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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ah Sa: Eventually It Will Rumor That I Have An Illegitimate Child!

Around 4PM yesterday afternoon, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) went to a dancing studio with an assistant to prepare for Twins' upcoming concert. Usually happy and talkative, Ah Sa seemed tired and sad the whole time. It's known she couldn't sleep nor eat because of the recent rumors and divorce. She was doomed in the studio and only had some smile when she met Gillian Chung (Ah Gill).

Sa: Charlene Choi   R: Reporter

R: You look very tired, are you stressed?

Sa: (smiles bitterly, nods) Yes. Hope my company would understand and let me rest after our concert. I really couldn't think of anything right now.

R: It's said you met a rich guy from Shanghai, and that's the cause for the divorce?

Sa: We already explained in the press conference that there isn't any 3rd wheel, no rich Shanghainese, no such person exists. Time can prove everything. (frowns, gets emotional) I don't know what say anymore. Ask Ronald if you want any proof. (Eyes get red) Hostile rumors popped out everyday. Sometimes rich man, sometimes third wheel, eventually it will rumor that I have an illegitimate child!

R: Did you call Ronald and talk about it?

Sa: Yes, we contacted each other, called him today and talked about this issue, Ronald said reporters in Beijing asked him about it, too.

R: You guys call each other everyday?

Sa: (nods) Yes

R: Since you guys contact each other that often, any chance of getting back together?

Sa: (lowers her head, silent for a while, shakes her head) Although we split, but we're still good friends, we will worry about each other if anything bad happened. Hope everyone gave us more time.

R: Why decided to get divorce?

Sa: (silent, shakes her head)

R: When you went to the US to get married, was it well-planned?

Sa: (smiled bitterly) No.

R: No wedding ring?

Sa: (looks at her index finger, frowns for a while, shakes her head) No.

R: Married for 4 years, no plan to have a baby?

Sa: No.

R: Is there a song to describe your relationship with Ronald?

Sa: (seems to get mad) I really can't think of anything! No!

R: How are you feeling now?

Sa: (sighs) Still have to work, try to concentrate and finish the concert. I really don't want to think about anything right now. Hope everything pass more quickly.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

Bosco Wong Speaks Up: No Change In Relationship With Myolie Wu

Source: Oriental Daily
By: KAY@kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Rumors of Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu dating appeared when they filmed "Wars of In-laws" back in 2005. Lately it's said their relationship is interfered by a 2005 Miss Chinese contestant Elva Ni Chen Xi. Myolie broke up with Bosco and moved out. Bosco went to a soccer field to film a soccer scene for upcoming series 讀心神探 (Mind Reading Detective). He was asked whether he did end his 5-year relationship with Myolie, he said he won't reply: "I didn't read any relevant report. (Do you know Elva Ni?) Never seen her in Hong Kong." He expressed the reports are inaccurate and no change in his relationship with Myolie.

Talked about the scene he was filming today, he remembered about when he was little: "Haven't pplay soccer for more than 10 years. But when I was in middle school, because I was too fat, like a mini Kent Cheng, I couldn't even run so didn't play soccer."

Sherman Chung: It's Irresponsible To Hide Marriage From Company

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY
"Sa-Kei" is the hottest topic in the showbiz lately. Sherman Chung and Stephanie Cheng attended to the press conference of a music award event yesterday and they both said will notify their record companies if they're getting married.

As for Ah Sa was married for 4 years, as her junior, although Sherman felt shocked but she understood this is their own matter and it only became a breaking focus since they're artistes. She also said she won't announce nor hide who is she dating/marrying on purpose, let nature take its course. Asked can she be as brave as Ah Sa to get married when she was very popular, Sherman said: "If he's the right one, I will still get married. I will tell my company and discuss with them, this is a basic responsibility." It's rumored Ah Sa decided to file divorce because of 3rd wheel, Sherman didn't believe it and told everyone to give them more personal space.

Stephanie Cheng said she felt Ronald Cheng and Ah Sa's true love when watching their press conference: "They can handle anything as long as they still like each other." Asked whether she supports the two to reunite, she denied immediately: "Hope everyone don't discuss this anymore."

Taiwanese Host Aya Liu Hanya Resigns From Variety Show 'Guess Guess Guess'

Written by: KAY
Aya Liu Hanya has been co-hosting well-known Taiwanese variety show "Guest Guess Guess" with Jacky Wu for 12 years. The two even won their first Golden Bell award for "Best Variety Show Host" in 2008. Aya then expanded her career by hosting other shows in Mainland. She received positive feedbacks and is titled "The New Variety Show Queen."

However, "Guess Guess Guess" itself, which started in 1996, has been receiving low ratings lately. Even replacing temporary host Sister Butterfly (蝴蝶姐姐) with 33F chest Yao Yao (瑤瑤) couldn't help to elevate the ratings. It's also rumored Yao Yao's rivals Douhua Mei (豆花妹) or Liu Xun Ai (劉薰愛) is the next choice of temporary host. Out of expectation, Aya herself filed her resignation statement to the media on the 29th. She disclosed she thinks she couldn't help to raise ratings for the show and believes she didn't have that much contributions. She also hopes to have a career in acting and recommended to pair up Yao Yao and Sister Butterfly to replace her.

Netizens were shocked by this news and wondered was it a mistake. Some even said they won't watch "Guess Guess Guess" anymore now Aya is gone.

"They didn't a have a problem when Sister Butterfly was there! Ratings went down because they changed the host!"

Jacky Wu was upset when he heard about Aya's resignation. He said he will give the show another 2 or 3 months to boost ratings and if it doesn't work, he will leave as well.

Ronald Cheng & Ah Sa's Marriage Certificate

The exposure of their marriage certificate forced Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi to admit their relationship and hold their breaking press conference last Saturday. It was discovered by Hong Kong Apple Daily (known for exposing secrets of stars and artists)

Brother of Actress Choi Jin Sil Commits Suicide

Written by: KAY

Korean actress Choi Jin Sil committed suicide two years ago, leaving her two children in custody of her younger brother Choi Jin Young. Sadly, he was found dead at his home yesterday afternoon around 2PM. He hanged himself with wires in his apartment and it was his mother who found him first.

"No suicided note was found in Choi's apartment," an investigator said. "Some say he committed suicide after suffering depression, but that's merely speculation. We'll thoroughly investigate the case to determine exact cauase of the death."

After his older sister was dead, Choi held the responsibility of taking care of his 10-year-old nephew and 8-year-old niece. Last year, he applied to Hanyang University and signed a contract with Mcloud Entertainment, planning to return to the big screen in September. His unexpected death shocked everyone and the true cause remains a mystery.

Taiwanese Idol Drama Ratings (Sunday 03/28/2010)


"P.S Man" and "Down With Love" obviously have been fighting for the number 1 spot the past several weeks. "P.S Man" regained its top position with average rating of 4.03, winning by 1.01! Seems like the shower scene had an effect...
  1. P.S Man - 4.03
  2. Down With Love - 3.02
  3. Because of You - 0.32


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