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Friday, April 23, 2010

Jay Chou Complains His Life Is Like A Prisoner's

Source: Mingpao and UDN
Translated by: KAY
 Jay Chou will release a new album next month. His new single "Super Man Can't Fly" (超人不會飛) is composed by him and it talks about his feelings these 10 years. In the song, Jay teased that he doesn't have any special ability, only wants to make music for his dream. He never thought his songs will become teaching materials of school. His actions, work, albums, and movie, even his car and house are looked upon by everyone.

Jay disclosed through his lyrics that this type of life tired him a lot and he needs space to breathe. But him as the "superman," his tears can't fall. In order to suit with lyrics, Jay built a superman image in his new song's MV. He even found a batman car as props.

Daniel Wu: Lisa S Is Not Pregnant

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Daniel Wu and Lisa S. secretly got married in South Africa this month and it was rumored Lisa is pregnant. Daniel accepted an interview from Mainland media and denied the rumor. Talked about whether he wants boy or girl, he said personally he would be less worried if it's a boy. He's afraid when his daughter turns 18, one day he would see her boyfriend is just as handsome as him, won't be that good; he would be very worried.

Would Lisa S. afraid she might be out of shape after giving birth? Daniel said Lisa is very skinny now and it would be good for her to get a little chubbier. He believes if you really love someone, you won't care her weight or appearance. In his heart, his wife is always the prettiest.

Heidi Montag Struggles to Eat Burger Because of Surgery

From UsWeekly

On The Hills' sixth season premiere Tuesday, Heidi Montag's family grills her about undergoing 10 plastic surgery operations in one day.

Her sister Holly tells her she was shocked Heidi, 23, got all the work done because she always had "confidence ... I don't know what happened" (see clip, above).

Heidi, 23, says she just "wanted to be happier."

But her mom tells Heidi she needs to deal with her "insecurity on a psychological level."

"You don't live where I live!" Heidi snaps back.

"So should you not live in that area?" her mom asks her.

The extent of Heidi's surgery is revealed when the reality star tries to eat a burger.

"How's that burger?" her sister asks.

"I can't really chew it," Heidi says.

Flustered, her mom spats, "Want me to put it in a blender for you?"

Heidi Montag's before & after plastic surgery photo:

Wu Zun Supports Ethan Ruan: We Have Different Markets

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Wu Zun attended to the opening ceremony of Alfred Dunhill Hong Kong Home in Hong Kong. He returned to Taiwan yesterday. Many guests attended to the ceremony including Simon Yam and William Chan, etc. There were more than hundreds of fans already waiting for the arrival of their idol Wu Zun. Streets, bridges, and roads were crowded with fans. Around 8:10PM, Wu Zun finally arrived in the latest designs of Alfred Dunhill, and his fans kept screaming in high pitch. Some fans even leaned on the road signs to take pictures and didn't care about cars passing by.

Wu Zun  praised the brand for being very generous in his so-so Cantonese, saying they gave him new outfits. He also remembered he and his dad went to shop in the brand's retail store. Asked did he buy clothes for his dad, he said: "I will share with him. We have similar bodies, he wears my clothes sometimes. (He fits? You're muscular) Daddy has muscle, too. His chest is bigger, because I don't have time to work out, he work out 3 or 4 days every week."

Wu Zun also disclosed he's looking at scripts and will film new commercials and dramas. As for Ethan Ruan is also popular in Hong Kong, whether he's afraid Ethan is stealing his limelight, Wu Zun said: "We have our own market, it's a good thing. We're both hardworking, should support him. (Did you watch 'Monga'?) Yes, when we met up last time, we said we will watch each other's movie." In addition, he and his company also donated for victims who are suffering from the earthquake in Qinghai. He will definitely attend to the relief event on the 26th if he's free.

Jiro Wang Goes Shopping While He Was Stranded In Holland

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY
Due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland, Jiro Wang was stranded in Holland for 5 days. Yesterday he finally flied back home safely, taking the first flight from Amsterdam and returned to Taiwan. He disclosed that people were waiting in the airport everyday. Although it was hard waiting, but he also utilized the extra time to buy Mother's Day present.

When Jiro walked out from the gate, he was surrounded by his fans. Besides telling everyone he's alright, he also showed souvenirs he brought while he was stranded, including a self portrait of Van Gogh from Van Gogh Museum, and a pair of beautiful traditional Dutch shoes for his mother.

Him Law Requests To Add Kissing Scenes

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
 Actors from TVB series "Suspects In Love" Him Law and Mandy Wong accepted a radio interview yesterday. The two played a couple in the series and didn't avoid flirting with each other during the interview. Mandy exposed that Him requested to the series' producer to add kissing scenes. She also said he always like to take off his shirt, shows off his muscle and pretends he's Louis Koo. Asked why didn't they have love sparks? Him said: "We're just confidants. We dine out together often and we can talk about everything!"

Eric Suen Finally Admits Dating Macy Chan

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Eric Suen attended to a golf press conference yesterday. Because lately he and Macy Chan were caught partying and kissing in Taiwan, when Eric appeared, he was surrounded by reporters immediately. He expressed shyly that he attended to a friend's wedding in Taiwan and just returned to Hong Kong. He said: "These years I didn't purposely hide any relationship. Anyways, whatever was photographed is what it is. We both knew we were being photographed, because there was always one person appearing around me, I almost wanted to go ask whether he's a reporter or not. (Propose in Taiwan?) No. (Are you guys dating?) Currently developing our relationship. (But it has been several years!) No, it was a year ago, started when I was sick. She always came to visit me during that period." He joked his friends are all getting married one by one, but as for his marriage, he will wait for God's arrangement.

Jang Dong Gun To Be A Father In October

Source: Korea Times / By: Lee Hyo Won
Actress Ko So Young revealed that she is three months pregnant, Thursday, ahead of her marriage next month to heartthrob Jang Dong Gun.

``Ko So Young has reached the third month of her pregnancy. She will become a mother around September or October,’’ Jang’s management agency AM Entertainment said.

The couple revealed in November 2009 that they had been dating since 2007, and announced plans to tie the knot in March. Rumors of Ko being with child started circulating when the couple made visits to each other’s parents ― which is considered a formal gesture to wed here ― in mid-February.

``When the two began preparations for the wedding earlier this year, they considered having children the top priority. Considering their age, both sets of the couple’s parents wanted them to have a baby as soon as possible,’’ said the agency about Jang and Ko, who are both 38 years old.

``Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young, as well as their parents and family, are extremely delighted about the pregnancy and are celebrating. They think it is the best wedding gift ahead of the ceremony.’’

According to local reports, Ko had been spotted frequenting an OB/GYN in southern Seoul. Last year, Jang quit smoking cold turkey, following Ko’s suggestion, and some speculate that it was part of preparations to have a baby.


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