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2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Complete Winner List

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah Sa & Ronald Cheng Still Not Legally Divorced Yet

Although Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Ronald Cheng already announced they split, but it is known it was not until in mid October that Ronald finally agreed to file divorce, which means Ah Sa was still Mrs. Cheng when she started dating new beau William Chan!

According to a magazine report, Ronald always wanted to reconcile with Ah Sa, but Ah Sa's new relationship broke Ronald's heart completely. He finally decided to deal with the divorce process in the end.

Last night, Ronald replied to the incident, expressing having a technical problem and it is technically processing. He hopes everyone to stop being suspicious because they already told everything in the press conference.

As for Ah Sa, she disclosed she and Ronald have been separated for about a year and finished all the necessary process. She also pointed out lawyers will handle the rest and there is nothing for she and Ronald could do.

The singer also expressed her feelings on Weibo yesterday, saying it i hard to make everyone happy. "Really is hard...I only want to try my best to satisfy some people...I'll be very happy...because...I can make others happy...this is my biggest happiness!"

Ah Sa's current boyfriend William Chan was asked about the incident yesterday when he attended to a cellphone event. He tried to avoid the topic originally. "Just what the magazine wrote," he said. Then he added, "Don't really know about it [the divorce]. I believe their lawyers are handling it." He stressed he will support her all the way. "I trust her 100%. It's more important for us to be happy."

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

TVB Anniversary Feature: Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong Ho Yin (黃浩然) was a movie person for many years. His handsomeness certainly brought him attention and job opportunities. The actor was discovered by director Johnnie To in late 90s and had a smooth film career since then: Needing You, Wu Yen, Love Undercover, Colour of the Truth, etc.

But in fact, his acting was actually not good, as confirmed by his mentor Johnnie To. The film industry was going down at the same time, causing this movie person to have a decline in jobs. Then he decided to focus on the small screen to improve his acting skills and joined TVB in 2007.

He was fortunate to star in supporting roles when he just joined the big family. But in the first few series, he was still restricted to play handsome guys.

However, his role as Wu 2 Siu in Sweetness in the Salt (2009) made a turning point in his TV career---audience, especially the female audience, were very touched by his role [no spoilers from Kay :P].

Within 3 years, he already has a chance to be one of the leads in TVB series, an opportunity many supporting actors have been waiting for a long time. His lead role as Turbo in When Lanes Merge (2010) is praised by the audience. Now he is filming another series as the lead: The Truth (direct translation from 真相).

Besides playing a handsome guy, he has played other types of roles, like a shy guy who would sweat when he gets nervous in A Watchdog's Tale (2009) and a smart murderer in Mysteries of Love (2010), So, is it time for him to get nominated as "Most Vastly Improved Actor" in this year's anniversary awards?

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Audience Likes TVB's 'Gun Metal Grey'

After more than 10 years, actor Felix Wong Yat Wah returned to TVB again and shoot anniversary series "Gun Metal Grey" (刑警). The series was premiered last Monday and the premier already received an average rating of 30 points.

TVB is best at creating police, family, and palace series. "Gun Metal Grey" maintained TVB's usual quality at producing police series. Plus a great cast (Felix, Michael Miu, and Jessica Hsuan), this series is certainly unbeatable.

Although the story is said of copying other series (American series "Life" and Japanese drama "Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan"), but in fact, most viewers do not mind much about these rumors; the thing that they long for is Felix's reappearance on TV and his collaboration with Michael.

The love triangle is also interesting to watch. In the series, Jessica admires Felix and is a quarrelsome and loving lover with Michael. Although the series just premiered, but the audience expressed they cannot wait for the three to complicate their relationship. Some male audience are already attracted to Jessica's unique matured personality. "Jessica totally got me!"

This year's anniversary series battle is between "No Regrets" and "Gun Metal Grey." "No Regrets" is the sequel of popular series "Rosy Business" and features TV King and Queen from last year, Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. "Gun Metal Grey" is definitely a strong competitor and could possibly won over "No Regrets" in terms of ratings and perhaps in this year's TVB anniversary awards.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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