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Theresa Fu Releases Book, Criticizing Stephy Tang

Imply Wearing a Fake Mask
Theresa Fu made a big breakthrough this year, to release a super sexy photo album and prose picture book in book fair. She handled the writing and drawings in prose picture book "If You Were Me." Especially now she's supported by new company Filmko, Stephy is no longer on top of her, she is relieved to disclosed her feelings after being pressured by Stephy over these years.

The two were good sisters from Cookies. Although they've experienced many ups and downs, but now they're just like strangers. Based on Theresa's secret manuscript for her new book, it's discovered that she used "Mask" to expose Stephy's fake mask behind her girl next door image, saying she is two different people in public and in private, has "hateful appearance." Then in "One Gram", Theresa implied she always treat Stephy as a friend, always think for her, but the other party became her enemy for benefits. Now she understood this friendship to Stephy isn't important at all. Because the topic is sensitive, to prevent causing random guessing, it's known Theresa considers to delete some content from the book.

Secret Manuscript
In this year's bookfair, Theresa would release a prose picture book. East Week magazine received part of the manuscript and the content is about using "you" to reflect a friend in the past. It's aiming at Stephy, who is her enemy for 8 years, and she pointed out she has a "hateful appearance."

("Mask" highlighted words:  Who can understand deep inside of your smiling face, you're actually very annoyed, anxious, hateful looking? So I should wear a mask, too, pretend the smile you order to compete with you.)

("One Gram" highlighted words: After all our friendship to you, maybe only weights one gram. After all I also understand, to you,  outcome of this game is even more important than gains of loss of relationship, once I put on my battle clothes, standing on the same battle field, only enemies, no friends.)

Pressured By Others
In fact, Theresa and Stephy lived in the same place during the Cookies era, even sleeping on the same bed, proving good sisterhood. Earlier when Stephy broke away from Cookies, her career was always ahead so nothing went wrong. Until in 2007, Theresa self-created her Japanese big eyes look and became goddess of indoorsy guys. At the same time her picture book "T with Sunshine" even became one of the top ten most selling books in the book fair. As her career is going well, rumors of Theresa and Stephy, who also goes for the girl next door route, not getting along well spread out.

In 2008, Theresa's first album "Smiling" was released in the book fair along with her photo album. Her album sold 25,000 during bad economy, and Paco Wong praised she is the best selling female singer in Gold Typhoon. Her popularity can match with Stephy's and the rumor of them not getting along leveled up. It's was rumored Stephy partnered up with Elaine, who was responsible of disributing jobs in Gold Typhoon, and they rejected jobs for Theresa using excuses like not free, causing decline in her workload.

Release Sexiness
Last year Gold Typhoon had personnel changes, it's rumored Paco lost his position. Stephy and rumored boyfriend Alex Fong partnered with Ronald Cheng immediately. Theresa, who belonged to the Paco party, was put into the "fridge" immediately. She said with tears: "I'm relying on the money I earned earlier." Even when attending to company's anniversary dinner, every artiste got a ride from the company, but Theresa had to take the taxi. Last year in the book fair, Gold Typhoon believed Theresa's book fair event doesn't belong to the company's promotion planning, so she had pay her own car fare. But they still shared the copy right fee after selling the book. In addition, when Theresa was arranged to perform in Guangzhou, no assitant was assigned, she even had to do her own make-up and hair; she couldn't hold her tears during performing. But Stephy stressed no change in their sisterhood: "We aren't afraid, won't mind what you guys said."

Now supported by Filmko, 26-years-old Theresa said she is all grown up and would release her sexiness this year. The company hired Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara to shoot her sexy photo album. Theresa expressed this time would have a breakthrough, she said: "There are some bold looks, maybe in some scenes where I would just cover my body with my hands. (Half-nude?) Yes, mainly for look pretty, nothing erotic."

Learn Expression From Category-III Films
During shooting, Theresa personally picked many sexy lingerine and bikini herself. In order to keep her body in shape, she only eats papaya for breakfast. In order to shoot Theresa's photo album, Yasumasa came to Hong Kong for a week, first several days was to get to know Theresa and do preparation work. He only used to days for official shooting.

In order for Theresa to win in the book fair, Filmko hired Korean dance teacher Jun Hong Bok, who had choregraphed for Rain, Wonder Girls etc to choregraph dance for Theresa. Theresa said: "He told me to have sexier expressions during dancing, even told me to watch category-III films to learn."

Expose Betrayal
In part of her new book, Theresa described her views in relationship in the past and love. In a writing called 「三人行」. She exposed her ex once put his feet in two boats. In the end Theresa chose to leave.

(highlighted words: But you say you don't want me to sad, also doesn't want to give up our relationship, walking with three people, if I'm able to understand, you would be just like before, hug me until I fall asleep; I love you a lot, too, really want to be with you, but space inside my heart is not enough to tolerate a third party.)

Source: East Week / Translated by: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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