Saturday, October 9, 2010

Female Stars Worry About Infrared Filter Cam, Which May Allow Users to See Through Clothes

Technology didn't just ease our everyday life, but also offer an opportunity to immoral people to fulfill their ugly wishes. Female stars always have to be aware of crazy fans and photographers, who may try to lay a hand on their skin unexpectedly or take photos of their private parts from various angle. But a camera/recorder with an infrared filter is the worst to encounter.

A 10-minute (full version 2 hours) clip of Olympic female divers who got snapped with an infrared filter camera is circulating on the internet. It's not a normal clip, but an immoral clip---divers' body and private parts are visible because of this special filter. Victims include well known Chinese diver Guo Jing Jing, her partner Wu Ming Xia, and other female divers from other countries (Russia, Mexico, Australia, etc.)

In fact, this clip was on the internet last year but was quickly removed by the Chinese government. It's unknown who put it up again this time.

Female stars all express their concerns and worries. Once photographed while changing clothes, Gillian Chung @ Twins pays her sympathy to the victims in the clip. "It's crazy. Hope those people will stop hurting people like that," the singer says.

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang and Hong Kong singer Elanne Kong point the incident is freaky. "I believe not only female stars are afraid of being photographed secretly like this, even guys would be afraid," Rainie says.

TVB actress Christine Ng and Sharon Chan believe it should be stopped. "Very angry! Females can't be violated like this!" They express it's not related to the level of sexiness someone dressed since your body is clearly visible under that type of filter no matter how many layers of clothes someone put on.

Expert detective Cheung Tat Wai expresses a decade ago there are already people viewing females' private parts using this technology. It only requires an infrared option from the camera/recorder and an infrared filter to be placed in front of the lens. "A simple procedure that requires no special technique," he says. He points out this technology is hard to go through clothes made with pure cotton, but can easily go through nylon and swimwear. "Infrared filter is dark-colored and sometimes it looks like a mirror. Ladies should be careful when they see someone holding up a camera/recorder with that type of filter on it," he adds.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Wow!! That's pretty sick.....poor girl :(

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