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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elanne Kong becomes a hungry ghost, eats fried chicken crazily

Elanne Kong was on a diet for her first concert and now she's allowed to take a break after the show. She went for high calorie foods immediately, "I ate hamburgers three days straight. I also ordered fried chicken and wings!" However, in order to keep her skinny waist, she stopped eating crazily after she gained 2lbs.

In addition, she was the guest for a history show yesterday. She exposed her history's grades were pretty good, but she didn't do well in sciences, "I was fine with those that just need memorization, but I was very bad in math, never pass since first grade!"

[The Sun]

G.E.M. asks Tat Dik publicly is he pursuing her

Tat Dik and G.E.M. attendd to a Metro event together yesterday. The two didn't avoid rumors, G.E.M even asked Tat publicly whether he is pursuing her or not. Tat got embarrassed and didn't reply.

G.E.M. has too many peach blossoms

Tat said G.E.M. called him to cleared up misunderstanding, saying she didn't say he is a rotten peach blossom. Tat wasn't embarrassed being with his rumored girlfriend and there is no need to avoid each other because they both know nothing happened. Asked whether they have chances to get together, Tat said it's very hard because he is afraid of girls with many pursuers. G.E.M has too many peach blossoms. He has to be hardworking in his career and it's hard to balance both career and love.

Doesn't rule out the possibility of getting together

G.E.M. took pictures with Tat without any embarrassment. She even asked him, "Are you pursuing me?" G.E.M. said one must take initiative to please her if one wants to pursue her. She wants guys to be thoughtful. She said her first friend when she entered showbiz is Tat. They aren't in a relationship right now but it's hard to predict the future. Anyone (except girls) is possible. She thinks guys who know how to dance are cool. She admires Tat, too, when he is dancing.


Gary Chaw stops getting drunk only, not drinking

Gary Chaw appeared for TVB's "The Voice" and was supported many fans. He accepted interviews accompanied by two of his assistants, "I already contacted my family." (Didn't contact Justin Lo?) "No, I changed my phone, don't have his phone number." (Did you change your phone to avoid friends you don't want to see?) "In fact I'm their bad friends. Many friends sent words of encouragement. Some told me to stop drinking, but they don't understand me, I'll stop getting drunk. If stop drinking, that means alcohol is a drug. I'll learn how to stop before going too far. I didn't take a sip of alcohol this entire month." (Are you alcoholic?) "No! Don't want to talk more. I rather be a new Gary Chaw to everyone. Family and colleagues will look after and support me."

[The Sun]


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