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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Film 'The Grandmasters' Poster Exposed

Director Wong Kar Wai's upcoming film about wing chun master Ip Man "The Grandmasters" (一代宗師) has been put on hold for nearly 8 years and it was not until last year the team officially started filming. Although the film is not done filming nor the release date has been confirmed, but at least one of the film's posters is finished, as it has exposed in the American Film Market.

In this American version poster, lead Tony Leung Chiu Wai's version of Ip Man is fighting against his enemies in the rain and his stand makes him powerful already. Foreign media even describes Tony as the Chinese dark knight.

Martial arts choreographer of the film Yuen Wo Ping greatly praises Tony's current status for the film's action scenes. "I never worried about him," he says, "Talking about body figures, Tony looks better than Donnie Yen. It is unbelievable that there is strength in Tony's kicks. He does have the potential to film action films."

Another photo from the film is leaked and it is the female lead of the film Ziyi Zhang. Her role is yet to be introduced, but based on the photo, she is playing someone who should be skillful in using Ba Gua Zhang.

In addition, some netizens actually suggest to name the film "Yeahman" instead, seems like they want to bring Ip Man into the foreign superhero family (like Superman, Batman, Ironman, etc).

Source: UDN / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Selina Wants More Morphine to Relieve From Pain

Selina Ren @ S.H.E celebrated her 29th birthday at the hospital today. Good sisters Hebe and Ella originally planned to celebrate with the injured "lao po" [wife], but because Selina seemed to be having a fever today, the reunion is forced to canceled.

Doctors expressed having a light fever is normal during the recovering process. These two weeks are the key observation period.

Besides a fever, it's known Selina is actually not in a stable condition. A staff from the hospital disclosed there is blood leaking due to her injuries. "She is wearing protection clothing, and blood leaks out often from the inside," the staff said, "She is definitely in great pain, even when she gets painkiller injections."

In a letter written by Selina's fiance Richard Chang, it is confirmed Selina is currently experience the worst pain ever. "When she could not bare pain, she would cry, shiver, get mad, and complain," Richard wrote, "Then she would comfort herself in tears, 'I will be unconscious soon.' " He also disclosed Selina would often demand additional dose of morphine to relieve from pain.

Good sisters Ella and Hebe plan to visit Selina on another day. Ella posted the birthday cake they bought for Selina on Weibo and said, "Hope you recover quickly, and bring us another crazy birthday party!...Wife, really never thought I would love you this much!"

Fans all expressed their blessings to Selina. Some made paper cranes, birthday cards, and even created videos for their injured idol. Although she might not see everything others have done for her, but Selina must have felt the love coming from everyone these days.

Source: UDN, 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Chen Han Dian Replaces Selina to Host 'Guess'

Selina Ren is the new host for Taiwanese variety show "Guess Guess Guess" along with Harlem Yu. The pair has been hosting this long-running show since this summer and received good feedback from audience.

However, since Selina is injured from an explosion accident last week, she cannot return to the show temporarily. Her last two pre-taped episodes of the show were aired already and new episodes to start taping on November 4. It's known Chen Han Dian (on the right), the goofball in talk show "Kangxi Laile," is taking Selina's place until she comes back. Amber Ann Xinya and Sister Butterfly will also join as co-hosts.

In addition, the show now moves to the Friday's 8-10PM spot. Jay Chou's new variety show "Mr. J Channel" takes "Guess Guess Guess"s old spot and to premier next Saturday (November 16) at 10 o'clock.

Source: 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Leila Tong Holds Wedding At Church

Leila Tong married boyfriend of three years Desmond Tang in early October and their wedding was held in a small church in Hong Kong. Only about 30 family members and friends attended to the event. As for why she did not invite people in the entertainment circle to her wedding, she explained she wants to keep it low-profile and to avoid reporters asking her questions about anniversaries every year.

Although she is not associated with any religion, but because she wants to fulfill her wish, she chose to complete wedding ceremony at church. She entered the building with her father. Always someone who gets touched easily, she could not hold her tears when the door was opened. She said, "I completed this ceremony with tears. I even delivered my thoughts and feelings in tears, too. Originally thought we are both used to acting, and do not need to use a mic to speak, but then I cried too much that I pretty much lost my voice."

The actress got married in low-profile and it was rumored it is because she is pregnant. She expressed she won't reply to these rumors and will naturally accept changes in her life. She also hopes to have a great family besides a good career, she said, "If one day you guys see me with a big stomach, then there you go. No need to do pregnancy test everyday to prove to others."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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