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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Replace Super4 to Sing For 'World Cup'

Source: Next Magazine
Translated by: KAY

Jade Solid Gold's ratings dropped lately, TVB can't push its singers to the top. Taking the advantage of World Cup popularity, TVB GM Mona Fong tried other ways to save themselves and ordered Bosco Wong and Ron Ng to sing theme song for World Cup related Korean drama "Heading to the Ground."

Too Nervous, Sing Wrong Lyrics

Last Saturday (June 12), Bosco and Ron arrived at TV City to work, recording theme song and filming MV for Korean drama "Heading to the Ground," which would be released after World Cup programs and would be played three times a day. Because the two suddenly received this notice a day before, they weren't prepared and had to cram.

Busy filming TV series and only got 2-hours of sleep, Ron seemed to be energetic, but in fact he still sang wrong lyrics even looking at them, and Bosco, who stood outside the camera, had to remind Ron often. However, even Bosco him who was looking at the lyrics also, sang the wrong lyrics along with Ron. Time was short, the director skipped to film Bosco's part. Bosco had to dance and create dance steps at the same time. He was nervous that he sweated a lot, but he still found joy in sorrows, teasing himself using Raymond Lam's concert theme: "We're Let's get wet."

Also notified in a rush, Syre Ma is the female lead in the MV and she just has to dance. But although she she has a base in Chinese dance, she was still challenged when she suddenly required to dance flamenco.

Mona Fong Requests to Change People

"Orginally Super4 (TVB's new idol group) already recorded the theme song and choregraphed the dance, ready to film MV on the 9th of this month. But after the meeting, everything had to stop all of a sudden. It's known Mona Fong wants to change them. Super4 are all newcomers and not many people know them. Plus this song is played after World Cup programs, and has to be played several times a day, MV will be played in TVB, so it's decided to find some popular artistes to sing it. Bosco released his album lately, he is in his promotion period, it can promote his popularity," staff disclosed.

As for taking this chance away from Super4, Bosco and Ron didn't know what is going on: "We both received a notice a day before to film MV. Whether this song is World Cup or drama theme song, we don't know, but we would try our best to corporate with our company."

Fifteen Miss Hong 2010 Contestants Bikini Round One in India

Source: Singtao, The Sun (pictures)
Translated by: KAY
Fiften Miss Hong Kong semifinalists went to India lately and they showed up in bikini the first time. Thier bodies immediately grabbed media's attention. Number 8's Sammi Pang Wai Chung, number 3's Queelie Cheung Ai Ting, and Number 15's Suyen Cheung have bigger busts. Tang Wei look-a-like's number 11 Elle Lee won with her white skin and even body.

In the past there were some chubby contestants, but this year some contestants are skinny, especially number 7's Lise Ho Lok Pien; she is named "rib contestant." She was asked whether she has anorexia, she denied immediately, and think she has a pretty nice body, it's just she has been skinny from when she was little and doesn't know why. Reporters questioned how much does she weigh? She only said 100-ish pounds, refused to disclosed the exact number.

Number 11's Elle, whose limelight was stolen, said she is very satisfied with her body, but still want to be a little thinner. She praised greatly of Sammi Pang's body, but she doesn't envy it. As for reports doubting her university degree, she told reporters confidently to go check it themselves. As for it's said she is very open that she goes around to meet opposite sex? She said with a little surprise: "How can it be? My family is very strict. (Whether would play wildly with guys?) No, already tired from work, rather relax at home. I had a boyfriend once in college, now I don't have one, but also want date."

In addition, number 6's Janice Lam Bik Chan appeared first in bikini that she seemed a little nervous. She feels her waist is a little fat, so she would eat less. She also replied to a picture one magazine published, saying that guy in the picture is her ex-boyfriend, but it was 3/4 years ago.

Yumiko Cheng Doesn't Oppose Playing A Lesbian

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Yumiko Cheng resumed her position as a singer lately, promoting Mandarin song 《背叛被判》, composed by former rumored boyfriend Deep Ng. Asked whether she was ever betrayed in love? She said: "Not only in love, also at work. (How did you face it?) Be a brave girl. Although I cried before, but after experiencing many things, I figured out somethings are worth to cry for."

Earlier Yumiko was busy filming TV series and movies. She played many different characters including fighting lady, strong businesswoman, and police. Asked whether she considers play other characters? She said: "No problem with villains and ugly characters. (Lesbian?) OK, just acting."

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui Take the Same Airplane to Return to Hong Kong

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
 Although Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui never admitted they reconciled, but yesterday the two took the same airplane to returned home from Taiwan. Sammi returned from promoting album. Did Andy went with her in secret, trying to reconcile?

Last night, Sammi and Andy walked out the gate separately. Andy left ten minutes earlier. Asked whether he went to Taiwan to be with Sammi? Andy kept his smile and said: "I went to Taiwan for work, asked well-known director to film MV for my new song 《金鐘罩》. I saw Sammi when I got to Taiwan. We both had our own work to do, didn't invite each other to meet." Andy only admitted taking the same plane Sammi did to return to Hong Kong, but asked how come they didn't leave together? Andy said: "She has more lugage, so I left first." As for whether they reconciled, Andy only answered "Went to Taiwan for work" to avoid answering question of reconciling.

Although Sammi wore sunglasses, but she still had smile on her face all the time. When reporters asked her about Andy, Sammi only said "Heard he went to film MV." She also admitted she was on the same plane with him. However, as for them reconciling, Sammi only replied with "HAHA." She even said reporters already asked a lot that they should be thirsty. In contrast, when talking about rumors of her dating Shawn Yue, Sammi expressed they're impossible to be together.

Cheryl Yang Draws Birthmark On Her Face, Disguises Ugly Look Easily

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: KAY
Cheryl Yang attended to the costume fitting for TTV/SETTV new idol drama 「鍾無艷」(Chong Wu Yan) exposing her red birthmark on her face. First time showing up in an ugly look, she also have to cut her hair. She expressed it's a challenge but didn't struggle. However, costar Ming Dao loves to tease her, he would shout when he sees her: "It's a ghost!" Making her laugh and mad at the same time.

From "My Queen" to "Chong Wu Yan," Cheryl transformed from a modern working woman look to a countryside woman. But she is happy that she doesn't have to wear high heels, nail polish, designer clothes; she actually feel more relaxed.

Having a birthmark on her face, she exposed she loved to swim when she was little, she had pieces of white marks on her face for a while. Her face was healed after a year of Chinese medicines.

Super Junior-M Can't Attend to Golden Melody Awarsds, Thanks Fans and Judges

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Super Junior-M (SJM) is nominated Golden Melody's "Best Singing Group" with their first mini album "Super Girl." Because four members from SJM are promoting for Super Junior's new album "BONAMANA," so it's confirmed SJM won't attend to this year's Golden Melody Awards Ceremony.

In order to fit into C-Pop music industry, SJM has been learning Chinese these past two years. Now they're nominated by Golden Melody Awards, every member is more confident in his C-Pop route. Member Zhou Mi expressed: "Really thank everyone's support to Super Junior-M, hope everyone can continue to support Super Junior and Super Junior-M."

Shiwon expressed: "Able to receive a nomination from Golden Melody Awards, which is credible in the Chinese region, made us feel very proud. So far we already participated in the Golden Melody Awards as special guests twice, but this time we're actually nominated "Best Singing Group Award," feel very proud, also really thank love from all fans and judges."

Megan Fox is Engaged Again

Megan Fox is engaged again!

On-again beau Brian Austin Green popped the question to Fox, 24, June 1.

"Yes, she is engaged," her rep tells Us.

But in all the excitement, the happy couple somehow lost the ring, sources tell Us Weekly.

"I saw her jumping up and down," a witness tells Us Weekly of the beachside proposal at the Four Seasons Hualalai hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii. "Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand."

Alas, the 2-carat sparkler, which the pair picked out together from Excalibur jewelry store in Beverly Hills, remains MIA.

"Security and maintenance staff spent a couple of hours looking for it," another source tells Us Weekly. "No one found it."

Green, 36, and Fox -- who next stars in Jonah Hex (out June 18) -- began dating in 2004 but called off their previous two-year engagement in February 2009.

Could kids be in the future? (She is helping raise Green's 8-year-old son, Kassius, with his ex, actress Vanessa Marcil.)

"No one believes me when I talk about this, but I'm really maternal," she told W magazine earlier this year.


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