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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fala Chen Is Waiting For Boyfriend To Purpose

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Fala Chen and Steven Ma attended to Cite De Lourve's event as models. Although the two already have their other halves, but they didn't avoid to pretend they're getting married. Fala was teased that her boyfriend, who is in charge of Neway karaoke, will purpose to her in the karaoke room. She said with embarrassment: "Har! I never thought of that. The guy has to plan, the girl just has to wait for the right moment." Maybe she was too happy, she revealed her nude bra accidentally while walking for the show. After that she said: "I'm very close with Steven. We are like brother and sister in real life. It will be a little embarrassed to tease each other like that if we're close." Asked when will they get married, the two pushed the question to each other back and forth, making the scene very lively.

New TVB Show Is Replacing 'Be My Guest'

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

After Stephen Chan got into trouble, his show "Be My Guest" will stop airing. Director of non-drama production Ho Lai Chuen expressed a new show will replace "Be My Guest" in April. It would be a talking show interviewing guests, but it won't be in dinning style. It was reported the show would be host by Sandra Ng, Ho said: "The host candidates reported are all wrong. She will only host "Club Sparkle" which is aired in our free channel. 'Be My Guest' is a show in pay-tv channel. They're both different."

It's said ATV will release "肥媽老友記" now "Be My Guest" will be cancelled. ATV's high executive Cheng Wai Keung said: "We already planned our show half year ago and it will show in free service channel. It's a different market than 'Be My Guest's !"

Maggie Cheung Falls In Love With Making Music

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Maggie Cheung attended to a charity event yesterday. She expressed she just came to Hong Kong from a film exhibit and other jobs relating to music in Australia, so she was very tired. Asked what has she been up to? She said she is busy making music. After she filmed "Clean," she got to know a bunch of musicians since she had to sing four songs in the film. They encouraged her to try in the music industry so she's been composing, singing, and editing songs.

She said: "Right now I like to make music more than to film a movie. I've played many characters. It's hard for me to meet something new and fresh. In addition, I would have to spend months promoting and accepting interviews afterwards. In contrast, making music is different. It's easier to make several songs." Will she publish her works? She expressed she might put it online and people can listen to them if they want. She said: "I enjoy my current life very much. But it's like I won't act again, let it be."

Her friends' comments? Maggie said: "They said I got better every time. Boyfriend Ole Scheeren also said it's pretty OK. He encouraged me as well." Did boyfriend purposed to her? She said: "No, dating doesn't mean I have to get married right away. I was married before. It's not necessary to get married. No plans at the moment."

Suki Tsui Leaves Hospital With Daughter Vianna

Suki Tsui and her daughter Vianna left hospital yesterday afternoon. Husband Kenny Wong praised their daughter is a beautiful girl and wants to have another child. As for wife Suki's cup-size leveled up during pregnancy, he laughed: "That isn't a bad thing HAHA! (Want your daughter to inherit Suki's body?) "Let's hope." Suki disclosed she had trouble breast-feeding but it got better with the help of nurses. She also said she will return to the showbiz once her body is fit again.

Source: ON.CC / Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainement.blogspot.com


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