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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wilber Pan Regrets Posing Nude For Commercial

Wilber Pan probably wish he can turn back time. He exposed when he was filming a juice commercial when he was 19, he only wore t-back and filmed with his nude body. But his pay was only 15,000NTD, which is super low compared to him now (he is worth at least millions today). This regrettable commercial made he decided not to show his skin easily again. Although he showed his upper body earlier in "Miss No Good" and "Endless Love," his nipples avoided the camera. Even when filming a close-up at his legs, the legs are actually the director's. Wilber explained that he worries about the endorsement problems; he even refusing to shoot pictures for photobook. It's known in "Endless Love," he has a bed scene with Nemi Sumiya. He demanded clothes-on and it would be better to just talk while their bodies are covered with blanket.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Fahrenheit Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary In the Showbiz

Time sure pass fast! Taiwanese group Fahrenheit was grouped in 2005 and it's their 5th anniversary in the showbiz this year. In order to celebrate this special day, Fahrenheit's record company specially held a celebration ceremony yesterday. All four members from the group: Wu Zun, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Aaron Yan biked to celebrate the anniversary with the special theme "Down to earth, work as one."

Asked about their feelings, Wu Zun joked: "Changed a lot these 5 years! I found interest in working behind the scene. I hope I can try screenplay writing in the future." Jiro expressed: "These 5 years is just a beginning. We have to set S.H.E. as our example!" Calvin said: "Really have to thank company for giving a stage for us four, letting us find a balance between our music career and our favorite type of performaning." The youngest member Aaron said: "Everyone knows I'm younger. Thank you to my company and the rest of the members for giving me opinions and advises."

In addition, the hot weather made the four shout "super hot!" and joked: "We look very colorful today! Very youthful and energetic! Although got sweaty after biking, but it's very healthy!" Fahrenheit's new album "Super Hot" is releasing on September 17.

Source: NowNews / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Who is Leaking Cyndi Wang's Whereabouts?

Reporters were notified that Cyndi Wang and Lee Wei are going to Shanghai expo together. But when reporters arrived at the airport, trying to catch this rumored couple, the person next to Cyndi was actually the mutual friend of the two---Sister Little Peach. Asked whether she has work in Shanghai? Cyndi nodded with a smile. But when asked whether she knows Lee Wei is going to Shanghai expo, too? Her smile disappeared and she walked over to the gate with her passport immediately.

Cyndi and Lee Wei have been denying the rumor of them getting together. But reporters have been receiving information about their whereabouts: Earlier this month it was said the two are going to eat in San Chong, but Cyndi was in fact recording her new album; then it was said the two are having dinner in Chong Shan Road. When reporters arrived, they always saw Lee Wei but no Cyndi. It seems people leaking these information know the two's schedules well. Are they purposely trying to create rumors? Or want reporters to take photos of them to prove their relationship?

Source: Apple Daily (TW) / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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