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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TVB Counts Online Viewers, 'Can't Buy Me Love' Now Has 51pts Rating

Yesterday TVB held a celebration event for series "Can't Buy Me Love" and actors from the series Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan, etc attended. Average rating of its last episode is 42 points, peaking 45 points. However, yesterday it was announced that after counting in viewers watched online (about 600 thousand, 9 points) the average rating is now 51 points.

This is TVB's first time counting in online viewers and it's said this is a way to try to win against another anniversary series "No Regrets" (aka Rosy Business 2). Although last year "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" did well in ratings (50 points), but at the anniversary awards, it still lost to "Rosy Business," which won 5 awards at the awards ceremony. Now the rating number jumps to the 50s, it seems the series trying to win "Best Series" this year.

Producer of "CBML" Mui Siu Ching intends to shoot sequel of "CBML," but she has trouble at whether to shoot sequel of "BTROC" first or "CBML." "I really want to work with actors from these two series again, because they're all professional actors and we had a good time working together," she said. She expressed she is currently busy working on "Forensic Heroes 3" and might start to work on sequel of "CBML"/"BTROC" next year. Asked the lead Charmaine whether she wants to shoot sequel of "CBML" of "BTROC," she said: "I want to shoot sequel of 'CBML' because I like to shoot comedy. But the princess is not bratty anymore, what about shooting a new series with the same cast?"

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

'Fun With Liza & Gods' to Win 'Best Variety Show Host'?

TVB's "Fun With Liza and Gods" did very well in ratings and word of mouth. Although the show ended now, but the four hosts, Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, and Wong Cho Lam, will continue to work as a team to entertainment the audience. It's known they will hold a two show concert starting in December 4. Then they will even tour around the world, going to places like North America, Australia, Singapore, etc.

Because the show is very popular, it's decided TVB will tape 4 special episodes to air in the anniversary months starting November 13. It's believed they have a high chance in winning this year's "Best Variety Show Host." (the award ceremony is in early December)

In addition, it's rumored TVB to start a series and film for the team and the series would start shooting early next year. Yesterday reporters contacted Liza for confirmation and she said: "Filming a film? Really? I thought it's just TV series? I'm not sure! But if it's true then it would be a happy thing." She expressed she would try to participate if schedule permits.

Cho Lam, one of the Gods, said: "We will start discussing the anniversary special. We would like to get crazier this time, will try to see if we can ask TV kings and queens and nominees to tape together. (Will you impersonate them?) Of course!" Another God Louis frankly said because viewers have expectations in them, so they don't want to disappoint them. "In fact we have many new plans and ideas, hope everything will go well."

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Linda Chung Refuses to Be Raymond Lam's 'Ah Sey'

Linda Chung attended to an investment financial center as its opening ceremony guest, and she signed a contract at the event, becoming their first customer. She expressed she always have a saving and decided to invest after discussing with her mother. "I'm not afraid. I did research. I'm always fortunate and I'm very confident," she said. "My goal is to earn 10 million, and buy properties in HK, Canada, Mainland, and Malaysia. It's good for my family and easier for me when working there."

Linda's character in "Can't Buy Me Love" 'Ah Sey' received positive feedback. Her rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam once expressed he needs to find a 'Ah Sey' (maid), Linda expressed embarrassingly, "Good luck to him. Does he want to find someone to clean the house? My character is 'Ah Sey,' but I don't like to be a 'Ah Sey'."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Elva Hsiao Wants Her Guy to Know Her Menstrual Cycle

Elva Hsiao releases new album "Miss Elva" recently. She accept an interview by Matilda Tao Jing Ying and the two talk about criteria for boyfriends. Elva stresses her needs are simple. "He would accompany me quietly when I'm sad, would feel thankful for things I do for him." In addition to these basic needs most girls long for, she also hopes her guy can understand her menstrual cycle.

She believes guys should know when to "be quiet" on certain days. If they don't understand, then proposed during the "risky days" and did things they weren't supposed to do, an unwanted result could be produced. "He didn't even remember I still have to work?," says Elva.

It seems the "Miss Elva" singer sees this criteria as an important one. "It's one of the things that I would consider the most when picking my Mr. Right in the future," says the singer.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB's 'Every Move You Make' Plagiarizes American Series 'Lie to me'?

This year, TVB has been plagiarizing from beginning to end. The other night, TVB new series Every Move You Make premiered and was accused of plagiarizing American series Lie to me. Even TVB Producer (Gary Tang) predicted earlier there will be a series copying Lie to me!

The night before, Bowie Lam's Every Move You Make premiered, Netizens discovered that the series plagiarized American popular series Lie to me, whether if it's the characters or the story, both series are very similar.

Speaking of the similarities between the two series, Bowie's character and the main lead from Lie to me both developed childhood trauma due to an unexpected death of a loved one. The two characters loves to watch clips to analyze suspects' expressions and movements. Also both series have former American President Bill Clinton's affair as a case, analyzing the body language of the suspect to solve the case. In the past, TVB producer Gary Tang produced several high rated series including Files of Justice and Healing Hands, he predicted long ago that this will happen: "I have seen Lie to me, it is really a good series! At the time after I finished watching, I thought when will TVB have this type of series? What do you know, they did plagiarized and in fact plagiarized completely!" As for the Broadcasting Authority, yesterday they received 2 complaints regarding the plagiarism. 

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU 

Bosco Wong's Dog Kapun Dies, Myolie Wu Comforts

Bosco Wong had always been a dog lover, but yesterday at 4am he tweeted on Weibo that his beloved "son" and dog-star Kapun, who once participated in TVB series Burning Flames 3 passed away. Bosco and his mother is very sad of Kapun's death, and he regrets not being able to see him for the last time. On Weibo, Bosco expressed his deepest feelings, which was very touching. In the entertainment circle, Bosco has always been quite popular, everyone left messages to comfort him. When rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu replied encouraging him to not blame himself, they wish Kapun will have a good journey all the way together.

Tries hard holding in tears

The day before, Bosco reveals on Weibo that Kapun passed away due to a bacterial infection. He was rushed to the doctor's office and the doctor said that he has to remain in the animal hospital for treatment, couldn't believe he went and never came back. Bosco writes: "Son! Why did you leave me like that? I didn't even get to see you for the last time, you tell me how can I forgive myself. Seeing your stiff body, holding onto your cold paws, I tried hard holding back my tears because I am the man of the house, my mom besides me already has tears rolling down. I have to take care of the situation. I have to hold back the tears, but my tears are flowing out of my heart, I could only whisper in your ear: 'You will always be the Wong Family's good son, be a human in your next life, we will have father-son fate again.'"

After spending half a day handling his "son" memorial, he writes on Weibo again "I stay quietly at home, silently recalling your shadow, gently sniffing your odor, I know your odor will slowly be gone with the wind, but your odor will always remain in [your] father's heart, you will always have a spot in our family! Son, thank you for bringing me 6 years of happiness. Although it wasn't any substantial long happiness, son, you can go peacefully. Dad will forever love you. Whether your a human or dog in afterlife, Dad will always welcome you back in his arms, leave happily!" This human-dog relationship is just very moving, believe that pet owners can feel the pain and sorrow that Bosco is feeling.

Hope Kapun has a good journey all the way

Myolie Wu comforted Bosco on Weibo: "Don't blame yourself anymore, this is absolutely not the result anyone could see coming, Kapun was sick, you brought him to the doctor, you have done all you could as a responsible father. You have done what you should have done, but no one could predict the final result. Please don't be too sad, we will send our blessings for Kapun to have a good journey together. In the future, with fate can definitely reunite!"  

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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