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Sunday, April 24, 2011

'Lives of Omission' Trailer; Bosco Wong Has More Scenes than Michael Tse?

Although Michael Tse is see as the main lead in new drama "Lives of Omission," but looking at a recent trailer of the drama, looks like Bosco Wong is having more scenes.

Upcoming drama "Lives of Omission" is supposed to be the spin-off of legendary undercover "Laughing Gor" from 2009 drama"E.U.". Michael Tse, who plays the role, returns as a police officer in the new drama and will develop a romantic relationship with boss Fala Chen.

Additional characters including Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui. From a leak trailer online, it appears Bosco's role as an undercover has a more interesting storyline which might captivate the audience. In order to support girlfriend (Kate Tsui) to study law, he becomes part of the gang to earn more money. But when his girlfriend becomes a lawyer, she looks down on him and breaks up with him, making him turn into a villain.

Disclosed by the drama crew, Michael and Bosco both see this drama as an important project. Michael wants to reach another peak of his career as "Laughing" and Bosco even hopes to win big at the anniversary awards.


Source: Singtao  / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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