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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tom Cruise Approves of Suri's Expensive Wardrobe

From UsWeekly
$850 Ferragamo bags? $635 dresses? $27 Chanel lip gloss? All par for the course for 4-year-old Suri Cruise -- and her famous daddy has no problem with it.

"Whatever she wants to wear, she wears it," Tom Cruise said of his daughter with Katie Holmes on Friday's Oprah Winfrey Show. "I'm not going to tell her different."

The actor, 47, told Oprah Winfrey that he even takes his own fashion cues from his mini fashionista: "She's got great taste too. She tells me what to wear."

"Life is very good," added Cruise. "I'm very happy. Kids are growing up, love my wife. I feel very lucky."

The star also offered updates on the dating lives of son Connor, 15, and daughter Bella, 17, his kids with ex Nicole Kidman.

"Bella has a very strong sense of herself...She's a good girl, so whoever she likes, it's cool."

As for budding actor Connor's romantic prospects? "He's pretty smart so I just listen,...And I also tell him, you know, he's got plenty of time for that."

The A-lister told Winfrey that fatherhood remains his first priority. "Being a parent, every day, it's like 'How did I do? How am I doing?'"

His new film, Knight and Day, costarring Cameron Diaz, hits theaters June 25.

*Kay's P.S.* WHAT THE F***............if you have that much money, donate to charity!! Don't waste it on a 4 year old kis!!! She's spoiled!! VERY SPOILED!!! You're just telling her that it's okay to buy $$$$$$$ things!! Tom Cruise you failed! She's just going to turn into those girls like Paris Hilton...But i do want to watch his new film "Knight and Day," it looks interesting

Christina Aguilera Strips Down for German GQ

From UsWeekly
 Hot mama!

Christina Aguilera sheds her clothes and strikes a pose in a pair of skin-tight Christian Louboutin thigh-high boots and blinged out Gaspar gloves for the June cover of German GQ magazine.

No stranger to nudity (she posed with just a sheet for the American version of GQ in 2006) the singer, 29, recently told the Q100 Bert Show in Atlanta that she's "more confident and comfortable in my own skin" since the birth of her two-year-old son Max.

Aguilera, who wed husband Jordan Bratman in 2008, describes herself as a "very sexual person" and doesn't plan on dulling it down anytime soon.

As part of the media blitz to hype up her next album, Bionic (which drops June 8), Aguilera is also featured on the June cover of Latina magazine wearing a green leopard print frock, slicked back hair and a heavy smokey eye.

*Kay's P.S.* Xtina's hot! love her voice, her attitude, her personality, she's great! Definitely supporting her new album! 

Bosco Wong Laughs At Myolie Wu For Being Stingy

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Ella Koon, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Carrie Lam, etc attended to the "Wella Trend Vision 2010 Hair Show." Ella wore Deep V dress to show off her 'career line,' asked can she still breathe in this tight dress? She said: "Yes! (Boyfriend allows your to be this sexy?) Evening dress is always a little sexy, it's all safe tonight! (You're the sexiest tonight?) Everyone dresses beautifully tonight, I'm manly in general, tonight I'm rarely this pretty, I'm very satisfied with this goddess look, have to change the my previous image."

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend appeared in this event as well, but Myolie didn't want to take a group picture with Bosco, and Bosco laughed at her for being stingy: "I saw her in backstage, she has to go back to work. (Receive better pay showing up as a couple?) It's decided by the company." As for Myolie and Kevin Cheng has intimate bed and kissing scenes in new series, Bosco said he doesn't mind and said it's good. He then said he would be kissed by Oceane Zhu and Sonija Kwowk in new series "Quarantined 7 Days Romance."

Wong Cho Lam Dresses Up As Maruko-chan

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
Wong Cho Lam suddenly appeared in the blessing ceremony of "TVB 2010 Most Popular Commercial Awards" as Maruko-chan. He became the center of attention immediately. He explained the producer asked him to come.

As for his family was being secretly followed by magazines, and his younger sister was said to look like Handelababy, Cho Lam said: "My sister is very angry, at the end I have to sponsor her a trip to Australia."

Said he portrays women often in "Fun With Liza and Gods," whether he worry it would affect ratings if he stopped, he said: "Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee don't have to portray women anymore, but I can't escape the fate of portraying women? This time I'm portraying a little girl, her name is Litter Baby."

Alice Tzeng: I'm Currently Single

Alice Tzeng and Tiffany Hsu are female leads in idol drama "Scent of Love ("就是要香戀") But the two actually don't know each other well and although they're the same age, they have different paths in romance. Tiffany and boyfriend Ethan Ruan are very sweet together, while Alice disclosed that she's single and already split with Wu KangRen [Autumn's Concerto's Hua Tuo Ye]

Actually KangRen and Alice secretly dated for about a year. When KangRen was filming "Autumn's Concerto," paparazzi took pictures of him dating Alice at night. It was said that KangRen already brought Alice to see his parents. Tiffany filmed "AC" with KangRen, asked her impression of him? She said: "A pretty good guy!"

Alice said the first time that she and KangRen returned as friends. Reporters asked whether that means they broke up? She didn't admit frankly and said in-profile: "Currently single, at the stage where I can choose my partner freely." As for the reason for the break-up? Alice denied the interference of 3rd wheel: "It's our problem, we are busy for our jobs." She disclosed that she still has other pursuers and refused to talk about other things.

Alice and Tiffany has complicated relationships in "SOL." Alice loves Fan Zhi Wei, but Fan sees Tiffany as his goddess. Tiffany loves Kingone Wang. Tiffany and Kingone has some passionate kissing scenes in the promotion videos. The two seemed almost in nude on-screen and that created many discussion.

Tiffany said: "Kingone is more experienced. He brought me into the plot. I won't think too much, just want to focus in filming." She expressed she took precautions before filming those scenes and definitely won't expose.

As for does she have to tell Ethan about intimate scenes, Tiffany smiled and said: "Didn't talk about it specially, just work. He won't tell me about it when he films!"

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

The 21st Golden Melody Awards Main Nominee List

Best Mandarin Male Singer
JJ Lin - JJ Lin 100 Days
David Tao - Zero to Hero
Eason Chan - Fifth Floor's Happiness
Khalil Fong - Khalil Fong: Classic
Jam Hsiao - Wang Fei

Best Mandarin Female Singer

Tanya Chua - If You See Him
Karen Mok - After Taste
A-Mei - A-MIT
Chang Shuen - City
Tiger Huang - Easy/Uneasy
Cheer Chen - The Sun

Best Band
Kou Chou Ching - Kou Chou Ching presents: Unsung Heroes
Super Band - North Bound Mega
Soda Green - Summer Fever
Soda Green - Daylight of Spring
Mavis Fan & 100% Band - Innocent
Totem - Fang Yang De Hai Zi
1976 - Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Best Singing Group
Katncandix2 - Small Flight
Come On! Bay Bay! - Come On! Bay Bay!
Da Xi Men - X
Super Junior-M - Super Girl
Power Station - Moving On

Best New Comer
Shadya Lan - The Secret
aChord Hsie - Nothing But A Chord
LaLa Hsu - LaLa Hsu Chia Ying
Alisa Galper - Alisa Kao (AVCD)
Soft Lipa - Soft Lipa presents: Winter Sweet

Best Song of The Year
Riding On White Horse - LaLa Hsu
Come If You Dare - A-Mei
Singing on The Tree - Claire Kuo
Wang Min Zhi Tu - Superband

Best Mandarin Album Award
If You See Him - Tanya Chua
After Taste - Karen Mok
LaLa - LaLa Hsu
A-MIT - A-Mei
The Sun - Cheer Chen

*Kay's P.S* A-Mei leads with 10 nominations in total!


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