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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anthony Wong Scolds Chrissie Chau is Brainless

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Lang mo's photo albums are criticized as low class and inappropriate and are banned to promote in this year's book fair. Although Chrissie Chau and her juniors to launch words-only CopyBook, challenging HK Trade and Development Council, but still got rejected. Anthony Wong scolded lang mos are challenging bottom line of Hong Kong's morality. He even aimed at Chrissie, saying she isn't educated, no; smart but doesn't have great wisdom.

Anthony Wong attended to Chung King Fai's new book signing event yesterday. As for news of lang mo lately, he couldn't hold back and criticized. He believes lang mo's action is to challenge the whole Hong Kong, women groups, families, morals, and government: "There are some views in the society that cannot be deviated. Even prostitutes have to cover their necks when they protest on the streets, and they won't go to houses that have families and kids to protest. If they go there to protest, then it's crossing the boundary." Although related parties already banned lang mos promoting in book fair, and the problem seems to be solved, but Anthony believes it's an intentional problem, because they overestimated their intelligence.

Talked about Cathy Tsui look-a-like Debby posted a film of her shirt being ripped off online? Anthony said: "I didn't watch it, but I know about it. She is smart, shapes herself as a victim, her action is cunning, but she crossed the boundary." Whether he doesn't support lang mo, think they have a problem? He said: "Every occupation would be respected, but don't challenge. If the book fair turned out like that, I won't even go."

At night he criticized again in another event. This time he aimed at Chrissie Chu. He said if lang mo needs to appeal, they can ask Zi Teng (an organization that cares about sex workers) for help. There is a difference in civilization, high, low, and refined. Chrissie Chau has many ideas, but the stupidest thing is she challenges for the want of challenging. In the end it angered many people. Anthony used an example of customers aren't allowed to bring alcohol to coffee shops, but someone poured alcohol into water bottle, and walked in with it, trying to challenge, is it very smart? A smarty but doesn't have great wisdom, it's just like that when you aren't too educated.

Yesterday A.Lin and DaDa and 6 members of the New 8 Models attended to an event. As for Anthony's saying, A.Lin said first they're prostitutes and don't attack them. DaDa said they didn't challenge moral values, just some youthful photo albums. A.Lin said: "Now every veteran is criticizing us. Old models are criticizing us, too, I don't want to be a lang mo!" DaDa added: "So once a lang mo, I can't release books, taking away all of our opportunities?" Talked about they're banned to promote in book fair, they said there are elements of racism and would talk to their company, thinking about going to Equal Opportunities Commission to complain.

Bernice Liu Gives Golden Phrase to Charmaine Sheh, Shows 'Victorious Smile'

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Bernice Liu and Moses Chan are always seen as a pair. But a year ago it was rumored they broke up! It was until earlier when Moses and Charmaine Sheh filmed "Can't Buy My Love" together, it was said Moses won Charmaine's heart with coffee, the two sparked real love in real life, making a love quadrangle with Bernice and Charmaine's other rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng. Bernice once even jealously blessed Moses and Charmaine to be together.

However, lately Bernice and Moses attended to functions as a pair, so it's said she successfully won her boyfriend back. Became a big loser, Charmaine went to work in Mainland and tries to recover at the same time.

Hints the relationship never changed

Yesterday wearing a lace v-neck dress, Bernice showed her victorious smile. She even talked about rumored boyfriend Moses generously, and hinted her relationship with him never changed. When asked it's rumored she gained back Moses from Charmaine's hands? She said: "Regain boyfriend? Of course there is nothing like that! I and Ah Mo (Moses Chan) are always good...friends. Before I wasn't in Hong Kong, so everyone thought I was ignored. In fact we would see each other and drink coffee." It's said the two are pretty sweet? She said: "Always have a good relationship."

Talked about Charmaine, she said she and Charmaine are colleagues, but never work together before. She doesn't believe it's as magazines reported that Charmaine has to leave to recover. Even when they see each other they won't feel embarrassed. Reporters joked this time she successfully fought her love rival and became a big winner? She replied in an attitude that she's never afraid: "I don't know how to fight love rival, only know one phrase, 'yours is yours, not yours then it isn't!' In future I would continue to work hard."

Cecilia Cheung Aims to Have 3 Sons and 1 Daughter

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Cecilia Cheung is already a mother of two sons and having a happy family life, making her have happy smile on her face all the time. She accepted interview by Cable TV lately, disclosing he wants to have three sons and one daughter. She expressed becoming a mom again feels experienced and familiar, she even praised first son Lucas is a good brother that he cares his younger brother Quintus a lot. Talked about Quintus' Chinese name, she said have to wait for husband to announce.

Asked Nicholas Tse and Luca's father and son relationship, she said Nicholas always leave home for work, so she would play Nicholas' movies and MV at home for Lucas to watch them. Lucas loves to watch the MV Nicholas and grandpa Patrick Tse filmed in the airplane, because Lucas likes airplanes.

In the past there are many negative rumors about the Tse family, Cecilia fought back, saying in the family there is a funny father-in-law, a open-minded mother-in-law, a husband who loves her, and two healthy sons, it's already way beyond A+. She promised to continue having kids for the Tse family. She believes it's better to have one more son and a daughter, three As and one Q.

Earlier she announced making her comeback to the film industry after 4 years. She would film Derek Yee's new film, collaborating with Tony Leung Chiu Wai. She said returning to work is in the hope of increase the values of herself. It's most ideal to work with someone who she can share her thoughts and feelings comfortably with. She anticipates working with Tony. They once filmed "Tokyo Raiders" 11 years ago, but didn't have too many scenes together.

Stephen Chan Can Return to Work At Any Time

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Stephen Chan appeared to a evangelistic meeting yesterday. Besides being the voice-over, he also went onto the stage and sing poetry. Before the meeting, he accepted interviews and said he felt even more nervous than performing for his own show: "This gospel meeting is for God, also singing is not my profession, hope I can perform it well."

Stress he's still a TVB employee

Stephen stressed he is still TVB's employee. As long as company think it's suitable, he can return to work at any time. He said during days of not working his life is just as usual and it's also busy. Besides participating in evangelistic meeting and related promotion work, early next month he would perform with his voice in a concert called "Talking in the Dark."

It's not hard to walk on the Jesus' trail

Talked about earlier his trip to Israel, Stephen said: "I've been a Christian for a long time, but didn't have a deep understanding of the bible. It's thankful to be at the place where Jesus was born. It let me have a better understanding of the bible." He said during this trail journey, besides one day he had to get to the moutain overnight and couldn't sleep, the rest of the journey wasn't hard at all. It was just a sacred place tour this time; if there's a chance he hopes to go there again.

Adam Cheng Would Rap to Save 'Jade Solid Gold'

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com
Because TVB and the four record companies haven't resolve their copyright tax incident, many singers cannot appear to "Jade Solid Gold," causing the show's rating to drop. "JSG" will make changes to regain its lost grounds. It would approach to veteran singers that don't belong to the four record companies like Adam Cheng and Liza Wang. Next month they would hold a a "Golden Songs Entertainment is Really Classic Concert" to save the show.

Yesterday Adam replied to reporters and said: "Don't dare to say I'm saving the show, 'JSG' is a music program, without that many singers it really isn't that good, but I heard 'the four' and TVB would resolve their matter soon. We don't know how many episodes we would do, but want to do something new, like rapping with MC Jin, I can do it. (Impersonating?) It would take too long to prepare!"

Paris Hilton drugs charges dropped by South African court

BBC News
A South African court has dropped drugs charges against US socialite Paris Hilton after her arrest at a World Cup game.

Ms Hilton was arrested in Port Elizabeth after the Netherlands' defeat of Brazil in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

She appeared at a special court on Friday evening.

A friend of Ms Hilton with her at the stadium was found guilty of marijuana possession, her publicist said.

Ms Hilton's friend was sentenced to pay a fine or spend 30 days in jail, it was reported.

Ms Hilton appeared in the court wearing a beige dress and a glittery necklace with her hair in two ponytails, a reporter said.

In court she was addressed as "accused number 1".

She thanked the court before leaving.

Her publicist told the Reuters news agency that she had been questioned by police but no charges had been brought.

"I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it. The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made," Ms Hilton's spokeswoman said.

After her release she posted a note on the social networking site Twitter saying: "I was assisting the police with the investigation and answering their questions."

Ms Hilton is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton hotel chain.

In 2007 a US court sentenced her to 45 days in prison for drunk and reckless driving.

After serving 25 days in jail she told US talk show host Larry King that she had re-evaluated her life and wanted to do more charity work and less partying.

Ming Dao Has Been Thirsty For 3 Years, Peeks at Cheryl Yang's Boobs

Ming Dao exposed he has been single for 3 years. He doesn't care Cheryl Yang and her rumored-boyfriend Harry Chang, even when Cheryl's skin was covered up, Ming Dao still peeked at her boobs, seems like he is very thirsty.

In TTV/SETTV's 「鍾無艷」 ("Zhong Wu Yen"), every character has his/her flaw. Ming Dao self-reflected he is too emotional, and it's inheridital: his mom is just like that. He said because of that he gave love, even when he goes out to eat he is afraid he might be photographed, so he must be careful when picking his date, he said: "Must have a heart of must-die, I also want to have dinner with Cheryl, but afraid might get photographed." Ming Dao can only focus in working out, but he doesn't like to have visible muscles, and isn't dared to offend other male artistes.

In addition, Wu Kangren's rumored girlfriend Alice Tzeng is photographed dating with other people. Yesterday he said: "I only talk to her on the phone, plus going to see a movie is very normal. In this world, there are just boys and girls, she can't just only watch it with girls!"

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


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