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Saturday, May 15, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 8

 搵乸 .aka.Wyners: Why didn't they tell the audience who the other two people were? Anyways it was pretty good :) They definitely captured the gestures and emotions of real band members.
Miriam Yeung & Liza Wang: It went so smoothly then suddenly Liza sang her part x____x modern singing vs. old style singing. I noticed she has this lil accent and can't sing smoothly whenever she sings. Look at Liza's emotion here, i wanna caption it as: "Dang, I don't sing as well as Miriam."
 Entertainment Report: They unveiled the secrets and identity of Hungry & Handelababy from Sat In The City. They continue to tease Johnson Lee, saying Hungry is dating him. Handelababy shows viewers how to build her/his feminine look. I like how two Handelababies are on the same screen XD
*NEW* Kids In The City: kid version of Sat in the city!!! Johnson really did look like Harry Potter! Which character was Louis in? He looks so much like a kid! Cho Lam as Maruko-chan....Littlebaby haha!

Liza's song of the week: When Louis Yuen said she's going sing to sing Faye Wong's "I'm Willing" (我願意), I went....I AM NOT WILLING!! LOL. But I think after being criticized for so many times, she strove for improvements and this time, it's a lil better

*NEW* Elders in Senior Center: new segment! featuring Christine Kuo as a pretty nurse. Those "old men"...LOL i like their tricks, you expect something great, then it turned out they're just dumb ones XD like the one above, Cho Lam performing an awesome magic trick....

Classic Characters: Bao Gong by Louis, Chilam Cheung by Cho Lam, Leon Lai by Johnson

Artistes Impersonating: William Chan as Aaron Kwok, no doubt William rocks in dancing *thumbs up*

Hacken Lee Won't Go For A Daughter

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY
Hacken Lee attended to an event in Victoria Park yesterday. Talked about Nicholas Tse became a father again after him, Hacken said: "Congratulations to him, I SMS Deborah too, congratulating them the arrival of a new family member. (When would you go for a daughter?) No, don't have enough money right now, actually we didn't purposely want to have a second child. We artistes always have to fly around. I just came back from Suzhou, next week I have to go to Changsha and Singapore. I'm busy this month. Now my first son can talk and have thoughts. When he sees me going out to work, he would be unhappy. So, as parents, what we can give children the most is our time, but it's hard because we need to work to support the family."

Da S Barbie Hsu Dreams About Wedding, But Has No Beau

Just finished filming new film "龍鳳店," Da S Barbie Hsu attended to a wedding jewelry event lately. But she expressed that her first pearl necklace was given by brother-in-law Mike [sister Xiao S' husband]. He was pursuing her sister that time so he gave pearl necklaces to Da S and her mom during their birthdays to make a good impression.

As for her future dream wedding, she disclosed she hopes she can wear a wedding gown that has long layers of pearl, then wear a pair of flats and create a warm wedding party. Always waiting for the arrival of her Mr. Right, she joked: "Patty Hou invited me to hold a bachelor party previously. Fan Fan (Christine Fan) also said last year that if she still didn't get married by this year, she would break up with Blackie, in the end the two are getting married. I won't give myself too much pressure."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  

HotCha Sings Out of Tune and Messes Up Lyrics

Soure: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
"2010 TVB Most Popular Commercial Awards Ceremony" was filming yesterday. hotCha , Sandy Lau, Christine Kuo, and Matthew Ko were performing guests. When HotCha was singing a classic commercial song, their performance went badly. Crystal sang the wrong lyrics in the beginning. Then they NG and restarted recording, but she still sang out of tune and messed up lyrics. Crystal later explained that Winkie was supposed to sing first, but she didn't know why she sang it herself. Regen joked a ghost was here.

HotCha said they were very nervous during performing because they didn't wear low-cut dresses when they practiced. Crystal said: "Because aren't used to wearing these dresses, we felt restrained and constantly reminding ourselves to be careful. It's quite hard to remember lyrics actually, because some songs were already out before we were born, maybe we only heard the melody before, but didn't remember lyrics. We promise everyone that it won't happen again!"

Christine Kuo expressed she wants to improve dancing waltz and has no interest right now in seductive dances. She once said that she would tell her younger sister to audition Miss Hong Kong, but she didn't in the end. Christine said her sister is very confident and no need to prove herself through beauty pageants.She said: "My sister is different from me. My mother wanted me to participate in Miss Chinese International and she applied for me. I think I get to know more things after participating. In the past I just wanted to get married and have kids, just like normal people. Now I've changed, working is my focus, dating with my company." Christine said she doesn't feel anyone is pursuing her the majority are good friends.

Ratings War: Jerry Yan Kisses Love Rival, Mike He Kisses Married Woman

New idol drama from CTS "Calling For Love" will debut this Sunday. Although female lead of this drama Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) still couldn't come to Taiwan to promote, male lead Mike He still tried his best to do the job. In yesterday's event, he was asked "Your thoughts of kissing a married woman? [Ah Sa was married to Ronald Cheng during filming], he said: "I earned a lot." Rainie Yang specially recorded a video to support Mike, but she teased Mike is old-faced but is pretty good at kissing, only lost to Show Luo.

In Sunday's new episode of "Down With Love," Jerry Yan was kissed by Michael Zhang Xun Jie. Michael disclosed: "Jerry's lips are soft." Jerry didn't feel embarrassed being kissed by a Michael, because the two already knew  each other before entering showbiz.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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