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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stephy Tang will boost daughter to learn ballet

Stephy Tang attended to a Christmas event yesterday and expressed wanted to learn ballet when she was little, "I think the skirt is very pretty. I can only place hopes on my daughter in the future. I already planned to boost her to become an elite child -- learn how to dance, play piano, draw, etc. I want her to have an abundant childhood, but I won't force her."

Lately, she was tested by fingerprint to predict inner talents. The result showed she has talent in languages. If she were to learn when she was little, she might already mastered in many languages. The result also showed she has talents in calligraphy and piano. She said, "Too bad I didn't learn any of them. But I've been trying to learn how to play piano these years and will try composing."


Nick Cheung won Golden Horse, TV King Bobby kneels down

Nick Cheung and Bobby Au-Yeung once worked together in TVB's "The Legendary Four Aces". Although as movie king and TV king, but the two haven't contact each other for a while. The two met at the airport yesterday and Bobby dramatized his appearance by shouting out, "Hail to the Emperor!", and kneeled down. Then he teased Nick, "You won again? You took everything pretty much. When should I invite you to dine?" Nick replied, "This is what we call friends!" Bobby kept on teasing, "Hold on, I almost forgot about you if 'The Legendary Four Aces' didn't rebroadcast again! You were blocking the road!"

EEG Movies also sent people to pick up Nick and brought flowers. People nearby also shouted out, "What a handsome movie king!" Foreign visitors also shouted out, "Congratulations! I love you so much!"

Nick said in an interview that he was very worried during the announcement of the new movie king. He watched the movies where his competitors are in and didn't dare to think of winning. He expressed winning the award is the best birthday gift and it's the most valuable thing than anything. Nick also said right now he wants to film Ang Lee's movies and work with his look-alike, Jacky Cheung.

[Oriental Daily]


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