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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Poll] Miss Hong Kong 2010 Winners, Your Pick

The 2010 Miss Hong Kong Pageant is tomorrow! August 1 @ 8:30PM (Hong Kong time). Predict winners or just pick your favorites! (scroll down for awards list)

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#1. Alice Wong 黃安琪
#2. Suyen Cheung 張莉莎
#3. Janice Cheung 張藝婷
#4. Connie Man 文凱玲
#5. Lisa Ch'ng 莊思明
#6. Janice Lam 林碧珍
#7. Krizia Ho 何樂翩
#8. Phoebe Pang 彭慧中
#9. Crystal Li 李雪瑩
#10. Queenie Ma 馬鈞怡
#11. Elle Lee 李文煊
#12. Ria Tong 湯寶珍
#13. Toby Chan 陳庭欣
#14. Kitty Li 李俍嬿
#15. Sammi Cheung 張秀文

Awards List:

First Runner-up:    
Second Runner-up:   
Miss Photogenic: 
Miss International Goodwill:  
Miss Trendy Vision: #12 Ria Tong 
Tourism Ambassador Award: #13 Toby Chan
Best Jewelry Display Contestant: #5 Lisa Ch'ng
Most Popular Contestant (performance): #14 Kitty Li
Audience Favorable Contestant: #2 Suyen Cheung

(*Kay's P.S.*: I always pick the right winners every year! XD I can't really pick now since I need to watch their performance tomorrow to judge. Based on looks and other current info, my current picks are: #1, #2, #5, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, maybe #14. #4 is the oldest, she's turning 28 this year so I'm holding my vote back...)

Andy Hui Announces Breakup With Girlfriend Michelle

In yesterday's "Music is Live," Andy Hui suddenly disclosed he broke up with girlfriend Michelle last month. Asked whether is because of his reuniting rumors with Sammi Cheng that caused girlfriend to leave? Andy said helplessly: "It's not because of Sammi, just she and I have personality difference, really isn't because of Sammi."

Last night after the concert, reporters asked whether his girlfriend came to support him? Andy suddenly exposed they already broke up last month. He said: "I'm a human just like everyone else. I can only say she is a good girl. Unfortunately we have personality difference. Now can only look forward to the future." But asked whether he said to break up first, he said he doesn't want to talk about it. Whenever everyone asks him about girlfriend before, he doesn't know how to answer it as well. Now he can only tell everyone they broke up.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Raymond Lam Kisses Joey Yung With Sincerity

In last night's concert (last show), Raymond Lam continued to charm everyone with his smile and electrified eyes. As performing guest, Joey Yung joked: "Several televisions at backstage are burnt." Joey also questioned Raymond: "Reports said you don't want to kiss me in movie 'The Emerald and the Pearl,' you know us, the youthful girls, stayed at home for several days and couldn't eat." Raymond then said: "No need to say more, I would prove with my action." He then put his head near Joey's face, but Joey rejected him, she said: "Here there are many people who belong to you, how can I dare to take your kiss? I just want you to say, are you kissing me with sincerity?" Raymond looked at Joey with deep emotions: "I'm sincere."

Asked how come rumored girlfriend Linda Chung didn't come to support? Raymond said coldly: "Don't know, filming? (You guys broke up?) What? Never were together."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Kate Tsui Not Ready to Invade HK Coliseum

Kate Tsui attended to an event in a mall yesterday. She played games with the audience and also fed them ice cream.

As for just finished four shows of Raymond Lam's concert, Kate frankly said she felt a little bit sad. Asked whether she hopes to hold shows in HK coliseum? She said: "I don't dare to be this greedy, still not ready. But I'm happy Raymond hold his show in HK coliseum. He cried at backstage, it was touching." (finding record company?) Company is discussing, wait for Ms. Lok to pick for me. My only wish is can still be a dance singer."

Reporters asked she just finished filming new series, that means she cannot see Joe Ma anymore, who she is rumored with? She generously expressed: "Rumors...just treated them like promotion. Every actor would have rumors, it's unavoidable. We are colleagues!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ariel Lin's London Trip, Uses Camera to Write Diary

Preorder of Ariel Lin's new book "A Wonderful Journey" started yesterday. She went all the way to London to find views. The team spent eleven days shooting and estimated of shooting thousands of photos. In this trip, Ariel also finished the filming of two MVs from her new album. Preorder of new album also started yesterday. Ariel said: "London is always my favorite place. I hope one day I can study in England." Photos in her book this time are different from her usual cute image; they need to show her mature side and other different flavors.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Ella Koon is Satisfied With Her Looks, Won't Get Plastic Surgery

Ella Koon and Ava Yu Kiu appeared at Asia World Expo to attend to a function. Just got off the plane, Ella wore sunglasses the whole time and refused to take it off. She said: "Went to Malaysia for three days to promote new album. I just got off the plane and had to rush over here, no time to put on make-up. (Don't want to take off glasses because you got plastic surgery?) I won't get plastic surgery. Mommy gave birth to this look, I'm very satisfied!"

Ava expressed there are further clues for hackers hacking into her computer and already reported to the police. She hopes the incident can be resolved soon, she said: "This person even pretend to me, asking other models to accept jobs. I'm really afraid other people would be affected, hope the police can arrest him/her quickly."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Gigi Lai Returns Home, Misses Younger Daughter Who Stays In the Hospital

Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls for husband Patrick Ma last Saturday. After resting for a week in Canossa Hospital, she left yesterday afternoon at 3:10PM. With the protection of two female nurses, TVB high executive Virginia Lok, ten security guards, and three female friends, the happy faced Gigi accepted media's interview. But husband and two daughters are missing and the media couldn't take a picture of their four-people family.

Yesterday Ma's security expressed to the media at 12PM, who had been waiting outside the hospital, that Mrs. Ma would leave the hospital soon. They set up fences later and reporters were in a state of tension. Until 2:55PM, only TVB high executive Virginia Lok showed up, and she was obviously here to pick Gigi up.

Expresses a happy smile

Ten minutes after Lok went into the building, Gigi finally showed up. She wore a white long dress and flip flop, and walked towards the media along with two female nurses. Although she hasn't retrieved her usual figure, but she still seemed to be in high spirit. She often expressed a happy smile and greeted the media.

Husband stays at home to take care of older daughter

Gigi accepted media's interview by herself; husband and twin daughters didn't accompany, but more than ten people were standing behind her. Gigi said: "Older daughter is already home. Younger one needs to stay at the hospital for a while. Husband is taking care of baby at home right now."

Whether she has to go to two places often to take care of daughter? "Depend on my status. If I can, I would return to the hospital to visit younger daughter, because I really miss her." Named them already? "Not at this moment, would let husband be responsible of everything." Whether would go for a son? "Haven't thought of that. Thank you all for you concern." Has brother Lai Ying visited twin girls yet? "Not yet. Thank you everyone, been waiting outside the hospital these several days, hard work, I'm sorry."

Would leave the hospital once she is 5lbs

Gigi disclosed she did breastfeed and it's more important to look at her health. She got on the car after finishing a short five-minute interview. She left with the protection of security guards and went home directly.

According to Patrick Ma, their older daughter weighs 6lbs-ish and young daughter weighs 3lbs-ish. Now younger daughter still needs to sleep in the oxygen tank and can go home when she weighs 5lbs.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Raymond Wong Denies Relying On His Wife For Support

Kevin Cheng, Raymond Wong, Lily Ho, Kayi Cheung were rehearsing for the 2010 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Kevin was asked if the MHK has a lot of gossips? He said: "It's like this every year. If they live in public housing, old boyfriends, the media will talk about it. Everyone has a background, that is nothing strange. It's getting more and more pressuring for the MHKs. But if they can face these things, then in the future they can do it too when they start working. Asked if he has contacted his Si Mo Dai Si Chung's wife? Kevin said: "After the announcement I haven't contacted them. I feel that not attending is the best decision, I don't want to cause troubles for the family. Doesn't have to be now, I can pay my respects later."

Raymond Wong frankly said that this is his first time as a guest performer for Miss Hong Kong. About his wife's wealthy background, he expressed that he will not count on his wife: "If I am relying on her, then I wouldn't be suffered for so long. I haven't slept for two days! We are all financially independent. (Do you give her money for expenses?) Of course! You really think I'm being a young master?"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Wong Cho Lam Harmonic Gags At His Show Off Show

Last night, Wong Cho Lam opened the first night for his EEG and TVB organized at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai. Mani Fok, Ng Yue, Virgina Lok, Chapman To, Kristal Tin, Alvina Kong and Queenie Chu all went to support him.

Cho Lam started off the show with a hot song and dance, then he and two female audience played a game and gave them lovable hugs too. He also made some bad gags: "I was pretending to be a 'Streptococcus bacteria', scaring the little child so much he screamed for his mommy!" Cho Lam then did not forget to love his girlfriend, he said: "After watching the cartoon , I really wanted to date, my girlfriend is just as sweet and gentle as Ms. Kyoko!"

Cho Lam's guest Joyce Cheng was disguised as Kate Tsui. Joyce and Cho Lam did a hot, sexy and chest-to-chest dance. Cho Lam feared the chest and covered his eyes! Joyce then did the splits and won applause from the audience. Adam Cheng was also present at the show to support his daughter.

Before ending the show, Cho Lam disguised himself as "Handelababy" and said that the role changed his life: "Before people said that my legs were short, thin, shrunk, but now they changed to praise them as awesome, hot! I want to say that my family genetics have no leg hair, so don't me if I shaved it. This time I almost fell into a depression for doing this show, I went online and found a song by Charlie. It was very inspirational to me." After that, he changed himself into a clown and said goodbye.

Queenie who went to support Cho Lam showed off her diamond ring designed by her boyfriend, she said: "It says 'CHANG' on it, which is my boyfriend's surname. (Getting married?) Both sides of the family wants to, my boyfriend also proposed to me several times, but we have not decided where to live after marriage." 

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jessica Hsuan and Bobby Au-Yeung: Naturally Inseparable

Bobby Au-Yeung and Jessica Hsuan is a subtle pair: one is always in rush, but the other is slow-tempered. They work in harmony with each other and are good partners at work, even becoming good friends. After many years of working together, there is no doubt at their chemistry during work. Bobby's "quality," made Jessica to remove her "alert" and exposed her true self, in fact she is just a silly girl. From their conversation with laughs, it shows the understanding between partners, and also concerns between friends.

Before interview started, Jessica advised shooting photos with Bobby first. She had her foresight, because laughing during the 1-hour interview would ruin her make-up, and it won't be easy to re-apply.

Before "A Pillowcase of Mystery II," the two collaborated in "File of Justice," "A Recipe For the Heart," "Prosecution to a Witness," and "Dicey Business" etc. Jessica is Bobby's appointed partner. Originally she doesn't want to work in the summer, but producer lured her with "good partner," plus Bobby invited her personally, she agreed in the end.

Reminds to poop

Bobby, how come it has to be Jessica?

Bobby: "Only she matches me, older husband younger wife! I don't want to film with those who I haven't worked with before. If I can pick, of course I would pick someone compatible. It's happier to work with her. We play well, and can ease the atmosphere. She is also the guardian. I call her prefect, dealing specially to us lazy ghosts. More you age, lazier you get. Sometimes missing some motivation. If she isn't around, I might be late for a little. If she is here, then I would be at the place earlier. It creates a significant affect. Before filming, she would tell everyone don't play anymore and fix make-up. She also remind me to go poop." Jessica even knows Bobby's biological clock: he needs to use the restroom after eating.

No one steals "Jessica Hsuan"

Bobby exposed he once borrowed Jessica's prestige, making others don't dare to move his personal chair during filming outdoor scenes. They have a habit to putting outdoor chairs in the hall of TV city and other people always took them. Bobby bought a new chair and was afraid it would be stolen. Jessica advised to write "Jessica Hsuan" on the chair and she also added a skull logo. As expected, no one was dared to take this chair. Because everyone knows if it is she who lost the chair, she would definitely investigate to the end. Bobby joked he considers writing Jessica's name on his car; no one is dared to steal the car even when the key is plugged.

Facing Bobby, Jessica is as if her laugh acupuncture point is pressed, it's hard to imagine them filming romantic scenes

Jessica: "It might be harder to film romantic scenes, because couldn't hold laughter. It's definitely happier to film funny scenes, because everyone is dared to play, can perform freely. I once met some actors and they would say 'I won't do these...' before filming, very boring." When Bobby is vigorous, he would unleash his ability to be funny. Jessica said she once saw he was tired like a zombie after working 20-hours everyday. Under this circumstance, everyone won't have the mood to play.

Won't get mad being played

When Bobby and Jessica filmed "A Recipe For the Heart," they used "free play' to the limit. It was also Bobby's great work in teasing Jessica.

Bobby: "One scene Jessica faints, the scripts arranged me to wake her up with water. I first asked her whether she mind if I spit water on her face, she said she doesn't mind, she is very open. Then I asked John Tang to ask for a bucket of water and hid it behind make-up areas. When it was time to film officially, John and I splashed that bucket of water on her. This scene was like 'EYT,' she was scared and her back was all wet, this scene was broadcast on TV as well."

Jessica: "Even my bra got wet, and didn't prepare another one. I continued to work with my wet body. At that moment I just felt it was funny. I wasn't mad." It seems Jessica has a bigger tolerance to Bobby.

Westerner personality

Female artistes who worked with Bobby are believed to be teased and mocked by him. One of the classic jokes is he made fun of the chubby Halina Tam before, describing her as "Western District's floating corpse". Maybe he made fun of others too much, Bobby himself even forgot about it and joked Halina still got married in the end. He even asked Jessica whether he didn't make fun of her too much that's why she hasn't get married. He said he has to make fun of her more.

Bobby never angers Jessica. Outsiders are mistaken by her "strangers go away" image.

Bobby: "I've seen artists saying hi to her with a happy face, 'Hi Jessica' then left with a scared look. In fact she can be played, except touching her bottom line. It's another story of treating little animals badly. But she is someone who can play and be serious at the same time. And she hates others being late. We appointed tobe interviewed together at 3PM. I would received a call from her at 2:59PM, telling me in a gentle voice that she arrived. Sometimes it's a transparent pressure. She has a western personality, only right or wrong, nothing in between. But I don't think it's a problem."

Good to be frank

Jessica: "I think Bobby is like Garfield cat, very happy, nothing to worry. I envy him a lot. At work he can sleep at any place. When everyone just got on the car, he is already asleep. Also, friends should be frank with each other. One time I saw he fell asleep. When we had to film, I went over and slapped him to wake up. He was scared and he jumped up, telling me don't wake up someone like that, it would scare him to death. I'm happy Bobby is honest. If it was other people, they might not talk about it in front of me but behind m back. Now I remember forever, I can only call someone to wake up when they're asleep."

Bobby and Jessica is a happy pair and it's one of their requirements of filming a series, need to find a good partner, their joy would influence others. "A Pillowcase of Mystery II" is a series that hasn't been said plagiarized and also have good ratings and feedback. Saying Bobby is rating's lucky general, actually viewers know how to pick a good series.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Sonjia Kwok's Loyal Fans Flies Over to Hengdian to Celebrate Her Birthday

Recently, Sonjia Kwok has been busy filming a costume drama in Hengdian and even had to spend her birthday at work. Fortunately a group of her loyal fans flew over to her location to visit the set and also celebrate with her. They cut the birthday cake with her and gave gifts, Sonjia was very happy, no wonder she expressed: "More than 10 fans especially flew over here. Besides Hong Kong, there are also fans from Taiwan and even Canada, I'm so touched! Actually there's not much to buy in Hengdian, but they are so smart, found a small cake to buy and celebrate with me."

As the local temperatures there reached 40 degrees C, Sonjia had to wear thick costumes for outdoor filming, fortunately she did not get a heatstroke. She said: "All thanks to the attentive fans, they gave me an ice pillow to pull on my neck, feels so comfortable. They also gave me a teddy bear, a cute doll that looks like me, fresh flowers and cake! So happy!"

Sonjia rarely has rumors in the last year, but she's still single. She said that she's not in a rush to date: "My family hasn't rushed me to marry because my older brother got married earlier. I do envy him, but there has to be fate when finding a boyfriend. As a person grows older, it's not as easy to have feelings towards someone. My birthday wish is good health. Although it's old-fashioned, but health is really important. Earlier my dad had some health issues, stomach bleeding, luckily he's ok now." As for ex-rumored boyfriend Michael Tao recently having a new love interest, she said: "No comment, it's none of my business!"

Outside of work, Sonjia went to Japan for a vacation with some friends earlier and even got to try driving a small airplane to challenge herself. She said: "This is one of my greatest wishes. Before I drove, the instructor was explaining to me for 50 minutes. Actually it's not too difficult, I even flew with my mom and brother. Although they said that it was a very stabled ride, I was still really scared, haha!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse

Vivien Yeo Didn't Pad Breasts, Figure Shrinks

Vivien Yeo attended to the premier of TVB Pearl's new documentary "Life" in a low cut outfit. But her figure obviously couldn't compared to before. She said: "I never have too much on my chest, maybe lately there are too many lang mo, everyone sees too many! I don't have a good figure, so I decided to hide it."

It's said her figure in the past isn't like that, Vivien said: "Girls' bodies change according to the event, can wear different bras. This time I show up with my true figure." Vivien didn't deny relying on breast pads in the past, and she wants to film bra commercial: "I want my body to be orthopedic, and I'm not afraid of others saying I got plastic surgery, after all females always want to look pretty."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Bernice Liu Has Fresh Breaths, Not Afraid to Kiss

Bernice Liu attended to Eclipse's sugar-free mint party last night in Lan Kwai Fong. She joked this time she is fancied as guest because there are many kissing scenes in "Mysteries of Love" earlier. She had to keep her breaths fresh all the time. Asked out of everyone she has kissed, who has the strongest breath ordor? She said: "My dog! Always kisses me after eating. (Moses Chan drinks coffee?) Don't know! But it should be pretty strong! But in the past when we worked together he didn't drink too much. (Kiss again?) But I need to kiss Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam lately!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Stephy and Alex's Wedding Date Delays, to Film In Mainland For 3 Months

Stephy Tang attended to an award ceremony event as guest yesterday. Next month going to work in Kunming for three months, she said: "I would play a couple with Alex Fong again. Although we are an old pair, but it's our first time filming TV series, so we're nervous."

Earlier it was rumored Stephy and Alex are getting married in October, asked whether they would take this opportunity to shoot wedding photos in Kunming? Stephy joked: "Now we have to film series, can't get married. Not even on my birthday." Asked delay to when? Stephy said: "Ten, eight years, I don't know." She expressed she sees this opportunity as developing a career in Mainland, so it's not because of Alex that she accepted this job. It's said she earns money while dating? Stephy laughed and said: "How should I answer? Should said this time it's good to everyone, very happy."

Don't plan to live in the same room

Stephy expressed the series has an early republic background, so intimate scenes won't be too extreme. Asked whether she's afraid would be photographed holding hands with Alex in private? She joked: "No, but Kunming is very hot, everyone (media) don't work too hard." She sees herself as very independent and didn't plan to live with Alex in the same room: "It's okay to stay in the same hotel. If I shout, he can hear it."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Joe Chen and Huang Xiao Ming Kiss After Meeting Just 3 Hours

Joe Chen Qiao En is filming movie <<激浪青春>> in Beijing lately. Yesterday it was her first time filming with Huang Xiao Ming. She didn't have enough time to feel the "electric power" from Huang the "electrical generator", and was already notified that they had to film a kissing scene on the boat. But the two didn't know each other too well and only dared to have a light kiss. Their performance was very choppy. Later she asked Huang: "You ever have the experience of kissing a girl who you just met for three hours?" Huang purposely teased her: "Not yet this week." Joe was surprised and her eyes were wide open. Then Huang joked: "I kissed my female dog last week."

Earlier Joe was filming under 40 degrees Celsius weather. She also drank less water and caused her to rush to the emergency room with kidney stones. After resting several days, she returned to the crew and continued filming. The crew also prepared a personal trailer for her to have enough time to rest during break. Later she found out that this is the treatment only for Chow Yun Fat and Ton Leung Chiu Wai when they film in Beijing, making her to say she is very happy.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Japanese Artist Itokutora Copies Dance Moves, Cyndi Wang Not A Copycat Anymore



Cyndi Wang has been said copying Jolin Tsai, Ayumi Hamasaki, Rainie Yang in the past. Netizens even titled her copycat. Recently she finally redeemed herself. The MV that made her popular 6 years ago "Love You" is inspired by Japanese manga industry popular artist Itokutora (いとくとら). Her dance and outfit (mini skirt and long socks) is similar to Cyndi's look in the past. As for this, Cyndi said: "Finally can prove Taiwan is also creative. If it's something good, others would follow."

Although Itokutora's dance isn't directly copying Cyndi's song, but hand gestures, moves are very similar to Cyndi's in "Love You." After watching Itokutora's performance, Cyndi said: "Very interesting. I'm happy that my work is acknowledged by everyone.

After washing her copycat image, recently Cyndi held a "Heart to Heart" dance competition in Japan. Because her "Momo Love" is airing in Osaka, she gained some indoorsy male and female fans. She plans to meet fans in Japan next year in Janurary. Many Japanese companies are asking her to release a single, and Cyndi's management company is currently deciding, hoping she can develop in different areas.

Source: Apple News / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com 

Vicki Zhao: It Will Be A Pity If I Don’t Perform

It's not for the money.

Or that's what Vicki Zhao claims.

The China-based actress had a brief stay in Singapore during her pregnancy - which was also where she gave birth to her daughter - to avoid media scrutiny.

After giving birth, the star was back in action, appearing at product launches and various events.

Due to this, rumours have been rife that Vicki has been working furiously as her husband, tycoon Huang You-long has dumped her.

Vicki was in Beijing as a product ambassador where she refuted the rumours.

"I'm not taking up any movie deals with Stephen Chow, neither am I filming Painted Skin 2. I do not wish to take on any more period movies."

For her future plans, Vicki revealed that she will be filming a new movie in two months' time and may be involved in movie directing in the future. She will also be on the panel of judges for the upcoming China Changchun Film Festival.

So is she doing all these for the moolah?

"I do not wish to waste my talent; it will be a pity if I don't perform. And I think that women should earn their own keep to prove their worth."

When asked about her daughter, Vicki said that she is in Singapore and like herself, her daughter has big eyes. She added that she still hasn't got used to being called 'mom'.

Beyond that, Vicki refused to provide more details, saying that she does not wish to discuss her personal affairs in public.

Source: XinMSN

Security "Ah Jeh" Doesn't Know Who FAMA is

FAMA (HK group) accepted a radio interview yesterday. They disclosed before the enter the building, they put down "FAMA" (Nong Fu) as their name on the logbook. But the security "ah jeh" (older woman) was suspicious that it's a fake name, making them very embarrassed. Member 6 Wing even said they would find Metro Station high executive "Yui Gor" for help, but that "ah jeh" didn't know who is "Yui Gor." Member C Kwan joked: "We would get teased by those ah jeh, but this time she upset us."

Talked about new album, the two pointed they would retreat to make music, even taking the job as producer: "Record company even gave us a 6-digit fund as production fee. We would try our hardest on this album." They also disclosed some people filmed their concert earlier and put it online. 6 Wing joked: "I also want to watch the concert again online."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Female Fan Gives Marriage Certificate, Nick Chou is Surprised

Nick Chou Tang Hou's birthday is on August 2, but a crazy female fan already gave him a "surprising" gift. In early morning, she went to his house, rang the door bell, and gave him a marriage certificate along with a letter: "The day of your birthday, I would wait for you in the household registration office!" It surprised Nick and he had called everyone to be rational.

Other fans spent their money in buying designer brand wallet, sunglasses, and iPad, etc. He already received five iPhones. Estimated value of gift is about 500,000NTD. He hopes everyone don't waste their money and it would be more meaningful to donate money to charity units. As for what rumored-girlfriend Elva Hsiao will give him? Manager said: "Recently the two are very busy, would find other times to invite him to dinner."

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Edmond Leung Shows Wedding Photo

Edmond Leung posted his wedding photo in 2008 on Weibo yesterday. He commented: "Never publicized our wedding photos. Don't know why today I really want to share one of them with everyone. Is it cool?"

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Katy Kung Supports Patrick Tang Isn't A Two-timer

Katy Kung was the host for yesterday's Mr. Hong Kong event. Media's focus was on her relationship with Patrick Tang. She was questioned whether she is dating Patrick? Katy admitted directly: "Developing." She said because she was shy, so she didn't know how to express. But she praised Patrick is a good guy and is attentive to her. They worked together and it's natural to develop a romantic relationship. Because they didn't want to lie, so once the romance exposed, they admit immediately, but hope they can still develop in low-profile. Asked whether it's at the stage of meeting parents? She said she hasn't seen his parents yet.

No embarrassment working with Selena Li

Asked again whether she would feel embarrassed to work with Patrick's old love Selena Li? Katy said no need to be embarrassed, because everyone is clear on the timing. A new one starts after the old one ends, never "setting feet in two boats." Now Patrick and Selena have their separate lives.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Fala Chen Doesn't Need Boyfriend's Permission to Be Sexy

Fala Chen wore a $38,000 low cut dress yesterday to attend to a care product event. Asked whether she needs boyfriend to take a look first? Fala said: "I always pick clothes on my own. It's more important to look pretty wearing it, don't no need boyfriend's permission, and he never complained."

Fala is currently busy filming new series "The Female Martial Arist" (女拳). She denied the rumors of not getting along with Liu Xuan, but said they're good sisters in and out the series. She said: "Liu Xuan is very sweet. She stays in Hong Kong to work on her own, so we would make plans to eat out when we don't need to film." Fala said she has many quarrel scenes in the series, she said: "I yelled until my voice went hoarse. I'm worried it would affect my album recording later." Asked whether she would be like Kate Tsui, going for the sing and dance sexy style? Fala said: "Chance of being sexy is not big. I stress on singing and music." As for why didn't she sign her boyfriend's record company? She expressed she doesn't know too much; it's Virginia Lok's decision, not hers.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raymond Lam Takes Off Kate Tsui's Clothes and Has A Dance Battle With Guests

Four shows of "COME 2 ME BEAUTY LIVE ON STAGE" began in HK Coliseum last night. Raymond Lam changed his usual prince image and dyed his hair black and white. He appeared in a shiny suit and white skirt and danced with sexy female dancers. Raymond was very excited and said: "Thank you! Another year already. I'm still having an aftertaste of last year's concert. Hope today reaches 200 points!"

Female model touches all over body

Later Ramond changed a white shirt and showed up with four sexy models in a silver car. One of the models was Cathy Tsui look-a-like. The four girls gently caressed Raymond's body to warm up. Then Kate Tsui, wearing a bra top and jacket, showed up. Raymond dirty danced with her. Besides touching waist and back, Raymond also took off Kate's jacket and exposed her career line. The audience screamed with excitement again.

Later, another guest Ron Ng showed up and danced with Raymond. Kate and other models joined the battle. But Ron's moves seemed stiffy. After they danced, Raymond said: "Thanks to these two brothers, I didn't treat Kate like a girl."

Intimate on the bed

Raymond even walked down to stage and shook hands with fans. Lots of fans gathered in front of the stage and it caused a mess. Some fans even took this advantage to get closed with Raymond and wiped his sweat. Raymond later picked a female fan to the stage. A bed rose up on the stage and the two were pretending to be intimate on the bed. Raymond even put himself on the female fan, causing others to screamed with jealousy.

In addition, Raymond even invited Kelly Chen as guest and the two sang "Who is Willing to Let Go." Stars who came to support included Chrissie Chau and Stephanie Cheng etc.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu (Da S) 'PS Love' Flirt On Weibo

Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu (Da S)'s "Summer's Desire" has been doing good in ratings. Always admiring Da S, Petr expressed love on Weibo (Sina Microblog) yesterday: "Wait until one day I have a real guitar, I would definitely play and sing it for you." Da S replied humorously: "But I'm a drummer, no such type as play and sing at the same time." Peter wrote on Weibo, saying although "P.S. Man" ended, but everyone has to continue to pay attention to "PS Love" (Peter and Da S).

The two's wedding scene from "Summer's Desire" is airring. When they were filming this scene, the crew hired more than hundreds of extras as guests, plus band and limo, etc. Because the weather was too hot, Da S was in the sun for 6, 7 hours, making her almost had a heat stroke.

Source: Oriental Daily n' China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Amigo Chui Avoids Stephen Chan, 'Stephen Gang' Members Meet Again But No Communication

Stephen Chan and favorites back in the day Amigo Chui and Patrick Tang attended to the opening ceremony of hair stylist Michael's hair salon. Recently arranged to return to work on-screen, Amigo saw Stephen as a stranger and has no communication at all.

Amigo Chui finds someone to be in the way

Stephen arrived the earliest. When Patrick arrived, the two chat for a little. Amigo was late and when he arrived, he tried to keep a distance away from Stephen and Patrick; he didn't talk to Stephen at all. Reporters requested Stephen, Amigo, and Patrick to take a picture together. Amigo asked hair stylist to get in the way and took a four-people group picture. Reporters requested "Stephen Gang" members again for a group picture, but Amigo walked quickly into the salon. His publicist expressed Amigo was in a hurry and left early.

Earlier Stephen was banned by TVB to have a radio program in Commercial Radio. He said: "Don't bring up matters in the past again. Now I'm waiting for company to arrange jobs." It's rumored he broke alliance with Mona Fong, Stephen described the report is creative. He didn't meet Ms. Fong and doesn't want to bother her. He would read books during this period to advance himself.

Patrick Tang admits dating Katy Kung

Patrick generously admitted dating Katy Kung, however, he denied living together: "We have rooms of development. I hope when reporters see us on the street, don't take picture of us." Patrick expressed they started for a while. He praised girlfriend is cute and understands others. Talked about old love Selena Li seems jealous of his new romance, Patrick said: "Selena and I have different lives, but we're still friends."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

ATV 'The Men of Justice' Ratings Increases


ATV's premiered on the same day as TVB's . averaged 5 points in TV ratings with approximately 320,000 viewers on the first episode broadcast. TVB Jade and HD channel received average of 28 points, approximately 1.8 million viewers for the first episode of . ATV's CEO (Yip Ka Bo) expressed that received higher ratings than the previous week's broadcast of . Based on the TV rating survey, there is an increase in viewers from age 15-39, men and well educated. Looks like not only 'see lai' (housewives) support the series. Online, Netizens had positive feedback for the series, ATV has confidence that the ratings will continue to rise, their target for the ratings is to reach double digits.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: aZnangel @ asianuniverse


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