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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stephy Tang stifles Theresa for being late

Stephy attended to "Poker King"s DVD signing. Said she left immediately when she was asked to take a photo with Theresa Fu, she said, "I told them I had to leave early before the show. I didn't know Theresa will come. Also, it was a mess when I left. I didn't see her nor hear someone asked me to take a picture with her. The showbiz is small, I don't mind taking pictures with Theresa when we meet." As for Theresa was late, Stephy stifled, "Yes, I can't do anything." Asked whether she will film a movie with her, Stephy said, "Depends on the role, I think no one wants the film to be overshadowed by news."

Stephy expressed her new book and CD+DVD are the best Christmas presents. Asked whether she wants rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong, to give her a diamond ring as a Christmas present, she said, "I don't mind accepting it, depends on how many carats." Stephy also talked about the difference between Alex and Louis Ku. She described Louis is very cool, and Alex is like glutinous rice balls, easier to social with.


Amigo Chui is accused of beating girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong

TVB's Amigo Chui is suspected of hitting his girlfriend, Chinese-Brazilian model, Elizabete Kwong. The two never admit dating each other, but their relationship exposed when this case broke out.

Source said, Elizabete proposed to break up because she's disappointed at Amigo for being unfaithful and he always lie. Amigo proposed to delete SMS sent and photos taken the past months, afraid of leaking to the public. But Elizabete refused, saying they're to keep as souvenirs. Suddenly, someone was too emotional, grabbed Elizabete's neck and hit her head, then took away her phone immediately and deleted the photos and SMS. Elizabete went back to her company and cried, then she called the police and went for a check-up accompanied by staff from her company.

Elizabete explained to media after she went to the police department:


[R: Reporter, E: Elizabeth]

R: Where did you get hurt?

E: My neck hurts a lot, it was strangled by him, my hands and legs are in pain, too.

R: Did you guys argue?

E: A little with boyfriend. (Argue about what?) About relationship. (When?) This afternoon.

R: Was it at boyfriend's house?

E: Yes

R: Is your boyfriend Amigo Chui?

E: Yes

R: What did you talk about?

E: Break up.

R: Who told who?

(The interview was interrupted by her boss and it restarted when she left the police department)

E: We argued this afternoon. I wanted to leave, but he wanted photos and SMS back.

R: What photos?

E: Couple photos.

R: Why did he want them back?

E: Because he said he doesn't want to publicize our relationship. I was helping him before when I denied our relationship, wanted to keep his fame. I didn't know he is this inhumane and hit me. (tears)

R: Have he hit you before?

E: He has violence tendencies.

R: How did he hit you today?

(F: Frankie, Elizabete's boss)

F: Mr. Chui hit her head, and she fell to the ground, then he strangled her neck.

R: Why was he this worried? Are there any intimate photos?

F: No.

R: Were they talking about break-up?

F: It was an argument in the beginning, but now of course break-up.

R: How long had been together?

F: Since August.

R: Did she interrupt the relationship between Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong?

F: They broke up already. She [Elizabete] is feeling very dizzy right now, let her rest.

R: Is there a need to check her brain?

F: I won't talk about it at this moment.

R: Do her parents know?

F: Already notified, I'm sending her home right now.

R: Did Amigo call?

F: I told him to turn off his phone.

Reporters contacted Amigo immediately when sources said he is suspected of hitting Elizabete, even before Elizabete called the police. Amigo replied coldly, "No such thing. I stayed at home the whole day, didn't leave at all." He even joked it's probably mistaken with the person who has the same name with him. 15 minutes later, someone faxed the news of Amigo hitting Elizabete to the newspaper office. Reporters contacted Amigo again, but was transferred to his voice mailbox.

[The Sun]


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