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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Linda Chung Accused of Spreading Flu in TVB

It's the flu season again and many people are catching the flu, including TVB artists. Many artists currently filming upcoming drama "九江十二坊" caught the flu, like leads Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, and Bowie Lam. As for the source of flu, Sunny exposed it's actually Linda.

"Linda was the first one to get sick, and she keeps working everyday. She is probably the one who spreads it out," he said.

In fact, Linda has been sick for more than a month. As for she is accused of spreading flu virus, she just treats it like a joke, but still worries whether she is the one who caused many people to get sick.

"They're all blaming on me now," she joked. "But it's true that I was the first one to get sick. Besides Sunny and Bowie, staff behind-the-scene are sick, too."

Although she already went to the doctors three times, she still didn't get any better and it's affecting her to speak during filming. Sunny is even worst: he can't speak.

"I lost my voice. I had to pretend I was speaking on-screen, then voice over later. Good that I'm alright now," the actor said.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Amigo Chui Steps Down From On-Screen, Virginia Lok Suggests

Amigo Chui's appearance on "Jade Solid Gold" last month could be his last on-screen appearance.

Once a successful artist, the 2007 "TVB Anniversary Most Improved Actor" winner has encountered events that greatly ruined his image. He was accused of allegedly beating his girlfriend in 2009, and finally returned to work in mid-2010. But several months later, he was accused of allegedly drunk-driving and driving during license suspension.

With negative news hitting on him, the 31-year-old doesn't have much jobs to do; but his contract with TVB won't end until a few years later. Now TVB executive Virginia Lok is suggesting him to step down and tries working behind-the-screen.

"We've talked on the phone and discussed about future plans. He is talented, but he affected himself. To be honest, his glamous life won't return in a short period of time. He is still young, maybe he can try working behind-the-screen," she said.

Lok expressed it's not like the company isn't giving him any chance, it's important whether audiences accept him or not.

"If audiences don't accept him, even if we arrange him to work, people might complain and that would actually affect him more."

As for Lok's suggestion, Chui expressed he needs time to think about it. The two will meet again next week to discuss more about the matter.

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: I don't know whether she said 'glamorous' or just 'glamous'?....]

James Wen Wears Sexy Thongs For Fans

James Wen doesn't seem to care about his image when he's with fans.

Yesterday he held a birthday party to celebrate his 33rd birthday early with fans. Playing an unfaithful husband in "The Fierce Wife," the actor joked he worried whether he should skip this event. In fact, many people are mad at his role, and the hot discussions made ratings peaked 3.12.

"Playing a role everyone hates, I must bear some great pressure," he said.

Some fans gave Wen sexy thongs as birthday present and they requested him to wear it at the event. Couldn't stop fans' ethusiasim, he generously put on the thong and took photos with fans. Looks like it was his way to "apologize" to fans and audiences.

Source: Liberty Times, Apple Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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