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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Da S Can't Wait No More, Finishes Marriage Registration in Beijing

The couple in Shanghai airport last night
Engaged after meeting fiance Wang Xiao Fei just four times, Barbie Hsu (Da S) cannot wait any longer to be married. Yesterday she and fiance went to Beijing to get marriage certificate together and finished the registration in 10 minutes.

Da S took a few days off from the filming of film "Da Wu Sheng" and flew back to Taiwan to get necessary documents. Then she went to Beijing to meet Wang and the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register. According to a good friend of Wang, there is no special meaning for the two to register on the 16th. "Because Da S' registered permanent residence is not in Mainland, so it takes a little longer to finish the process. Today is the perfect day and they just cannot wait any longer," the friend disclosed.

Because not many people were there at the office, the couple finished the process quickly without being noticed by fans and media.  They finished this simple registration in just 10 minutes.

Although they are now registered as a married couple, however, they are not legally husband and wife yet. It is known the process is quite complicated in their case. They need to wait for a 7-10 days notarization period, then another 15 business days while their certificate is being verified by Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation. After the waiting, Wang needs to be interviewed in Taiwan. The whole process takes about 2-3 months in total.

It is also known the couple is holding their wedding next year in March and they will hold at least 3 times. First in Hainan Island, then in Taiwan, and lastly in Beijing.

Source: UDN, 163 / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephen Chan Officially Back to Work

After 8 months of suspension from work, TVB's General Manager Stephen Chan has returned to work. Yesterday TVB released a statement, announcing they resumed Stephen's job as General Manager and the decision is in effect immediately; however, he is not responsible of artiste management and roles arrangements.

Stephen attended to TVB's Tuesdays meeting yesterday. He appeared to meet the media in the afternoon and expressed his thoughts: "Really have to thank God, and I very appreciate my company for the reinstatement. I have many meetings to attend today. I'm sorry that I made you guys wait this long. I'll focus on my work and do a better job in the future, producing more good shows." He refused to answer reporters' questions and left to attend another meeting. He returned to TV City in the evening but still did not answer reporters' questions.

It is known many high executives and board members in TVB object Stephen's return. But Stephen has support from chairman's wife Mona Fong and the two often have meals together these months. Mona has been saying good things for Stephen and finally persuaded high executives to agree on Stephen's reinstatement.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Fala Chen Doesn't Mind BF Was Married Before

Fala Chen attended to an EA game event yesterday. As for it is reported her boyfriend Sit Sai Hang got married at 18 in Australia, she generously confirmed the news: "I know about this already. I understand everyone has his past. Plus it happened more than 10 years ago. (Is he still taking care his ex? Did you ask why they got married this early?) I won't answer all these personal questions. (Admire his honesty?) You have be honest when you're with someone, not only happy matters, should understand and take responsibility together. (You don't mind?) Already know about it, I don't mind."

As for the report talks about she and boyfriend are already married in 2008, Fala said these types of rumors and disputes appeared when new series is out or during anniversary period. Reporters asked whether she is Sit's current wife, she said: "No! He is a good man. (Then marry him now?) Thanks, but it depends on the right time."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Charmaine Sheh Never Attended Rich Men's Dinner Parties

Currently filming in Wuxi, Charmaine Sheh is again involved in the rumor of attending to dinners held by rich men. Yesterday she angrily said: "Saying this without evidence, it's very unfair to us artistes!" She stressed she never attended those rumored dinner parties. But she cannot control what media are writing, so she can only believe those who are innocent will remain innocent.

As for she is fighting TV Queen award with Sheren Tang, Charmaine expressed she does not value awards that much. Every actor/actress did his/her best to play the role. If she was the judge, she will not know who to pick. She said: "I don't have that much pressure. But because everyone keeps asking me this question, I started to feel a little stressed. Just let it be."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

HK Director Wong Tin Lam Passes Away, Aged 82

Wong Tin Lam & son Wong Jin
Famous Hong Kong director and former TVB producer Wong Tin Lam (王天林) passed away on November 16. His son Wong Jin (王晶), also a well-known director, announced his father's death in a statement, expressing his father has left this world peacefully:

"Our dearest father Wong Tin Lam passed away due to physical function decline tonight at 8:20PM in Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, aged 83. His children were there by his deathbed when he was gone. Here we thank all you media's friendly caring and concerns. Funeral details to be announced in the following days."

Wong was born in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong in 1935. He got involved in film business at 19 and directed his first film at 22. He joined TVB in the 70s and produced many classic series including "Yesterday's Glitter" (京華春夢) and "Love and Passion" (萬水千山總是情). The director retired from directing films in the 90s and only made guest appearances in later films.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Ratings Report (11/8-11/14/2010)

The following picture has a full breakdown of last week's ratings!! No Regrets peaked 37 pts in the last 15 minutes of Episode 16, where Raymond Wong was saving Fala Chen!! Woot Raymond!!

No Regrets - 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 (EPS 16-20) - 33 PTS (Peaking at 37 PTS)

Gun Metal Grey - 刑警 (EPS 06-10) - 30 PTS (Peaking at 32 PTS)

Some Day - 天天天晴 (EPS 102-106) - 26 PTS (Peaking at 29 PTS)

Rooms to Let - 有房出租 (EP 06) (TUESDAY) - 18 PTS

Variety Shows
Super Trio Game Master - 超級遊戲獎門人 (EP 27 SUNDAY) - 29 PTS

Kitchen Diva So - 和味蘇 (EP 04 SUNDAY) - 24 PTS

Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade - 荃加福祿壽玩轉台慶 (EP 01 SATURDAY) - 23 PTS (Peaking at 24 PTS)

Papa Soloman's Treasure - 森海尋寶 (WEEKDAYS) - 21 PTS (Peaking at 24 PTS)

ATV 2011 Sales Presentation - 2011節目巡禮 - 2 PTS

- "No Regrets" received 1 complaint on impropriety, the scenes were too violent.
- "Gun Metal Grey" received 1 complaint on the scene where only 1 police officer was arranged to patrol the area, this was an unreasonable arrangement.
- ATV's 2011 Sales Presentation received 3 complaints that the changed lyrics to the National Anthem was something insulting.


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