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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(5) Lisa Ch'ng is Suspicious of Encountering Supernatural Events, Causing Her to Have High Fever

Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

India is one the four ancient civilizations. Stories of ghosts and gods have been circulating for thousands of years. This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants went to India to film, staff who went along even exposed contestants encountering supernatural incidents. Within them, Lisa Chong and Toby Chan's are the hardest to explain. It seems really need to ask Professor King @ "Mysteries of Love" to explain them.

Although 15 contestants already finished their trip in Indian and returned Hong Kong, but the supernatural incidents are prevalent after they're exposed by staff. It's known Lisa and Toby encountered many strange events. One night, Lisa and Toby returned to their room and put on facial mask to "recharge" their skin. Maybe they were very tired, the two fell asleep with their masks on. When they woke up, the two were shocked to see the masks on their face and neck were placed on the desk. They looked at each other and had absolutely no clue why their masks know how to fly!

New strange incidents happened again. The other night Lisa went to the next room to chat with other contestants. Toby, who stayed at the room alone suddenly heard sounds of door knocking. When she opened the door, she saw no one. She then asked other contestants whether they came over, they said no and Toby suspected ghost appeared. The strangest thing is that one day Toby went out early morning. Before she left, she woke up Lisa. Lisa was the only one at the room that time and when she was about to leave the room, she found the theft proof chain on the door was locked. As she has been having high fever during her visit to India, she feels very uncomfortable and not at ease. It's known these incident spread quickly, causing panic. In fact before Lisa left Hong Kong, her dog passed away. The number of her dog's cremation box, number 5, is coincidentally the same number of her number in Miss Hong Kong!

Reporters contacted Lisa's sister Jacqueline Ch'ng for confirmation, she said: "I heard my sister talking about it. In fact my two sisters also encountered those kind of things when they were little! For the mask, maybe she was too tired that she took them off and didn't even know about it. Locking the theft proof chain, I really cannot explain that!" In addition, Lisa went to have dinner with mom last night, but didn't reply to supernatural incidents. Whether it's to let parents know she's safe or has to calm herself, she wore a Buddha bead bracelet and Buddha necklace.

Andy Hui Talks About Reconciling With Sammi Cheng

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Andy Hui has been rumored about reconciling with Sammi Cheng. Lately even a proposal version appeared. Yesterday when he record for "Jade Solid Gold," reporters joked they have to congratulate him. He expressed the reason why he won't reply to the reconciliation rumor is because he doesn't want to complicate it. He is helpless that until now there isn't any big headline to take the attention away from the rumor. When he read about the proposal report, he said he was stunned. He also expressed when he saw Sammi replies to the incident, he thinks she's right and agreed that eating dinner and taking the same plane together don't mean too much. He said dating just want to face one person. As for when Sammi talks about reconciling in the future, she seems to leave a room, Andy agreed. He also used the example that he doesn't know what to order for tomorrow's dinner to described their future. But he denied buying a car and house to live together, and stressed they never lived together. Asked whether when he dates is one to one? He just patted on reporter's shoulder, didn't reply and walked away.

In addition, haven't appear in JSG for a long time, Gigi Leung sang a new Cantonese song yesterday and song old songs when she first debut. As for Fiona Sit is secretly photographed, she criticized this is not right and should be punished to prevent bigger harm.

S.H.E Goes to the US, Ella Tries Her Luck On Her Birthday

Source: NowNews / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
After a vacation in Bali Island, S.H.E flied to Connecticut, USA for their concert. Ella and the crew arrived there a day early. Ella specially went into the casino to try her luck, she even told the dealer: "Be nice to me. Today is my birthday." But in the end she lost more than 3000 dollars. She stopped immediately and went to enjoy seafood in a lobster restaurant.
Because the casino isn't far away from Boston, which produces seafood in abundance, birthday girl Ella and her colleagues ordered a lobster meal right away, plus raw oysters and crab legs later on. Ella joked: "I ate about 6 or 7 raw oysters, they're really delicious."

Selina and Hebe arrived at the hotel at 11PM-ish. After they dropped their luggage, they ran to the room across Ella's and ordered three bottles of champagne and cake, ready to give Ella a surprise. In fact, Ella had been waiting for them to come already. She didn't dare to move nor take a show, afraid when Selina and Hebe come, she won't be there.

Ella once complained in her heart: "Really waited for a long time, how come they still didn't come? Already took this long to fly to America and won't even come to say happy birthday to me." At the end, the three celebrated happily before 12AM. Ella's birthday wish this year is very practical: one, hope her grandpa can get better and return home really soon; two, hope everyone around her is in good health and is safe; three, hope the two wishes she made previously come true.
Fans also gave their blessing to Ella. Besides giving Ella a birthday cake they made and donation receipts, fan club also paid billboards in Taipei and Shi Lin night street to celebrate birthday for Ella. As for this, Ella said: "This year's birthday is very special, I celebrated it for 48 hours. Thank you all's caring and also thank you for loving me, I'm really touched."

Bosco Wong Admits Plagiarizing, 'Hope Everyone Understand'

Source: Apple Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Bosco Wong released new album lately. Within the album, MV for new song 《越過高山越過谷》 (Over the Mountain Over the Valley), produced by record company AMusic, is very similar to American singer Chris Brown's "With You."
 MV of "With You" and "Over the Mountain Over the Valley" both feature solo street dancing. Both leads are dancing and singing on the streets at night. Besides having a pretty woman in a luxury car, Bosco's dances like 360 degree turns and moonwalk, etc also happened to appear in Chris Brown's "With You." It's just Bosco's skill and quality of his MV cannot be compared to "With You."

Yesterday Bosco admitted once taking reference from MV of "With You." He said on the phone: "Director said concept in the MV is similar, but the story is different, just the way of filming it and idea is similar." As for accused of plagiarizing, Bosco joked: "Can't compare my dancing with Chris Brown's. The way I filmed it that day is learn it and dance it right a way, did everything in 6 hours. In Hong Kong, 9 1/2 things out of 10 are accused of plagiarizing, but the market here has many limits, even if the original creativity is very good, but there might not be any budget to support. Although copying concept isn't right, but hope Hongkongese support Hongkongese, hope everyone can understand."

Raymond Lam Won't Invite Linda Chung As Performing Guest

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Raymond Lam announced another show (July 28) would be added in his upcoming concert in HK Coliseum, performing three shows in total. He opened champagne with high executives Ng Yu, Virginia Lok, and Ho Lai Chun etc to celebrate. He was once carried away that he broke the glass on the table. Raymond said: "It's not my request to add another show, tickets are really sold out, I owe many tickets for other people, don't know how to make those tickets appear." Did Raymond's dad buy many tickets to support? "No! He never do that type of thing, not even when I release album, how many relatives there are equals how many tickets they would get."

Last time in his concert Raymond wore T-back and played with water. He expressed this time he would play with fire and be sexy, but didn't expose anything else: "Don't know how the outfits are going to look like, anyways there is no bottom line, it's more important to suit the whole song, won't create something on purpose. (How many more shows do you want to add?) If I can handle it then there is no problem, I really want to add in my heart, but need to be perfect in every show, not like it's better to add more. (Practiced with Joey Yung?) No, but still many ideas, also want to invite Ah Sa as guest. (Would consider Linda Chung?) No, don't want to have conflicts when releasing products, plus this year I want to do more on my own."

Ah Sa Doesn't Mind Boyfriend is the Showbiz

Ah Sa went to promote her Mandarin album "AS A SA" in Mainland lately. She showed up in Chongqing earlier and accepted interview from the media. Talked about her current love life, she said she will not reject others introducing boyfriends to her, she feels fate is the most important. She believes she would definitely find happiness in the future. Asked whether she will not consider finding her partner in the showbiz? She said let it be and will not oppose. As right now she is still friends with Ronald Cheng and would still call each other. She does not rule out performing with him together. As for the concert Twins held in April, the 3DVD and 3DVD+2CD version of it is releasing today. The two already pre-ordered them because earlier they owed concert ticket debts to their family and friends, so now they can only settle it with DVD.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY@ Kay's Entertainment

Simon Yam Wins 'Best Actor' in Spanish Film Festival

Source: Takungpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Simon Yam attended to Cable TV's World Cup event yesterday. He disclosed he received a call from Wong Jing, expressing Simon won Best Actor in Spanish Film Festival with "Night and Fog." Simon said he feels very happy to the film's director Ann Hui. Although he couldn't attend to receive the award himself, but because he didn't contribute all on his own but the result of the whole team, so he doesn't feel it's a pity.

(*Kay's P.S.*: I had no idea why the previous pic changed to Niki Chou??...anyways changed to another pic now)


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