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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kenneth Ma Doesn't Dare To Look At Jessica C.

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY
Kenneth Ma and Jessica C. attended to a car event yesterday. They two showed up in green outfits to go along with the environmental-friendly theme. Facing the sexy Jessica C., Kenneth was rigid and didn't dare to have any eye contact with her.

Reporters teased Kenneth: "Did you notice Jessica C. has a good body?" He answered shyly: "No chance to look, but I think she's pretty, I always like western girls. (Don't you have Selena Li already?) We're on-screen couple, just want to earn money together! (No opportunity to develop a relationship?) Reports always said I have intention to but she doesn't."

As for Jessica, who got to know Kenneth the first time, expressed more generous than Kenneth. She praised he is friendly and nice, also told her what type of things she should say on stage. Asked is she interested in Chinese guys? Jessica said: "I already have a boyfriend, but in the past I dated Chinese. In fact nationality doesn't matter, as long as they're cute."

Ah Jeh Accepts Criticism, Will Practice More

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Liza Wong (Ah Jeh)'s singing segment in "Fun With Liza and Gods" is criticized by some netizens and they even established a Facebook page, requesting her not to sing again in the show. The fan page has more than 30,000 supporters to "like" it.

There are many Ah Jeh's supporters counterattack and support, saying Ah Jeh is a hardworking artiste and everyone should give encouragements, shouldn't attack.

As for netizens' criticism, Ah Jeh believes there are always praise and criticism when doing things. Some might like it, some might not, no need to mind. She knows she tried very hard to do it. She will continue to work hard in the future and do her best.

In Ah Jeh's official website, many fans left messages, expressing their support. Some said it proved Ah Jeh is newsworthy by being discussed. Other Mainland fans said  a small amount of netizens criticized but a large amount of viewers in Hong Kong support Ah Jeh. Numbers don't mean everything and they told Ah Jeh to "add oil."

Johnson Lee Sees Wong Cho Lam As Good Brother

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
A magazine pointed out Johnson Lee is jealous at partner Wong Cho Lam taking all the limelight in "Fun With Liza and Gods." They also pointed out Johnson is arrogant and aim at others during meetings, even Louis Yuen couldn't stand him. The three were recording for "FWLG" yesterday and they seemed to get along well, nothing went wrong.

Johnson replied to the report: "Do we look like we don't get along? I don't know!" Is it just like how the magazine pointed out, he went against Cho Lam's suggestions during meetings? "That powerful? This is funny. In fact we work as a team, just like a family. We all put effort in creating plots. If we don't get along it would be just like there are problems in marriage. Viewers' support is most important. We respect each other, now there are actually these types of rumor! To be honest, I'm in my 30s, I let many things go, we're all good brothers."

Teresa Mo Films Her Last TV Series, Returns To Movie Industry

TVB new sitcom "天天天晴" (Some Day) held a blessing ceremony yesterday. Main characters Louise Lee, Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai etc. are veteran actors, plus Crystal Tien, Wong He, Johnson Lee, Lau Dan, etc, this new series is anticipating. This series would be Teresa's last television series. After that she will focus in movies and family.

Teresa expressed they started filming about 2 weeks ago. Because the costume fitting earlier ran into the schedule of relief programs, so they handled the event in low-profile. She joked: "Wayne and I will continue our relationship from previous series. Last time we just developed some feelings and the series ended. Viewers also want us to date, so the plot would be a little sweeter." She expressed the series would have about 120 episodes and is maybe her last television series. She said: "I won't film series anymore, it feels enough. Originally I just wanted to satisfy vanity, gain more TV viewers, plus it was to fulfill Catherine Tseng's wish. If I count this new series, I already filmed 460 episodes." She expressed she rejected 4 movies and would focus in movies: "I overlooked my family because of busy schedule in filming series. My youngest daughter wants to spend more time with me."

Wayne have romance plots with Teresa, he joked: "Last time viewers are happy watching it. This time would definitely end in a comedic ending, no third-wheel would interfere us. I'm filming 'Rosy Business 2,' but also want to focus in filming sitcoms."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY

Kitty Yuen Successfully Lost Weight, Shows Off 22-inches Waist

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Always give others a chubby feeling, Kitty Yuen Siu Yee became the spokesperson of a beauty product line. She wore lace evening dress, wedding dress, qipao, and sportswear to shoot a set of sexy advertising photos and showed off her 22-inches waist. Successfully lost weight, Kitty joked: "Now there is no problem exposing anything!"

First Time Collaborating, Janine Chang and Mike He Will Have Intimate Scenes On Antique Bed

New idol drama "Sunny Happiness" ("幸福最晴天") held a press conference in a hotel yesterday. Leads Janine Chang and Mike He, and guest actors Ming Dao and Annie Chen attended to the event.

In this drama, Mike plays a a young hotel businessman and would have many romance scenes with Janine, who plays a hotel maid. First time collaborating, the director arranged many hot intimate plots for them. The place where they would have intimate bed scenes together is in a presidential suite. There is a European antique bed that worth millions+, the two don't dare to overlook and said: "I'm very nervous!"

It has been about a month since filming. Janine and Mike already developed a good relationship, specially the two are spokespersons of beauty products, so they talk about skincare a lot in private.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Megan Fox: I Decided To Leave Transformers

(PEOPLE)--Megan Fox is seeking to transform rumor to fact.

The actress is slamming speculation she was booted from the third installment of the Transformers action film franchise.

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3," reps for the actress, 24, tell PEOPLE. "It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Citing unnamed sources, Variety reports the studio and the film's director, Michael Bay, intend to cast another actress as star Shia LaBeouf's love interest to move the story in a different direction.

Shooting for the film, slated for a July 2011 release, is expected to kick off this summer in locations across the U.S.

Fox, meanwhile, is prepping for the June 18 release of Jonah Hex, an action film she stars in opposite Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Will Arnett.


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