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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Johnson Lee Proposes to Yoyo Mung For Ekin Cheng

Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung, Johnson Lee attended to a promotion event for "Links to Temptation" yesterday and played proposal games. Johnson said he is proposing to Yoyo for Ekin, and Yoyo hit him immediately. She said: "How good are his words? Originally he should say he swears he loves me, maybe because he hosted 'Fun With Liza and Gods,' he thinks quickly, now it became a proposal, but I'm not mad." Asked whether Ekin has proposed, she said: "Don't talk about this all the time. It sounds like I don't need to work. I hope audience can pay attention to the series."

Steven Ma expressed he does not need to practice to propose because he tried a lot during filming. In reality, he plans to propose within these one or two years.

It is Fala's first time being the female lead, but ratings are average. She said: "It's actually the best out of the three series now. Ratings broke 30 in several episodes. Maybe it's because it's New Year's Eve weekend, everyone is out celebrating after work!" She said she is not discouraged because she attended to many functions thanks to the series!

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Jessica Hsuan Receives Bride's Bouquet at Wedding

Jessica Hsuan and her boyfriend Ruan are still very sweetly in love after dating a year and a half. Recently the couple went to Vietnam together to attend to a friend's wedding. Ruan even successfully caught the bridal bouquet and he gave it to Jessica immediately, making her very happy. She said: "I've caught it three times already, originally I have no feelings toward it, but this time Ruan caught it, I feel quite good. (increase your thoughts to get married?) We're happy to see others getting married, but for us, not yet! I still need to shoot new dramas. But we're in a good relationship right now, very stable. But our friends seem to worry more."

Stayed in Vietnam for five days, Jessica said the coolest thing is that she was able to experience Vietnam weddings: "You enjoy hotpots during noon, very funny, then Vietnamese Western-style food at the banquet. Ceremony is about the same you see in Hong Kong, but Vietnamese stresses on earrings rather than the ring, so the bride received a ring with the biggest diamond." Besides that, Jessica also enjoyed a nice trip arranged by the husband of her elementary school classmate: "Ruan likes to look at historical sites, this time we went to see tanks, airplanes, and secret road system digged during the Vietnam War. There are three layers, Ruan and I walked to the deepest layer. Then we also went to the museum and saw photos taken during war, I feel very bad, it's lucky that we didn't experience war!"

Source: Mingpao Weekly / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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