Tse attended to the press conference for "The 32rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award" and was asked to be photographed with Ella Koon. This is the first time the two appeared together since Ella was widely praised that she sings better than Kay. Although the two emphasized they're good friends, but Kay's assistant refused reporters' request, saying they shouldn't do so. Kay then blamed it to the reporters and said, "That's bad! Forcing me to pose with Ella." (You mind?) "I don't mind. I just don't want to make it look like it's on purpose. We are good friends. Now it feels embarrassed that you guys forced us to pose together." (So you're not embarrassed photographing with Eason Chan?) How can I feel embarrassed when I always stand next to him? And we're in the same company, too. But you reporters are very old-fashioned!" (How is being photographed with your good friend be embarrassing?) "Ah! you won then! This is annoying!"

[on.cc & Takungpao, K]


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