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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fiona Sit Calls Wong Cho Lam "Cho Ming"

Fiona Sit, Kama Lo, Wong Cho Lam, and Chapman To attended to the promotion for movie "La Comédie Humaine" yesterday. They all wore yellow promotional t-shirt, but Kama specially cut the tee to grab attention. Fiona said she didn't mind and said she is lazy, plus there wasn't enough time, so she didn't spend to design.

At the event Cho Lam teased Fiona once called him "Cho Ming" (Fong Cho Ming, Jaycee Chan) by mistake. Fiona said she was promoting for "Break Up Club" earlier with Jaycee, so she called the wrong name by mistake because there's only one word difference between Cho Lam and Cho Ming. In the film there's a scene where she slapped Cho Lam and caused his glasses to fall off. She said she didn't know how to control her strength. Chapman was amazed to see the scene. In the end they had 5/6 NGs in the total. Fiona is confident in the film. She said even her mother, who is usually a serious person, laughed so hard that her tears fall.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Ah Gill and Alex Fong Flirt Playfully With Each Other In Public

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) and Alex Fong are rumored getting back together. Yesterday afternoon they went to Panyu's water park and Guangzhou cinema to promote movie "Fantastic Water Babes" and attend to its premier. They flirted with each other playfully. Ah Gill held Alex's arms and they didn't avoid anything. The host requested them to pose different swimming styles. The two posed the same pose immediately. When Alex was playing a recognition game, he even sniffed Ah Gill's hands. Seeing this scene, the host hummed a wedding song asking Ah Gill when would she hold wedding dinner, she joked holding a birthday dinner?

Ah Gill and Alex were asked about the rumor of them getting back together. Alex said he isn't a battery heater, just transmitting heat. Ah Gill was asked whether she would love Alex again? She changed the subject and said she likes director Jeffrey Lau better. Asked whether rumored-girlfriend Stephy Tang is unhappy about this? He said no, and she always said she wants to watch the film. At the event, Ah Gill said she promise to wear swimsuit if box office reaches $50,000,000, but later she said film company forced her to say that. Director Lau helped out said it's $50,000,000USD.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Stephy Tang Welcomes Summer With Sexiness

In order to prepare for her new dance album "No One Knows," Stephy Tang practiced dancing earlier. This summer she would become dancing queen. Record company is very confident in Stephy, saying she can be compared to Kelly Chen, who focused in dance music back in the day. Recently, Stephy even appeared in a hot red outfit to shoot promotion clip for her album.

In this year's book, lang mo caused many scandals because they want to break out, whether Stephy is glad that she didn't release a book this year? She said it would be stressful releasing a book every year, so that's why this year she didn't. Talked about her enemy Theresa Fu cannot hold an album signing in this year's book fair? She said: "Can't do it in book fair, she can do it in other places. However, indeed there are many fights this year. I won't release a photo album temporarily, but this summer because I would release fast tracks, so my clothes would have less fabric, would be more cooler."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Andy Hui is Heartached at Sammi's Skinniness

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Andy Hui would hold a concert with Rubber Band on July 31. He joked he would perform the original English version of a tooth brush commercial song, saying his song 《金鐘罩》 is beaten by this commercial song on the radio music chart. He hopes to shoot a tooth paste commercial soon. Asked whether he would learn from Chrissie Chau, who dropped tooth paste on her chest, Andy joked: "But I don't have a career line."

Asked whether he would sing Sammi Cheng's songs in the concert? Andy said he didn't think of it, and won't do it on purpose. It's most important for songs to be playful and suitable for the concert.

In addition, as for Sammi wearing a "wedding gown" to sing his songs in her concert, saying she delivered the message of wanting to get married to Andy, Andy said: "She wore black jeans underneath, I doubt it's a wedding gown, more like mian bei. Sammi also have the Mandarin version of 《上弦月》, everyone no need to think too much." As for Sammi is said very skinny, Andy joked: "She lied to me! She told me I shouldn't be too thin and eat more. I became a fatty but she became sweet and sour pork ribs, too skinny, needs to gain weight."

TVB Ratings Report (06/28-07/04/2010)

Some Day 天天天晴  (Episode 11-15) - 23 pts

Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (Episode 15-19) - 30 pts, peaking 32 pts

*NEW* When Lanes Merge 情越雙白線 (Episode 1-5) -  29 pts, peaking 31 pts

Variety Show
Jade Solid Gold 劲歌金曲 - 12 pts

Fun With Liza and Gods 荃加福祿壽 -  28 pts

Big Four Up Big4大四喜 喜上加喜 - 19 pts

*NEW* Okinawa Blues 戀戀沖繩 - 12 pts

Super Trio Game Master 超級遊戲獎門人 -  26 pts

The Voice 2 超级巨聲 - 19 pts


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