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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sheren Tang: 'Write Cheng Gau Mui's Name Backwards!'

TVB held a joint promotion event for series "Some Day" and "No Regrets" last night in TV city, promoting the ending of both series. Actors from both series Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Teresa Mo, Wong He, King Kong, Johnson Lee, Louise Lee, etc attended to the big event. TVB also arranged 500 viewers to watch the finale with these actors.

"No Regrets" actors all hope ratings of their series can break Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum"s (50 points).  Sheren, who plays Cheng Gau Mui in the series, even expressed to write her character's name backward if it cannot break the record: "Hope 'No Regrets' can break 'Dae Jang Geum's record. If not, write Cheng Gau Mui's name backwards!"

Sheren's partner Wayne Lai, who plays Lau Sing, also said to write Lau Sing's name backward if rating did not break the record: "Tonight it's all over. You can write anything backwards the way you like. I'll do that with Lau Sing's name, too!"

Talking about the Anniversary Awards, it is said TVB is promoting "No Regrets" to win awards at the awards ceremony, Sheren joked: "Not bad. I need to ask Dong Tai's 3000 followers to do that, too!" Asked whether she greets high executives in TVB, trying to persuade them vote for her, she said: "I said hi to Stephen Chan, haven't seen him for a long time." She expressed she plans to attend to the awards ceremony: "I'm scheduled to attend to the ceremony because I think I'll mke into the top 5. It's Hong Kong television's big event, have to support it."

TV King Wayne is confident in winning: "I do have confidence, but still have to look at tonight's ratings. Tonight is a guide." The actor also disclosed he twisted his left leg last night while filming "I Love Hong Kong" but he is alright now.

Source: Mingpao & Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Wong He & Linda Chung Team Up As On-screen Couple

Wong He and Linda Chung attended to the promotion event for new series "Twilight Investigation" (囧探查過界).  Wong even said he wants to team up with Linda as a new unofficial on-screen couple, and Linda generously agreed.

Wong said: "This time I want to pair with Linda as the end-of-the-year on-screen couple. Never tried that the 16 years I'm in showbiz. Hope everyone give us a chance. (Must face strong competitors like Raymond Lam and Ron Ng?) We are unofficial on-screen couple. I'll replace them when they're busy, trying to make Linda stand out. She really wants to buy a house. If she has more work, then she can buy one more quickly. (She already owns one?) Then I'll give this opportunity to another one. Oceane Zhu is not bad." Wong also worried about the series because it is aired after anniversary series "No Regrets." But he is confident because first episode is already very funny.

Linda said: "I also want to pair with Wong He. Always rumor with Raymond and Ron, Wong He rarely has rumors. It would be happy if we can take stage jobs together. He is a very good partner." She admitted wanting to buy another house because there is not enough rooms when her parents stay in Hong Kong.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang Knows Alex Fong Has a Fat Butt

Stephy Tang attended to a Christmas event. Two big crowns were displayed at the event for charity auction and profit will be donated to Children's Cancer Foundation. Stephy was wearing a crown that she designed with others. She expressed she likes to design but does not have much time to do so though.

As for rumored boyfriend Alex Fong might have to expose his butt in the new version of <大唐雙龍傳> (TVB's version is called "Twin Brothers", starring Ron Ng and Raymond Lam), Stephy noted she remembers the same scene with Raymond Lam in it the most. She absolutely does not mind Alex filming such scene, and even said: "It's him who has to expose not me. But he has to lose some weight first! Don't expose a fat butt!"

Source: HKHeadline / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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