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Monday, December 21, 2009

Stephy avoids taking photos with Thersa, leaves immediately

Stephy Tang and Theresa Fu were invited to attend to a watch shop opening ceremony. Stephy arrived first, then Theresa arrived with a group of loyal fans, who were shouting while raising their boards. Stephy, who had zero fans, kept her smile when cutting the ribbon, and she kept some distance with Theresa. When reporters requested Stephy to pose with Theresa, Stephy shouted out "HAR?"immediately, and left with Siu Fay.

Theresa expressed generously that she didn't notice Stephy avoids taking pictures with her and she wasn't embarrassed. Asked whether she feels Stephy lacks an easy manner, Theresa moved on to another subject, "I won't answer any hypothetical question. The design of this watch is quite elegant! If everyone requests, I'll approach next time."

[The Sun]


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