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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jessica Hsuan and Bobby Au-Yeung: Naturally Inseparable

Bobby Au-Yeung and Jessica Hsuan is a subtle pair: one is always in rush, but the other is slow-tempered. They work in harmony with each other and are good partners at work, even becoming good friends. After many years of working together, there is no doubt at their chemistry during work. Bobby's "quality," made Jessica to remove her "alert" and exposed her true self, in fact she is just a silly girl. From their conversation with laughs, it shows the understanding between partners, and also concerns between friends.

Before interview started, Jessica advised shooting photos with Bobby first. She had her foresight, because laughing during the 1-hour interview would ruin her make-up, and it won't be easy to re-apply.

Before "A Pillowcase of Mystery II," the two collaborated in "File of Justice," "A Recipe For the Heart," "Prosecution to a Witness," and "Dicey Business" etc. Jessica is Bobby's appointed partner. Originally she doesn't want to work in the summer, but producer lured her with "good partner," plus Bobby invited her personally, she agreed in the end.

Reminds to poop

Bobby, how come it has to be Jessica?

Bobby: "Only she matches me, older husband younger wife! I don't want to film with those who I haven't worked with before. If I can pick, of course I would pick someone compatible. It's happier to work with her. We play well, and can ease the atmosphere. She is also the guardian. I call her prefect, dealing specially to us lazy ghosts. More you age, lazier you get. Sometimes missing some motivation. If she isn't around, I might be late for a little. If she is here, then I would be at the place earlier. It creates a significant affect. Before filming, she would tell everyone don't play anymore and fix make-up. She also remind me to go poop." Jessica even knows Bobby's biological clock: he needs to use the restroom after eating.

No one steals "Jessica Hsuan"

Bobby exposed he once borrowed Jessica's prestige, making others don't dare to move his personal chair during filming outdoor scenes. They have a habit to putting outdoor chairs in the hall of TV city and other people always took them. Bobby bought a new chair and was afraid it would be stolen. Jessica advised to write "Jessica Hsuan" on the chair and she also added a skull logo. As expected, no one was dared to take this chair. Because everyone knows if it is she who lost the chair, she would definitely investigate to the end. Bobby joked he considers writing Jessica's name on his car; no one is dared to steal the car even when the key is plugged.

Facing Bobby, Jessica is as if her laugh acupuncture point is pressed, it's hard to imagine them filming romantic scenes

Jessica: "It might be harder to film romantic scenes, because couldn't hold laughter. It's definitely happier to film funny scenes, because everyone is dared to play, can perform freely. I once met some actors and they would say 'I won't do these...' before filming, very boring." When Bobby is vigorous, he would unleash his ability to be funny. Jessica said she once saw he was tired like a zombie after working 20-hours everyday. Under this circumstance, everyone won't have the mood to play.

Won't get mad being played

When Bobby and Jessica filmed "A Recipe For the Heart," they used "free play' to the limit. It was also Bobby's great work in teasing Jessica.

Bobby: "One scene Jessica faints, the scripts arranged me to wake her up with water. I first asked her whether she mind if I spit water on her face, she said she doesn't mind, she is very open. Then I asked John Tang to ask for a bucket of water and hid it behind make-up areas. When it was time to film officially, John and I splashed that bucket of water on her. This scene was like 'EYT,' she was scared and her back was all wet, this scene was broadcast on TV as well."

Jessica: "Even my bra got wet, and didn't prepare another one. I continued to work with my wet body. At that moment I just felt it was funny. I wasn't mad." It seems Jessica has a bigger tolerance to Bobby.

Westerner personality

Female artistes who worked with Bobby are believed to be teased and mocked by him. One of the classic jokes is he made fun of the chubby Halina Tam before, describing her as "Western District's floating corpse". Maybe he made fun of others too much, Bobby himself even forgot about it and joked Halina still got married in the end. He even asked Jessica whether he didn't make fun of her too much that's why she hasn't get married. He said he has to make fun of her more.

Bobby never angers Jessica. Outsiders are mistaken by her "strangers go away" image.

Bobby: "I've seen artists saying hi to her with a happy face, 'Hi Jessica' then left with a scared look. In fact she can be played, except touching her bottom line. It's another story of treating little animals badly. But she is someone who can play and be serious at the same time. And she hates others being late. We appointed tobe interviewed together at 3PM. I would received a call from her at 2:59PM, telling me in a gentle voice that she arrived. Sometimes it's a transparent pressure. She has a western personality, only right or wrong, nothing in between. But I don't think it's a problem."

Good to be frank

Jessica: "I think Bobby is like Garfield cat, very happy, nothing to worry. I envy him a lot. At work he can sleep at any place. When everyone just got on the car, he is already asleep. Also, friends should be frank with each other. One time I saw he fell asleep. When we had to film, I went over and slapped him to wake up. He was scared and he jumped up, telling me don't wake up someone like that, it would scare him to death. I'm happy Bobby is honest. If it was other people, they might not talk about it in front of me but behind m back. Now I remember forever, I can only call someone to wake up when they're asleep."

Bobby and Jessica is a happy pair and it's one of their requirements of filming a series, need to find a good partner, their joy would influence others. "A Pillowcase of Mystery II" is a series that hasn't been said plagiarized and also have good ratings and feedback. Saying Bobby is rating's lucky general, actually viewers know how to pick a good series.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Sonjia Kwok's Loyal Fans Flies Over to Hengdian to Celebrate Her Birthday

Recently, Sonjia Kwok has been busy filming a costume drama in Hengdian and even had to spend her birthday at work. Fortunately a group of her loyal fans flew over to her location to visit the set and also celebrate with her. They cut the birthday cake with her and gave gifts, Sonjia was very happy, no wonder she expressed: "More than 10 fans especially flew over here. Besides Hong Kong, there are also fans from Taiwan and even Canada, I'm so touched! Actually there's not much to buy in Hengdian, but they are so smart, found a small cake to buy and celebrate with me."

As the local temperatures there reached 40 degrees C, Sonjia had to wear thick costumes for outdoor filming, fortunately she did not get a heatstroke. She said: "All thanks to the attentive fans, they gave me an ice pillow to pull on my neck, feels so comfortable. They also gave me a teddy bear, a cute doll that looks like me, fresh flowers and cake! So happy!"

Sonjia rarely has rumors in the last year, but she's still single. She said that she's not in a rush to date: "My family hasn't rushed me to marry because my older brother got married earlier. I do envy him, but there has to be fate when finding a boyfriend. As a person grows older, it's not as easy to have feelings towards someone. My birthday wish is good health. Although it's old-fashioned, but health is really important. Earlier my dad had some health issues, stomach bleeding, luckily he's ok now." As for ex-rumored boyfriend Michael Tao recently having a new love interest, she said: "No comment, it's none of my business!"

Outside of work, Sonjia went to Japan for a vacation with some friends earlier and even got to try driving a small airplane to challenge herself. She said: "This is one of my greatest wishes. Before I drove, the instructor was explaining to me for 50 minutes. Actually it's not too difficult, I even flew with my mom and brother. Although they said that it was a very stabled ride, I was still really scared, haha!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Vivien Yeo Didn't Pad Breasts, Figure Shrinks

Vivien Yeo attended to the premier of TVB Pearl's new documentary "Life" in a low cut outfit. But her figure obviously couldn't compared to before. She said: "I never have too much on my chest, maybe lately there are too many lang mo, everyone sees too many! I don't have a good figure, so I decided to hide it."

It's said her figure in the past isn't like that, Vivien said: "Girls' bodies change according to the event, can wear different bras. This time I show up with my true figure." Vivien didn't deny relying on breast pads in the past, and she wants to film bra commercial: "I want my body to be orthopedic, and I'm not afraid of others saying I got plastic surgery, after all females always want to look pretty."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Bernice Liu Has Fresh Breaths, Not Afraid to Kiss

Bernice Liu attended to Eclipse's sugar-free mint party last night in Lan Kwai Fong. She joked this time she is fancied as guest because there are many kissing scenes in "Mysteries of Love" earlier. She had to keep her breaths fresh all the time. Asked out of everyone she has kissed, who has the strongest breath ordor? She said: "My dog! Always kisses me after eating. (Moses Chan drinks coffee?) Don't know! But it should be pretty strong! But in the past when we worked together he didn't drink too much. (Kiss again?) But I need to kiss Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam lately!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Stephy and Alex's Wedding Date Delays, to Film In Mainland For 3 Months

Stephy Tang attended to an award ceremony event as guest yesterday. Next month going to work in Kunming for three months, she said: "I would play a couple with Alex Fong again. Although we are an old pair, but it's our first time filming TV series, so we're nervous."

Earlier it was rumored Stephy and Alex are getting married in October, asked whether they would take this opportunity to shoot wedding photos in Kunming? Stephy joked: "Now we have to film series, can't get married. Not even on my birthday." Asked delay to when? Stephy said: "Ten, eight years, I don't know." She expressed she sees this opportunity as developing a career in Mainland, so it's not because of Alex that she accepted this job. It's said she earns money while dating? Stephy laughed and said: "How should I answer? Should said this time it's good to everyone, very happy."

Don't plan to live in the same room

Stephy expressed the series has an early republic background, so intimate scenes won't be too extreme. Asked whether she's afraid would be photographed holding hands with Alex in private? She joked: "No, but Kunming is very hot, everyone (media) don't work too hard." She sees herself as very independent and didn't plan to live with Alex in the same room: "It's okay to stay in the same hotel. If I shout, he can hear it."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Joe Chen and Huang Xiao Ming Kiss After Meeting Just 3 Hours

Joe Chen Qiao En is filming movie <<激浪青春>> in Beijing lately. Yesterday it was her first time filming with Huang Xiao Ming. She didn't have enough time to feel the "electric power" from Huang the "electrical generator", and was already notified that they had to film a kissing scene on the boat. But the two didn't know each other too well and only dared to have a light kiss. Their performance was very choppy. Later she asked Huang: "You ever have the experience of kissing a girl who you just met for three hours?" Huang purposely teased her: "Not yet this week." Joe was surprised and her eyes were wide open. Then Huang joked: "I kissed my female dog last week."

Earlier Joe was filming under 40 degrees Celsius weather. She also drank less water and caused her to rush to the emergency room with kidney stones. After resting several days, she returned to the crew and continued filming. The crew also prepared a personal trailer for her to have enough time to rest during break. Later she found out that this is the treatment only for Chow Yun Fat and Ton Leung Chiu Wai when they film in Beijing, making her to say she is very happy.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com


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