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Thursday, February 11, 2010

02/11/2010 Daily E-News

Hong Kong
1.  Bosco Wong praises Kitty Yuen for being more kissable than Myolie Wu. 
2.  Angelababy (HK 'lang-mo') says William Chan and Gillian Chung don't look like a couple (whether it's jealousy or not, it's a fact).
3.  Ronald Cheng jokes that he will give rumored-girlfriend Charlene Choi a camera for Valentine's Day in the meaning of "missing gei" (camera in Cantonese is a homophone to 'missing gei'), which means missing Ronald Cheng ('Chung Gei' is Ronald's first name).
4.  Sandra Ng is very confident in winning "Best Actress" in the 29th HK Film Award.

1.  Vivian Hsu returns to Japanese showbiz
2.  Jay Chou's "Pandamen" broke another record in Mainland----having another lowest rating.
3.  Ella & Jerry Yan's new drama "Down With Love" is already available in all episodes on Youku. Officials said these are rips from illegal DVD.
4.  Show Luo's upcoming concert will incorporate the use of 3D effects
5.  S.H.E. is criticized for copying dance moves from Japanese group Perfume. Dances moves are very alike to Perfume's latest performance in a show called Music Station.
      1.  British fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide and was found dead this morning.
      2.  John Mayer apologizes for talking about sex life with Jessica Simpson and saying the "N" word.

      Bosco Wong: Siu Yee Is More Kissable Than Myolie

      Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Siu Yee (Kitty Yuen), Wong Cho Lam, and Christine Kuo etc. attended to Ocean Park to promote TVB's new series Don Juan De Mercado. When they were playing a matching couple game, Christine was the most popular to male artistes that everyone wanted to be her partner. Kate didn't mind she isn't as charming as Christine, and thought that was normal just like the plot in the series. She said: "If I am allowed to pick a boyfriend, I'll pick Wong Cho Lam over Bosco. Now everyone likes something special, don't want those tall and big ones." Bosco was asked whether he prepared a gift to Myolie for Valentine's Day, he said: "Didn't prepare, she isn't in Hong Kong." Whether will give her a surprise? "No, need to promote movies." Bosco even praised Siu Yee is more kissable than Myolie. He isn't afraid of Myolie getting mad because they're friends.

      Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

      Vivian Hsu Returns to Japanese Showbiz

      Source: The Sun / Translated by: KAY

      It has been 7 years since Vivian Hsu was active in Japan's showbiz. She held a press conference in Tokyo lately and announced her comeback. Her first step is releasing a new Japanese single called "Beautiful Day." Vivian appeared with Chanel's new spring dress to the conference, where almost hundreds of media reporters were present. Japanese media asked Vivian whether she still remember Japanese, she performed a Japanese tongue twister right away. She expressed she is eager to reunite with good friends Black Biscuits and Pocket Biscuits. She said she is most grateful that her fans still remember her these 20 years. A video clip was played in the conference, showing Jackie Chan congratulating her. He hopes Japanese audience and media will support Vivian like they support him.

      Vivian's "Beautiful Day" cover


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