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Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Feature] TVB's 'Green Leaf' Actors - Mothers Version Part 1

You've seen these actors in many series, but you just can't recall their names...or do you even know their names? In this special feature, Kay introduces you these "green leaf actors" (minor characters who always appear in different series), because they really do deserve some applause from us. Without them, how can the leads seem important and starry?

Mothers Version Part 1

Calm Mom: Suet Nay 雪妮
Since her return to TVB in 1998, Suet Nay has been playing many people's moms: Maggie Cheung's mom in "Old Buddies 2," Dayo Wong's mom in "To Catch The Uncatchables" and "You're Hired," grandmom in "Rosy Business,"  Michael Miu & Tse's mom in "My Better Half"...etc. One similarity is the calm personality (due to her voice), but she can also be a little playful and closed-minded like in 'mother' "My Better Half."

Pretty Mom: Mannor Chan Man Na 陳曼娜
Mannor Chan often plays someone pretty, bold, and independent, like a pretty dancing teacher in "Steps," free artiste in this year's "Fly With Me," and a pungent wife in 2000's "Broadcast Life." In fact, she's an expert in dancing! She can be bold and also gentle, depending on her role.

Kind and caring mom: Chin Ho Wai 程可為
Guess what? She was actually a popular "fa dan" back in the day like Charmaine Sheh now. But she moved away and came back to HK again later. She has been working for TVB for more than 30 years and always plays a caring mom, like Steven Ma's mom in "A Watchdog's Tale," Ada Choi's mom in "Fly With Me," a little woman who listens to her male-chauvinist husband in "La Femme Desperado," But can also play some evil roles, like Choi Sheung Gong in last year's anniversary series "Beyond the Realm of Conscience."

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 9

An episode after the news of Ah Jeh's criticism is released.
Other artistes: Louis Yuen impersonated Bak Wing Kam who is lately involve in a political campaign, the superman pairing is pretty good haha.
Then Wong Cho Lam as Janet Bin!! Singing Ultraman Tiga's theme song, originally sings by Eason Chan. That tokusatsu is one of my childhood favorites, totally love how he edited the lyrics, not to mention how well he dressed up as Janet Bin XD Just like Janet Bin's younger brother.
Lastly Johnson Lee as Dave Wong Kit, I think he's better with Jacky Cheung, but Johnson definitely got Dave's singing style for sure.
Entertainment Report: It was all about Cecilia Cheung's delivery report. Gosh they did so well...Lucas Cho Lam on Nicholas Louis' arm HAH! being followed by all reporters.
Then the next plot was when Deborah and Patrick Tse came out to announce the good news. They teased Nicholas by saying he hit people when he's happy (Nicholas was involve in an assault case before) and teased Patrick by saying he likes to cheat LOL. And I like how they turned "pointing thumb" into saying "mo zee ping on."

Gag Father: The first one was so-so, I think most people laughed at the second joke---Q太郎

Kids In The City: The "kids" were discussing how to determine someone is a woman, the climax is definitely when Little X said Liza Wong isn't a woman because she never got pregnant and give birth! LMAO!

Ah Jeh's Singing: No more individual singing, she sang with Vinci and the Gods this time, shouldn't have too much criticism this time, she was so-so/good, maybe she's better off singing with other people...

Avatar as Grasshopper: Remember the Gods as Avatar in the Entertainment Report segment? Now they showed up together and performed, nice result XD

Artiste Impersonation: Not surprising, passed again....is the audience being too nice??

Ethan Ruan: Esther Liu Is A Good Girl, Don't Disturb Her

Ethan Ruan attended to a movie event yesterday. Talked about the virginity incident lately, he helplessly said he only took this as a joke, because nothing happened, even he already said it 3000 times, still no such thing happened. As for Esther Liu who got involved in the incident, Ethan said she's good girl, hope everyone doesn't disturb her.

It was rumored Ethan took Esther's virginity [the two dated back in 2005] and this rumor upset both of them. Besides denying, Ethan expressed he is a man and have enough resistance to stress, so he won't avoid anything, but he absolutely won't allow others to talk about girls like that.

Besides the virginity incident, Ethan's contract matter and other things affected Ethan's mood. But those things didn't affect his relationship with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu. Ethan said one isn't supposed to publicly talk about contracts, that's a basic manner. He doesn't even know about his next move and many rumors appeared already, that make him feel unbelievable.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

Myolie Wu Welcomes 'The Voice' Members With Dirty Dancing

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Last night Myolie Wu went to practice in HK coliseum with members from "The Voice" for their "Super Voice Concert." Being their performing guest, Myolie is happy for these newcomers that they can perform on the stage of HK coliseum, even she is nervous as a guest.

Myolie will sing two songs in the concert, including Anita Mui's "芳華絕代." She would also dirty dance with members from "The Voice." She expressed: "I performed in HK coliseum before, but this time is the my first time singing my own song. (How is the effect of dirty dancing?) Director said it has to be flirtatious, the shirt also has some transparency effect. (TVB doesn't allow its artistes to play Weibo/Sina mini blog?) Never heard of this order, but I see Bosco Wong still playing it!"

Ella Plays A Pregnant Woman In Sweat, Sonia Sui Kisses In The Rain

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
Blue Lan and Sonia Sui kissed int the rain for nearly one hour for "P.S Man." Blue joked: "We kissed near fish ponds, so there was seafood smells." Sonia then said: "Sometimes the rain was too heavy, when we kissed, the rain dripped down from our mouths." This is Blue's other kissing scene in the drama after kissing Bianca Bai.

CTV/GTV's "Down With Love" will air its finale today/tomorrow (Sunday, May 23). Ella and Jerry will have a happy ending. But in a proposing scene, Jerry didn't seem to have good skills in proposing. His words cluttered during filming and made Ella laughed: "It's too bad! He can't find a wife!"

In the last episode (Episode 16), Ella will play a pregnant woman the first time. She put a big pillow on her stomach and filmed in a 38 Celsius hot weather. After several hours, her pillow got wet. Ella joked: "When we released our fourth best collection album, I, Selina, and Hebe all played pregnant women. Besides having a big belly, I also had a kid with me."

CTS' "Calling For Love" will feature man-to-man kissing between Mike He and Shawn Chen. Mike said: "The moment we kissed, I tried so hard to suppress my thought of kicking him away, it really was uncomfortable."


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