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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

Check out who won big in this year's anniversary awards! Congratulations to all winners!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prudence Liew's ears bleed, 75% hearing left

Prudence Liew performed in "Uni-Power Concert" and sang live although she is sick. She has a cold, sinus infection, asthma, and her voice is hoarse. She got sick after attending to the Golden Horse Awards. She said, "My ears were stuffed on the plane and it was very uncomfortable. Blood came out from my left ear when I pressed my nose tightly and exhaled at the same time, trying to relieve my ears." She expressed she found out she lost half of her hearing the second day she came back to HK, "I went to the doctor immediately and his reaction made me thought I'm deaf. He said I need to rest for 3 weeks and cannot take the plane."

She had to consume steroids for two days because she lost her voice, too. Asked why she didn't lip-sync, she said, "Shouldn't do this when working, unless I'm dead. I only have 75% hearing right now and it's already good that I can still perform."


Stephy Tang feels honored to be defamed by Jacky Cheung

Stephy Tang and almost 80 other actors attended to the press conference for movie "72 Tenants". Because many Mainland media were present, she was teased immediately by Eric Tsang when she introduced herself in Cantonese, "Everyone is speaking in Mandarin, can you say some, too?" Stephy said she didn't know Mandarin was the main langauge in the press conference and stressed her Mandarin is good enough to handle conversations.

In addition, a clip was played, showing Jacky Cheung intimating Stephy's out-of-tune performance when singing "電燈膽" ("Lightbulb"). Stephy expressed she already knew it from the script and she doesn't mind but felt honored because Jacky is performing it, "I don't mind, it's a long time ago and it happened before like in 'Nobody's Perfect', too."


Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang continue to lead in the race of TV King & Queen

Best Actor
1. Wayne Lai - "Rosy Business" as Chai Gau 80%
2. Dayo Wong - "You're Hired" as Mak Tai Shong 10%
3. Gallen Lo - "Born Rich" as Chek Yat Ming 2%
4. Wong He - "Burning Flames 3" as Chung Yau Shing 1%
5. Moses Chan - "Beyond The Realm of Conscience" as Lee Yee 1%

Best Actress
1. Sheren Tang - "Rosy Business" as Hong Bo Kei 62%
2. Tavia Yeung - "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" as Yiu Kam Ling 18%
3. Charmaine Sheh - "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" as Lau Sam Ho 15%
4. Teresa Mo - "Off Pedder" as Yen Sheung 2%
5. Anita Yuen - "Born Rich" as Chek Yat Sum 1%

New Award Added This Year

The TVB Anniversary Awards will distribute 15 awards in total. In addition, a new award is added this year called "Best Performance Award". TVB's Chan Ka Yeung stressed that this award is to praise the actor/actress, whose performance is the most notable, outstanding, and effective to the series; this is an honor, not a consolation prize. The actors/actress who made into the top 5 in their categories will receive gold medals as encouragement. Also, there will be a section in the ceremony for actor Chan Hung Lit, who just passed away.

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