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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stephy Tang Denies Once Dated Edthancy (one of the people arrested by ICAC)

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
It's said Stephy Tang's first boyfriend is Stephen Chan's personal assistant Edthancy, who was arrested by ICAC lately along with Chan. Stephy attended to a movie premier yesterday and denied dating Edthancy in the past. But she admitted they knew each other for years and he designed T-shirts for her concert in 2007.

Stephy cleared up that Edthancy isn't her classmate, but she knew him in the school's volleyball field. They were good friends and they saw each other again in the showbiz. Stephy stressed he never purse her and always treat her like a boy. Asked if she knew about his sex orientation, she said: "I know he had a girlfriend before. I know he date girls. As for his relationship with Stephen Chan, I don't really know. Based on my impressions, he's a good and healthy guy."

As for the T-shirts, she said: "Because we are friends, he gave me discounts. He helped me out as a friend." Asked did he invite her to show up in business events, she said: "No, we just saw each other sometimes in TVB and chatted for a while."

Kelly Chen Shows Up In ATV

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Kelly Chen showed up in ATV's "娛樂紅人館" and accepted an interview by Jerry Lam. Kelly is currently focusing in her new Mandarin album lately. Most of the songs expressed positive message and happiness, including women's desire for happiness, etc. Because Kelly recorded this album during pregnancy, she said it represented she and her son both sang.

As for her music path in the future, Kelly said: "I want to dance and sing fast songs soon because it's fun to be on the stage. As for concerts, I won't hold any concert within two years. I need time to take care of my son."

Han Geng Speaks Up The First Time! He Finally Appears!

It's been more than 3 months now and Han Geng (more known as Hankyung in Korea) finally showed up and spoke about his side of story after he filed lawsuit to SM Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment agency in Korea. This is a just a preview of the whole interview and the main points are:
  • "I'm waiting for the result [of the case] as well. I let my attorney to handle everything. I promise to tell everyone the result immediately."
  • "I've been resting these several months and prepare myself."
  • "My dream is to become an actor. I really want to become an actor. I thought about it already, I'll try hard to learn more about this field. I like this field, so I won't have any regret."
Here is the interview in Mandarin Chinese:
English-subbed is below:

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment
His voice touched me as always......>< Although I don't look forward to his future.....he's at an awkward age right now (26) and it's hard to break out his frame of being a pop dancing idol....best wishes!

James Cameron Confirms the Release of 'Titanic' In 3D

'Avatar' director James Cameron accepted an interview with USAToday lately to talk about 3D movies. He agreed that existing films should convert to 3D "if it's done well." He is planning to release 3D version of "Titanic" in the spring of 2012, which is also the 100th anniversary of the sailing of the ship.

So are you all excited to watch this romance flick in the history in 3D? It's going to make me cry even more at that drowning scene.........or make me happy to watch Winslet topless in 3D (hehe)....

Esther Kwan Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Be In The Showbiz

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Esther Kwan went to watch a children musical "Keep On Trying" with her daughter in Polytechnic University yesterday. She already minimize performing on-screen and hopes to concentrate in taking care of her daughter and husband. Although doesn't like her 4-year-old Brittany to expose to the public and be in the showbiz in the future, but she still let her learn music and drawing. She expressed she arranged many social events for daughter to know more people, hoping to train her to be more outgoing in the future. She also said if her daughter chooses to be in the showbiz, she will scare her daughter with many scary showbiz stories!


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