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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mandy Cho is Pregnant Already?

Just a few months after their wedding in October, Mandy Cho and her husband might be parents-to-be now.

Mandy attended to a charity event yesterday and appeared in a winter jacket. A bump is visible and the Miss Hong Kong touched her belly often during the event. Reporters asked whether she is pregnant, but she denied with a smile: "Just got fatter!" Reporters continued to ask whether she could not say it now due to the 3-months rule, and she replied: "Talk about this later!"

Reporters kept asking pregnancy-related questions such as whether she throws up and whether she has any food in particular wants to eat, but Mandy was being smart when replying: "I'm always in a good health. I eat healthy foods and I eat pretty much everything."

Mandy married boyfriend Jacky last year and already disclosed she would appear less in the showbiz, but will continue to support charity organizations.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Rainie Yang's New Short Hair Look

Rainie Yang welcomes new year and wishes for new love with this new hair duo.

The 26 year old has been in the showbiz for 10 years. She starred in many popular idol dramas, released well-known tracks, and even crowned Golden Bell's Best Actress last year. To have a fresh new start, she decides to cut off her nearly 100CM long hair.

But this is a tough decision to make. Rainie could not sleep the days before cutting her hair, worrying fans might like this big change. But the result makes her more ladylike. She even jokes that it is very easy to wash and blow dry her hair now.

Besides changing her hair style for her 10-years anniversary in the showbiz, Rainie also hopes this new look can attract more 'peach blossom.' Been single for 4 years, the singer/actress longs to be loved and she even tried 'blind dating.' She had a dinner date with someone not in the showbiz 2 months ago but their progress to becoming a couple reaches a dead end because her status as an artiste. Her fans recognized her during the dinner and kept asking for autographs. She could feel the guy was little uncomfortable about it.

Now before meeting a new guy on a date, Rainie would always ask whether the guy knows she is an artiste to avoid the same thing from happening again.

Source: NowNews, Liberty Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: She has had this new look for about 2 weeks actually LOL media]

Myolie Wu Shows Her Professional Side During Filming

Myolie Wu is currently in Mainland filming new Mainland drama <跑馬場>. Weather has been cold and Myolie got sick due to busy filming under such weather. However, she refuses to take some days off to relax but continued filming. The actress expresses it normal for actors to film while they are sick. It is her job as an actor to be serious to filming.

"It's very normal for us to continue working like this. Sometimes it's hard, but working enriches my life and makes me confident," says Myolie.

Fans are worried about her and have been leaving comments like "be safe," "drink more water," and "don't get sick again." Myolie knows fans are worried and promises to try hard to take care of herself.

Almost done filming, director of this drama are very satisfied with Myolie's performance and professional attitude. He and the crew hope to work with the TVB actress again in the future.

Source: Sina / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Aaron Yan Hangs Out With Veteran Artiste Hu Gua

Aaron in the middle with hat, Hu Gua in orange

To Aaron Yan, age is not a factor in making friends.

The Fahrenheit member has been interacting a lot with Taiwanese veteran artiste Hu Gua lately. They would go out and enjoy a good meal together along with other artistes What makes the 25 year old and the 51 years old getting closer and closer together?

In fact, the two are somehow related (sort of): Father of Hu's girlfriend and Aaron's father are relatives. Hu, who has been hosting TV shows for nearly 30 years, treats Aaron like one of his family members and somehow becomes his mentor.

Being the youngest in Fahrenheit, Aaron often speaks up his mind directly and attracts rumors all the time. This is when Hu comes in and helps him out. Hu would share his showbiz theories with him and tells him 'you are wasting time on other people if you make a fuss of them.'

Although Aaron is part of an idol group, but he has been working on his own projects in recent years. Hu would specially invite Eddy 'OD' Ou, who grouped with Show Luo as The 4 Heavenly Kings before, to their dinners, hoping Aaron can learn how to deal with being in a group and going solo.

Being this close recently, would the two collaborate in future projects?

"I don't dare to think about it right now. I will focus on my solo album and dramas this year," says Aaron.

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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