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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Roger Kwok is Welcoming Second Child

Baby news! Roger Kwok announced wife Cindy Au is pregnant again!

The actor accepted a radio interview yesterday and disclosed Cindy is 2-months pregnant and is a good condition. He expressed the second child is planned because their son Brad Kwok is already 2-years-old and they do not want a large age gap between their kids.

Recently busy filming sitcom "Show Me the Happy," Roger is very excited to hear the news. He said: "It would be good if it's a girl. It's okay even if it's a boy. Cindy throws up often this time. I hear her do that every morning. I believe it will get better soon."

It was rumored Cindy was pregnant in September and Roger joked: "If she was pregnant in September, now the baby should be 4 or 5 months old. I would definitely ask who the baby's father is!"

Yesterday reporters spotted the 2-months pregnant Cindy eating at a cafe. She finished sandwich in less than 10 minutes and drink healthy drinks such as juice. Then she went to a nearby kindergarten to pick up her son. Reporters approached and congratulate her. She frankly admitted the pregnancy: "Everyone's this concern, that's why we announced it. Plus we're Christians, we're not superstitious." 

Source: Mingpao & Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Raymond Cho to be a Dad Again

Not only Roger Kwok, Raymond Cho is also a dad-to-be!

Reporters contacted the TVB actor yesterday and he admitted his wife is 2-months pregnant. Already have a son, he frankly said it is not unexpected and he is not too nervous this time. He said: "My son doesn't drink that much formulas, now I have to work hard to earn more money. Plus we just moved to a new house, so we have to see if there's any way to earn more."

As for good friend Roger is also welcoming a second child, he said: "Congratulations to him. He already said he wants another child. Now many others are having kids, like Ada Choi, Roger, and Raymond Wong. I'm filming a new series with Raymond soon. We're going to have more things to talk about."

As for Raymond Wong, who announced his wife's pregnancy at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2010, he expressed many people have been telling him baby tips. Asked whether his wife is 3-months pregnant, he said: "Around that time! Due date is probably after Chinese New Year. I'll film a new series soon. Now I'm preparing many things for the baby, like bed and baby bottle."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Gigi Leung Admits New Romance

Gigi Leung was spotted dating new boyfriend Matthew earlier. Yesterday he attended to an event and did not deny the relationship. She sweetly replied they are still at a stage of knowing each other. She hopes to handle it in low profile so she does not want to talk too much about it. She said Matthew is not used to being followed by reporters but knows she is an artiste.

Gigi is holding a concert in Beijing this Christmas. It is rumored her boyfriend to bring his mom to the concert? She said: "Many of my friends will come to Beijing to support me. We haven't meet each other's parents yet. It's still too early to say." Not a lonely Christmas this year? She said every year she is accompanied by friends so she is not lonely. She is busy rehearsing for the concert and has not prepared a gift for Matthew. It is said Matthew is acccpeted by Gigi's mom because he knows Mandarin? She avoided the topic and only said it is a necessity for work.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Sharon Chan the Christmas Beauty

Sharon Chan shoots a new set of ads for a beauty body slim product. In the ad, Sharon continues to show off her sexy long legs. She wears a red hot night gown and the actress says red gowns have a Christmas feeling. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she hopes to be a Christmas beauty in this holiday season.

Raymond Wong is Welcoming a Baby Boy?

Raymond Wong Ho-Yin attended to a car magazine awards ceremony yesterday. The winner of this year's "TVB Most Improved Actor" expressed he received more job opportunities after winning the award. But the happiest thing is that he is becoming a dad: "Many of my friends already agree to sponsor me infant formulas and diapers. I estimate I can save at least 6-digits!"

He expressed his wife is more than 4-months pregnant. Although he he does not want to disclose the baby's gender, but when he talks about the baby's English name, he exposed it will be a boy's name: "We thought of several Englih names. One of them is Kaydon." Reporters immediately congratulate him for having a baby boy. He said: "You can use this name with both genders!" He wants to have a son and daughter in general. He also hopes to see his wife's belly grows so he will not go to abroad for work at the moment.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Love Ho-Yin


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